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  2. XRP Still BULLISH

    Seems more like RIPple, this makes no sense.
  3. XRP Still BULLISH

    Whats the big deal lots of coins down a little Let the small time profit takers freak seems from $10-45 freaking out Shake em out
  4. XRP forecast

    Waiting for the moment http://coinyoo.com/2017/10/17/ripple-price-forecast-xrp-poised-for-gains-after-ben-bernankes-comments/
  5. Stefan Thomas got no love for SWIFT

    While I inherently agree with your generalization, he was actually quite specifically addressing the usage of tsunami.
  6. Well, he is right, and you are wrong. You should have a look at yourself. Whats the size of your holding got to do with the validity of your answer? You seem quite an entitled sort of person and that rarely ends well. This is a great place to get a real understanding of this topic but its a lot easier for everyone, if you are respectful about it. Its easy to say thanks and move on, even if you are a little embarrassed.
  7. Likelihood of XRP on Coinbase

    I think it is just a matter of time before Coinbase adds XRP. Previously I didn't think it was a good idea as the Ripple hate was strong in the crypto sphere. But now i think it would add much needed liquidity to xrp and accelerate Ripples plans in general. Just my opinion of course.
  8. XRP Still BULLISH

    Looks like some buyers in at .24ish around Mostly small orders
  9. Customer Celebration at Swell

    This guy dug his power t-shirt out of the laundry basket for the big day.
  10. It is funny to read here different "clever" thoughts of traders, they are discussing like great traders of all times:))) dont expect anything from SWELL, it is just event. Guys, relax and get pleasure from life.
  11. XRP Still BULLISH

    Makes me wonder what it will take to make any movement, over 100 clients, Bill Gates foundation etc etc... Some major manipulation going on and one wonders why and for what reason.. mind you I'm topping up for the ride !!
  12. XRP Still BULLISH

    but you re never sure i'll go up the 0.3$ right? maybe i'll stay at 0.12$ for months or more
  13. XRP Still BULLISH

    yea.. going down every minute , insane. went from 10k BTC volume to 5k in some hours
  14. XRP Still BULLISH

    20% down from yesterday's high. Great conference.
  15. XRP Still BULLISH

    I'll be completely honest -- after the BTC fork I am thinking alts will go up at least 25% around the board. And around Oct 2, 2016, XRP was around $.008401. Thats about a 36 time increase in a year. By this time next year I am just optimistic that we will be very pleased if it continues in that positive direction, which I see no reason to believe otherwise -- I'm still up from my purchase price so these little bumps and hurdles are similar to what we've seen with bitcoin, and I would venture to say even less volatile / more stable.
  16. XRP Still BULLISH

    I try to stay positive. Id rather it not go down but if it does itll help me get closer to my goal.
  17. XRP Still BULLISH

    When it bottoms out and hits a low its going to be a nice buy op!
  18. XRP Still BULLISH

    It just means you are focussed on the short term. LTC and XRP aren't even comparable and have wildly different goals. Long term oriƫnted, there is very little reason to think LTC could achieve more than XRP. It will have to compete with BTC and ETH in the same sphere, while not having much better cards at all.
  19. Stefan Thomas got no love for SWIFT

    ripple can't sail along, they need to aggressively pursue xrp liquidity and fast Tautoko that. I still believe they have a plan... but I am thinking of switching off and finding another hobby for a while. This one is killing me.
  20. XRP Still BULLISH

    XRP is doing exceptionally bad. Ha!
  21. XRP Still BULLISH

    @invest2lose what's wrong with that?? You hate money or something? Better then Ripple saying they aren't concerned with the price of XRP.
  22. XRP Still BULLISH

    @Parabellum LTC is at 60 right now XRP .24 I'll bet by Dec 31 LTC will be over $100 and XRP will be below .35.
  23. JoelKatz sees partner FOMO

    Hi, it was on Discord.
  24. XRP Still BULLISH

    i stay away from OMG because all they do is try to pump up the price.
  25. XRP Still BULLISH

    Many day traders from all over the world trading for small amounts can easy get wiped out. 1. these traders have no capital or very little and no stomach for a few points of movement before they freak out. If you are going to day trade anything be sure to have some capital to cover your bills as you will have bad days, bad weeks, bad months even. I'm seeing a ton of small trades but also noticed some big sellers I cant even believe the amount of small trade shorts i see on XRP, its almost a joke.
  26. XRP Still BULLISH

    I can agree on that. Xrp is the devil in the land of crypto gods. So "they" would try to stop it at all costs. They are too short sighted to see that xrp would benefit ALL coins when it succeeds.
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