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  2. xrpdamian

    One more to go

    I hope...
  3. Archbob

    Bitcoin-Rigging Criminal Probe Focused on Tie to Tether

    I doubt Tether had much of an influence on BTC price. This week's drop is obviously due to this idiotic hash war.
  4. mrhat75

    One more to go

    Maybe this thing will take 2-4 more years is what I'm thinking. Can't say I haven't secretly been hoping for BOOM retirement by EOY. Who knows?
  5. I do that to him every time - it's a power move. Then I call him back, like 5 minutes later... but he doesn't answer, either - it's a power move. Then he calls me back, like 10 minutes later... but I don't answer, either - it's a power move. Guess we'll just have to trust each other. (Kellyanne thinks we're both totally nuts.) But we're not crazy - it's a power move.
  6. Thanks Kakoyla...I will try it out.
  7. Theoretical problem statement is more "need info-in-flight time differentials to be unexploitable"... the answer is in the question.
  8. Had something similar today. Some strange fellow called me, but i rejected the call:
  9. Theone01

    BCH hash war

  10. Today
  11. Theone01

    BCH hash war

    SV is now ahead by 2 blocks????? !!!!!! https://cash.coin.dance/blocks
  12. retryW

    One more to go

    I'm not the "blind hope of a moon rocket" type of guy. I'm just making a prediction based of historical events, current movements, and my general hunch. but by all means bring my post up again in a fortnight and we'll see if we're much higher than 43c Past performance is not a guarantee of future gains, however you can't deny the fact that four out of the last 5 years have had significant gains on, or within two weeks of this date.
  13. Here's a nice article about the advantage of a batch auction system, similar to XRP ledger, over High Frequency Trading systems. I think what you want is only possible in a two phased processing of the batch: collecting, then closing, then validating. And you'd need a service that gives you a public key of the next batch, to encrypt, and the private key of the current batch to decrypt. I don't think that is possible without trusting some entity to not release the private key to anyone, before the batch is closed. But if anyone would provide that service, they could also create that pre-batch service and connect that to the regular ledger.
  14. How it can be a good thing (in this context )?
  15. Thanks! It's so refreshing that all of these "sudden SEC syndrome" posts are all gonna get their own threads, now. Totally helpful. Gold star for you.
  16. Maybe the SEC wanted to collect public comment > advertise a user form to collect comments > sort and follow up on a few, idk. My comment is more for those who still think that Caller ID is proof of validity... Its absolutely not. I can get 202, 415, and other phone numbers very easily, we probably several of those area codes in inventory right now. Add to that, the fact that I can dynamically change the caller ID using some hack job pos auto dialer I stuck together with bubblegum and toothpicks... but it worked, and it matched the Caller ID to the number being called. I even played a prank on a friend, calling him from his mother's and girlfriend's phones. That was a good one, and he still has no idea what happened, because both his mom and gf said "no I didnt call you". I heard him telling the story a week or so later. I didnt say anything, just let him tell the tale😉 Also, dont use SMS for 2FA. SMS is not an encrypted comms channel.
  17. Yet you were addressing nodes receiving information about the future, which they could potentially exploit, in your OP. I'm just not sure if that's actually a bad thing. I would like to zero in on that.
  18. They Forked the whole market.
  19. @Alex1 XRP is not hitting a low for the year and is higher than it was in September obviously it's a blood bath - but XRP has been the least stinky shirt in the hamper.
  20. Alex1

    One more to go

    I'll show you this post again in two weeks. I want all rocketlaunching hopium addicts (ok, at least some of them) to admit their mistakes.
  21. Can you contextualise this with today's fall. Weekly chart it looks like pretty level with us at the bottom of the range for last nine weeks. On the daily chart this week is the worst fall since early Oct after which we made a gradual recovery The problem is we are falling with BTC. BTC is over valued because it is useless tech that has been overvalued and worthless. Not even worth five cents in my opinion! Can you make some sort of guess as to what this pattern means in middle or long term?
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