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  2. How likely is the 5PM announcement?
  3. No worries. As long as money is still in the crypto economy, they will all be back soon @AlexJ
  4. How likely is an announcement coming? Why wait until 5PM PST? Just wondering
  5. Yea? Did you sell all your zerps? If you did, I'm sorry to hear that, cuz it ain't going back down to .30
  6. BTC or LTC for XRP?

    Yeah, LTC. Like @Niall said it's 50x faster to get from one exchange to another. (But slow as a wet week compared to XRP.) Also, I suspect we're going to see another surge in the LTC price shortly (more than BTC), so you could use this to your advantage. Don't complain if I'm wrong about this last statement, though! Cheers, Trippy
  7. No major announcements and massive sell outs by Koreans killing the price.
  8. Investors from 2015 and earlier. Amazing!

    On your question 1: Same as today, I did believe in the flaws of mining, I did believe that the big potential lies in a pro-regulatory approach, I did believe that a consumer/transactional currency use case will not work out given critical mass across 7bn multi-jurisdictional and heterogenous consumers is too tricky. XRP seemed to be incredibly undervalued vs Bitcoin. And most importantly, I was impressed by Chris Larsen and David Schwartz. I had the feeling they will manage to pivot if neccessary. On your question 2: On your question 3: Basically from day 1.
  9. Just imagine a seamless way of purchasing XRP....Coinbase needs to get with the program haha
  10. Expecting falling back again to 0.3 )) that would be awesome))
  11. where do u guys see the supports? i'm thinking .7 and .61? but i don't know nuthin.
  12. when billions of dollars leave XRP market cap...does it just get spread out amongst other coins? or is it also just pulled out in $ as well?
  13. i understand $9 is an almost guaranteed certainty. but as my buddy chartist says (i bring him up cause hes the smart one), "Charts don't decide price. price decides the chart". The best chart right now for me is the heikin ashi chart which shows we are still good to go aka bullish..
  14. Absolutely brilliant. I've been banging on about them engaging more with the public and this is excellent news in my opinion. I think they've changed their tune recently about this. The FAQs being one example of this. I'm convinced this will be awesome for the coin, will change public perceptions of the company and will help the price increase considerably. Watch out other coins!
  15. Yes, but the total XRP still needs to be worth $3 even just for that one second for the initial 3 transactions to take place exactly at the same time. If in the next second there are only 2 transactions of $1 each, then XRP needs only to be worth $2. That is true. However, the total XRP value of $3 will not come down immediately to $2 the next second (think of it as bandwidth or pipeline). If I rephrase the conclusion using your example, it can be said that: As the number of transactions increases such that there are on average 3 transactions every second for $1 each, the total value of XRP will need to be constantly worth $3 for all transactions to take place every second. Similarly, let's say the number of transactions is on average 2 per second for $1 each, then the total value of XRP will likely converge towards $2.
  16. Rally already fonished. Now falling up to 0.3
  17. Did you get on the plane(Ripple)?

    A FUD joke that is @AlexJ LOL
  18. I believe you nailed it, however, I think you got only half of the equation. What I predict will soon happen, is that this crush of new money flowing into cryptos will be drawn to xrp in a powerfully accelerating manner. Why? Because this enormous pool of "new" money won't be anti-establishment at all, and will be looking for safety in a perceived sea of scam coins. They'll also be looking for the potential for a great rate of return, and at price that allows them to own a lot of coins. (psychologically attractive) Even a percentage of longtime bitcoin holders will soon get fearful of a collapse and start converting some of it into xrp. XRP is about to get a ton of press, and I foresee an accelerating run on it, as Ripple keeps rolling out new partnerships and new ideas. Ask yourself this? How many people do you know that are asking you about cryptos and how they can get started? Then ask yourself what percentage of these are likely to see Ripple as a "no brainer"?
  19. if TA was truly worth a damn everyone would be rich.
  20. I think Ripple realised that they need to improve their comms strategy to deal with mainstream adoption. Whoever takes that role is starting from a low base so it will be a fantastic opportunity to "build the brand".
  21. This is very good news! That should help get the word out.
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