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  2. Mastercard adds a crypto track to its incubator program Global payments giant Mastercard is adding a cryptocurrency and blockchain track to its Start Path incubator program for later-stage startups. Mastercard rival Visa has a similar program called Fast Track that has catered to a number of crypto startups looking to work with Visa and issue debit or credit cards. As part of Mastercard’s new track, seven digital asset startups have joined: crypto custody platform GK8, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Mintable, crypto investing firm Domain Money, blockchain oracle company SupraOracles, digital assets firm Taurus, blockchain infrastructure company STACS and digital finance platform Uphold.
  3. Maybe, maybe not, but for me, the news of the Japan ODL corridor is probably the biggest thing for years. I've been waiting for SBI to finally make the move and start actually using XRP and if this proves to be successful, then we are at the start of potentially, the biggest and most significant stage of xrp price action so far (especially if we see a conclusion to the SEC case in the nearish future and a green light for institutional investment). [I am now finally going to try to motivate myself to finish writing an xrp themed paper that outlines how ODL provides a base price for xrp using a very simple market making model, I swore I'd finish it during lockdown, but never did and it's almost 4 years without finishing it now]
  4. Gensler's behaviour these last few days seems to indicate he is readying himself for something big. He has opened a twitter account and started to make hints about the future direction. The appointment of teh enforcement officer, just after the Hinman deposition, fits into this pattern. Maybe this jump is in anticipation of a settlement announcement sooner rather than later. Or maybe insider information is leaking out. Just now it looks like a bull flag. Lets hope the rush of shorts following this rise will be exposed and we will see a quick surge up to the 80s later today.
  5. Very nice. Aaaaaaaand FUD predictably follows. Cointelegraph talks about a test, when it's a launch, not a test. https://cointelegraph.com/news/japan-to-test-ripple-s-odl-service-for-money-transfers-to-philippines
  6. I've thought about this too. I believe the oracle throws out the outliers, so they couldn't literally crash the price like that. But I'm sure that if someone got the point where they have that much of the voting weight they could at least nudge the price a little bit. A penny or two can make a big deal to arbitragers. The obvious comparison is to staking. I stake BNB on Binance and there doesn't seem to be any real rhyme or reason to who wins more rewards than the others. One day my validator might be near the top, the next it will drop. My guess is that as long as the randomness of price feeds outweighs a data providers ability to be consistently more accurate than everyone else, then no one provider will be able to dominate the others. But there does seem to be some kind of perverse incentives. Ordinary people like us don't care about who's got the most accurate feeds, we're all going to vote based on who pays out the most. Data providers technically aren't rewarded for having the "right" price, no such thing exists. They're rewarded for being closest to the average. What if they started submitting the price they thought would be closest to the average rather than their real price prediction. They might be rewarded more, but they wouldn't be submitting the coin's actual price, just the price that they think will win. Or even worse, what if a data provider decided to wing it and just submit the last settled price from the last feed as their next prediction. I bet it would be close enough to win something some of the time, and they wouldn't have to do any work trying to come up with an accurate price. My guess is that Flare has a much better understanding of this than I do and has thought about these things. Also, this is a very good reason for launching Songbird. This is the kind of thing that you can't test by just making sure the code works. You can only really test it when the system is really running and people are competing to make money against each other. Will the price remain consistent with other established feeds, or will it veer off like a stablecoin that loses its peg? One more thing, I just learned about Terra. They're a PoS network, but they make their validators submit price feeds as well as network transactions. I don't really know the details of how it all works, but it may be worth looking into just to get an understanding of a similar system that's already running.
  7. There is a closed Sunshine Act Meeting at the SEC tomorrow again where they discuss resolution of litigation claims and settlements. I believe this meeting has been canceled multiple times and part of the reason could be that there was no new Director of Enforcement which now is in place. In my view it is not a coincedence that this meeting is planned right after the appointment of the new Director of Enforcement and right after Hinman’s deposition, but maybe I’m just seeing things that are not there We’ll see…
  8. Today
  9. fingers crossed. Today was always going to be a big day in the XRP SEC case calendar, but maybe we will hear no news from the two sides fighting it out behind closed doors
  10. when switch? i see here a lot of bitstamp transactions https://utility-scan.com/
  11. I think it will hold above $0.70 😎👌 Plus BTC over $40k
  12. If America could trade XRP, the pump could sustain itself, at least to find a higher support. Calling it a worthless pump without the whole disclaimer about the wealthiest economy in the world (where the company happens to be located) being barred from trading it doesn't tell the whole story.
  13. Is this pump linked to any news? I was hoping that Gensler's SEC would settle in the last moment before Hinman has to make his deposition, which is now? Handing over those internal docs and Hinman's deposition would set a precedent and may also give Ripple vital information for a case to counter sue SEC for illegal anti Ripple bias and corruption? These are just my personal optimistic thoughts
  14. I have few questions in my head. Let's assume there is a Data provider which does extremely good and he earns constantly the reward (Spark). Isn't it expected that this will draw attention to Spark holders, making them delegate their vote to that Data provider? 1) Doesn't that mean that the voting will get centralized over time since more and more people will use the same Data provider? 2) If one data provider gets like 70% of totals votes, how can 30% outvote him? 3) Can't that one data provider intentionally provide wrong data and get benefit out from it if he has like 80% voting power? For instance, can't he say that XRP price is 0.0001 dollar, making flare loan / mutual go mental and people lose money? @brianwalden @Flintstone guys, what is your opinion here? I would be happy to hear it. Thank you
  15. XRPBTC was super oversold, as I was tellong befotr. I was expecting this move 2 days ago, but it took longer, happy I hold it till bow. Bounce of 1600-1500 support. 0.75 is like 41k for BTC. Now I will wait for reliefe before to enter again around 0.68-0.67
  16. It's good to see everyone is pessimistic about xrp, the indication we can go to the moon.
  17. It looks more like a short lived pump that with be over as fast it came up, so sell now and buy back at 63ct before this day is over.
  18. I bet despite a near 15% increase for XRP, most of the news outlets still won’t mention XRP. It’s like the black sheep of the crypto world 😆
  19. I think as long as that APY Cloud is pumping out rewards, there will be demand for YFIN and YFLR. I think there will be more demand for YFIN initially due to the Farming rewards, then it’s down to weight within governance. Have to wait and see on that one.
  20. 🙂 Fair point. They will crash too lol. Anything with lots of volatility and no fundamentals holding up the price will lead to retailers losing money over time. The really smarter ones may hold on to profits longer than others, but they will eventually lose it too. Unfortunately everyone thinks they are smarter than everyone else, and that they can get out with profits before everyone else.
  21. Well you have other established coins and shitcoins pumping way more for less lol.
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