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  2. I agree with you that other nations dislike the U.S. dollar being the world reserve currency. I also agree that the U.S. stranglehold is being eroded by the Triffin paradox. But the problem is this...it isn't nations who will be making markets, it is traders. They will ultimately decide which currency is the most beneficial for bridging. Yes, govs can affect influence on this, but only to a point. At the end of the day, people keep investing in the dollar, they keep buying US debt, not because they love it, but because every other currency and bond somehow manages to be even worse. Down the road, I fully expect the US dollar to lose its status as reserve currency. However, I am solely discussing the near future, and whether Ripple's use case for XRP would be undercut by a crypto dollar. I cannot see how it would not be.
  3. Ok. But how? Everyone keeps assuring me that it will all work out, but no one is explaining it. I suppose I could comb through the video link provided to the SWELL conference, but it is an hour long. Can't one of you just explain why it wont affect the XRP use case in the way I mentioned? Since ostensibly you have watched it?
  4. Whenever I look at CryptWZRD's twitter feed, I just see a bunch of promotional tweets from him and others about his platform. As far as I can tell, he never actually calls anything lol but he sure does promote the hell out of himself. Where does he make his calls? But seriously, I did hear that he called for a big drop a while ago. CH used to ridicule him for it, then he apologized and got on board, and now he seems to think he was right and the WZRD was wrong. It's quite a cast of characters in this crypto world...
  5. Yeah, I've 'followed' him for quite some time. Sometimes he has something worthwhile to say. Most of the time he doesn't and he conveniently forgets all the wrong calls he makes. Not to mention the guy is 100% a scammer - if you do a bit of digging you'll see there are a lot of people mad at him (and his previous accounts) because he scammed them out of money... Not to mention the scams he did before crypto.. haha fun to read though🤷
  6. He has been accused of plagiarizing the CryptoWZRD's calls. I am fairly new to CryptoWZRD on Twitter/Telegram, but I'm astounded by his accuracy and the sheer volume of information and guidance he provides for free. He called this dump in July and was shouted down by the other 'experts' ! Well worth checking out his feeds but DYOR.
  7. https://heraldsheets.com/2019/11/23/bitcoin-parabolic-movement-of-2015-is-still-intact-co-founder-at-adamant-capital/ Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has been
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  9. He's the lucky luke of shooting predictions. Of course he is going to get a hit every now and then. Clueless. And likely a scammer.
  10. I wonder about this as well.. It was mentioned in this great write up covering worldwide regulations as of this month. https://www.reedsmith.com/en/perspectives/2019/11/reed-smith-publishes-third-edition-of-blockchain-white-paper Direct link to PDF: https://www.reedsmith.com/-/media/files/news/2019/blockchain-distributed-ledger-technology-and-designing-the-future--november.pdf
  11. I agree. Stable coins make a without counter party bridging currency more essential, they are the food on which XRP grows.
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  13. The link below from this year's SWELL conference does a great job at addressing all of these questions. Long story short - XRP's cross border value transfer use case won't be affected by state backed stablecoins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad_A5v0d9hc&t=6s
  14. He's not suggesting a specific price. He's just stating the obvious. Google's employees wouldn't be penalized if they said Google stock isn't suddenly going to go up 100000% in the next year either. There's no NDA he's breaking. Anyone with any market or economic knowledge would come to the same conclusion.
  15. What makes you think the US still rule the world? Triffin Paradox is already crippling the US economy. London, the ECB, Tokyo, Canada, Australia, The Arabs and Middle East, India and Singapore are already steaming ahead without New York. China is licking its lips and making blockchain a target industry to outflank US financial dominance. The US can either participate in the future and be at the centre of the new financial order or be bypassed.
  16. Whales /(h)wāls/ noun: The amazingly coordinated and all powerful crypto market puppet masters who are solely responsible for keeping the crypto market from making every average joe a millionaire. eg. "Son of #%$^! XRP just lost another 40%. The whales must be shaking out the loose hands"
  17. strange, when there were more tx, the fee hadn't rise that much. can someone from ripple explain this @nikb @JoelKatz @mDuo13
  18. And why would the US (aka the ones we are primarily waiting on for regulation) allow their hold on international trade to be weakened by a company out of San Francisco?
