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  2. I have now attained enlightenment, that’s a definitive!
  3. You have a lot going on in your post and I am a bit overwhelmed. XRP would not avert a liquidity crisis, it would only lessen the repercussion. Think of the economy as a machine. Think of the money flow as the oil to that machine. Once this oil has been used up (zero money flow), the machine (economy) seizes up and stops. XRP decreasing the settlement time will AID in a liquidity crisis. Why? Well every time a round trip trade (buy and sell) takes place, money is either deposited into your account or debited from your account. The money needs to "settle" in your account before you can even touch it. Once that money is settled, then you can either trade with it or withdraw it. The settlement time for this is typically 3-5 days. In 2008, we were DAYS away from banks stopping withdraws from their customer accounts. This is applied across all markets. And this is only ONE example as there are many more variables. However, when fear is striking in the markets, a lot of people are trying to move a lot of money very quickly. A large amount of money (trillions, possibly quadrillions) is either being locked up in these settlement times or is sitting on the sideline not actively participating in the market. A decreased money flow will start to seize up the economy. Certain tactics such a printing money and giving it to central banks to inject it into the economy (quantitative easing) and ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) will help increase the money flow again. Simple economics states that all fiat currencies will eventually return to zero. USD has lost over 90% of its purchasing power since 1920. SDRs will eventually return zero under the assumption that all governments have discipline and do not keep running their print press. IMF knows this and they need a possible resolution. Will this be cryptos? Bitcoin? XRP? CBDCs? Or maybe it has not been created yet? Your guess is as good as mine. Not averting, but lessening the damage. Think a nuclear reactor overheating (economy), and it needs to be cooled down by water (a decrease in settlement time would increase money as this is only one example). Edit: "Cross-border payments when applied to wholesale markets present different challenges than when compared with retail and corporate transactions, which the Ripple product is designed to handle. The availability of liquidity is one such challenge, and the PoC allowed the Bank and Ripple to begin exploring these questions." It looks like the Ripple and the BOE are still answering this liquidity question.
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  5. I didn’t understand your post? What do you consider a bag? Also why would it be a short lived gain?
  6. It is good to get half a day of sideways consolidation. Finally have a chance to wash all my underwear. @dr_ed What do you think is a good novice start towards TA enlightenment? Self education at the disposal of the internet? Asking for a friend.
  7. lol, i bet you dont! Sure, youll sell a itty bit but selling a bag will be a short lived gain, you'll see that when it happens...
  8. your both not right! Bankers have only conceded to faster remittances thinking "untill this crypto thing blows over" then they will be back to eat your lunch and its not ripple losing it, its us!, its our responsibilty to make it happen!
  9. i see it opposite to you. Most developers work on "a" system. Ripple are working on an all encompassing eco-system. The "You get some, you get some and you get some and everyone gets some" manifesto is an excellent approach to develop a eco-system capable of ensuring real social change. Think of the escrow as a big big jar of peanut buter, its a yuuge jar and it needs to be. Ripple is slowly but surely writing itself into the history book. It wont happen overnight, we are a long way off cracking the stangle hold of the fat cats but it is happenning.
  10. I understand, it's just in the context of another tweet with someone following mustard sh*t TA during Dec. 17/Jan. 18.
  11. I hear you, and I’d much prefer usage over speculation pump too. HOWEVER $3/10/20 xrp is $3/10/20 xrp however I look at it. I’m selling to make money lol
  12. Well usage and realness are a hell of a different indicator and usually harder to come by. We got time.
  13. hmm, lets see, xborder remittances alone, 177trillion divided by 100billion, or was it 127trillion...i need help on this 8)
  14. Bob's new video. Spoiler...he is guessing we'll have some sideways chop on BTC for a while. Great video on BTC if you're interested. https://youtu.be/PH-ROwZG1kw
  15. When does it make sense for Ripple to just burn a portion of their XRP? On the one hand, they lose that amount of XRP...on the other hand the supply goes down and price goes up. Seems like 100B is too much supply anyway.
  16. I think Ripple controlling 60% of the supply is enough to send most developers elsewhere. The escrow bought Ripple some time and goodwill, but they still haven't presented a plan or any kind of roadmap where we can imagine them no longer having that majority ownership. Right now it just looks like they are milking it for everything they can without tanking the price too hard. I don't see Ripple's role as safeguarding the value of XRP, but rather making as much money for their shareholders as possible. They are a business after all.
  17. Thanks for the info. On pace for a 9.3% increase in circulating supply this year. Seems a good bit higher than in years past.
  18. Ripple and XRP’s competitive advantage seems to be shrinking daily. If they don’t get rolling soon, regulations or not, they may lose it entirely.
  19. Won't work, since it's the XRP TipBot Hotwallet you'll find
  20. Hey! I noticed this Tweet from you and replied;
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