  19. https://btcmanager.com/commegh-roulette-global-manufacturer-token-casinocoin/?q=/commegh-roulette-global-manufacturer-token-casinocoin/&
  20. I rarely mention the guy, but he is currently the elephant in the room.... the CryptHawk basically called this drop. And he is saying there is more to come before some massive pump up above $0.50. Now, I would temper this by saying the following: he also called for LTC to massively pump up over $100 (its about $48 right now) and he was saying for a while that MGI was going to shoot from $4 up to about $12 or something like that (its under $3 currently). He has been pumping some other coins that have also dumped. Conveniently, he doesn't mention those tweets anymore but I have an annoying knack for remembering stuff. So, the guy is likely clueless, but he did get this one right. For whatever that's worth.
  21. Speaking of BTC, the next resistance is around 7440 as shown on this chart. Inching up to test it soon... perhaps we could get some upward pressure if we break through convincingly. Otherwise, this remains a dead cat bounce during a bigger down trend.
  22. XRP tried twice to break the resistance at $0.235 and failed. I hesitate to call it a "double top" on a 15 minute chart, but I'm not seeing buyers coming to the rescue here. With the weekend coming, I think we could easily drift down further. We are very oversold, but that doesn't mean anyone is buying. I would like to see a green candle with some volume behind it to show that there are buyers at these "bargain" prices. I think BTC will be the one to watch.
  23. The downward price action is fraying everyone's nerves... let's try to keep it civil.
  24. I thought this was interesting to run across if anyone else has information to what occurred it may be an interesting conversation. Apparently an attempt to use 40k xrp to spam the network. https://twitter.com/Silkjaer/status/1197877948688277505
  25. He's either a toddler or he has a case of that Benjamin Buttons. I'm tired of his vibe too.
  26. The U.S. dollar became the currency for international trade at the end of world war 2. It basically led to the cold war. I can assure you that Europe would like to bypass U.S. currency control and buy oil from IRAN. China would love to avoid U.S. dollar as international currency since currently they are the largest manufacturing nation in the world. Maybe the foreigners I've met that don't like U.S. economic policy are the few and the sample size too small to represent the majority, but from what I've encountered in my life U.S. foreign economic control pisses a lot of nations off, but right now they have no other choice. If you consider the U.S. dollar right now is a digital dollar then why even try insert a nation neutral floating asset. Fair enough, but if or when the U.S. financial model goes to hell so does the rest of the world. I think the part, at least in my mind, is that xrp if accepted would essentially allow for the greater independence of nations. If this was to occur then less leverage could be placed on a single nation and possibility that inclusion would allow each nation more agility within their own specific needs.
  27. What do you think a bridge currency is if not a currency (most) everyone will accept? I think you are confusing a debt instrument and an asset here. Money in a bank account (our current system) is a debt based system, and likely a completely different animal from what a crypto $ would be. A crypto $ would be analogous to a physical greenback, meaning it would be a bearer instrument. While technically greenbacks do have counterparty risk, ie: the US gov, in practice they are treated by users as if they have no counterparty risk, so functionally they perform as if they were an asset. This is completely different from US $ represented in bank accounts. This is a debt based system, meaning you sell your physical cash (an asset) to the bank in exchange for their IOU. Thus a bank balance US $ bears not only the counterparty risk of the US gov, as mentioned above, but also of the institution whom the depositor has trusted. A bank balance then is simply an IOU of an IOU. This is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a crypto that is an analog of the physical US greenback. Perhaps, you say, I am wrong and it wouldn't be this way. But then why create one at all? As you say, we already have a digital debt based accounting system. What would be the point of putting it on a blockchain? The only conclusion I can come to is that the crypto $ will only bear the counterparty risk of the US gov, which, as we can see from current global economic behavior, people treat as essentially no counterparty risk at all. If that is indeed the case, settlement in value would be instant (the same as XRP) and only bear the counterparty risk of the US gov. There would be no holding portion. The on demand liquidity would be provided in exactly the same fashion as it is with XRP, by a market determined group of forex traders. Only now they could trade in US$ instantly instead of a niche crypto asset such as XRP. The only caveats I can think of that would lead people to possibly want to use XRP over the dollar would be to avoid US gov interference or political control. I just cannot see that being a very deep market. And besides, Ripple, controlling 50 billion XRP and being based in the US would likely be subject to the exact same political control anyway. Perhaps you are right and I simply "don't understand the use case of XRP", but so far you have failed to enlighten me. I would like nothing more than to be proven incorrect here.
  28. Almost every post from you is about complaints over the price action and asking others what to do. make up your own plan and stick to it, your posts come across very whiny for us people who have seen much much worse for over 1,5 years.
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