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  2. I think we're going to see support in the next day then a push back up to the previous trend line. Chart (XRP/AUD). Note that RSI is ready to run up again and MACD is starting to turn back up. Always optimistic
  3. I had the same thought; perhaps there has been a behind the scenes truce. Jed cannot pull XRP down and it does XLM no good either, it is counterproductive. IBM would probably prefer that Jed does not make enemies with the most powerful cross border payments network in blockchain. Ripple would probably prefer if Jed were on a shorter lead. They don't have to love each other.
  4. Maybe my response is missing the point of your question. Are you suggesting that maybe there's more friendliness between Ripple and XLM than has been publicly indicated? I have speculated - with my tinfoil hat on - that it's possible they are much more in collusion than they would have us believe.
  5. I don't think it's weird at all. What I do think is weird is how - in virtually everything these days - people are expected to pick one, singular side which then supposedly means you have to now have an enemy as well. In my experience, people who are not split like this and who can see two differing sides of a matter tend to be some of the most effective people in various ways and those who get entrenched in certain positions - in a very "us versus them" or "this one way is the only way" sort of way - are the least effective. XLM is a source code fork of XRP. They've pursued a different strategy but in many ways they are very, very similar. McCaleb is purported to be problematic and I tend to think the comments that indicate as such are accurate, but there is no way I can be sure of that or anyone outside of those folks directly involved. The guy founded Ripple, so lets give him some credit even if he's a problem interpersonally and strategically. I can tell you one thing: while I do not have massive trepidation - or any trepidation, really, anymore - as to XRP being labeled as a security, if it were to be labeled as such and XLM were to be able to avoid it because the Stellar Foundation is a non-profit, then I would be rather impressed with them, albeit quite upset since I don't hold XLM. I hold largely XRP. My bet is on XRP. But that doesn't make me anti-XLM. So weird, no. Uncommon, yes. But I wish it weren't so uncommon.
  6. Can someone enlighten me regarding the latest Stellar news? And, please, let's keep assessments of individuals' personalities out of this.
  7. Don't say how much you have. If your a long term hodler who cares about price. If you wait and it rockets? Keep on nano ledger not on an exchange.
  8. Today
  9. But what if aliens came and hijacked all the XRP and there was 1 xrp left?
  10. A reminder to keep the conversation in this thread respectful.
  11. So kind of weird but it seems to work in Incognito mode. I'm on macOS 10.14.4 and Chrome 74.0.3729.131. I am signed into my google account in the screenshot on the left.
  12. But that is a preposterous and completely unrealistic assumption.
  13. Hrm weird, I use both Firefox and Chrome to test the site and everything seems to work locally (famous last words right!) Mind if I ask what platform you are testing this on, maybe I can try to clone your env. Thanks for letting us know!
  14. Does it effect XRP? Will this effect the long term outcome or success of XRP? Does this effect the company Ripple? Does it effect Coil?
  15. Simple question: do you agree that XRP's price can rise from 53 cents to $334 (or whatever) based on a single buy on a single exchange, as Susie clearly states over and over is possible? My point is that IF Ripple's Escrow was to sell out each month, it means demand is outstripping supply, and that XRP's price will naturally rise on exchanges in that scenario. So Susie's idea that one buy order can make XRP do an x700 is pure fantasy - it would be a constant, month after month of demand outstripping supply that would give an upward pressure to the price, not one single buy on one exchange. That would be what Ripple and R3 and the banks want as well - not incredible volatility. By the time Ripple empty their Escrow, XRP's price will certainly NOT be 53 cents. It will be...well, who knows, but lets say at least double digit dollars. Sure, THEN (after at least 52 months, but likely 10 or so years from now) demand pressure on exchanges would surely drive XRP's price up further, but it will not be as she describes it. If she was right, then huge sell orders would also have a devastating effect on XRP's price. Also think about an xRapid payment - buy $50K of XRP on Bittrex ("wow, XRP is now $334 per XRP on Bittrex!") - then you have to SELL that XRP on Bitso's exchange for a Mexican payment - so what happens to the peso price of the XRP? No mention of that in her video. In reality, such buys and sells do NOT have such a devastating, unwanted impact on price, but what change in price there is gets smoothed out by arbitrage.
  16. I don't know about TH, but the comment that DS made about Stellar network going down was the right thing to do IMO.
  17. Yep. I think this will be the case. I’m only speculating but I think there’ll be a multitude of things that begin happening within a couple years that begin to decouple XRP price from BTC movement: adoption and real usage, institutional investment coupled with more mainstream advertisement, a global population that begins to realize that there’s something other than BTC, etc that will draw in more retail investors. I think that’s when growth will bring in more interest, additional adoption and usage, increased institutional investment in a snowball effect. Money from other underperforming crypto could likely join in as well. All speculation at this point for me and I’m just like Chevy Chase patiently waiting to turn left trying to get to Big Ben. The preceding was not a paid endorsement. If anything I’m the guy who’s been paying the bills.
  18. All her sides look pretty cute to me. Lovely young woman. Unfortunate choice of names. Tiffany is so 1990's. Not sure how I feel about her XLM affiliation. I suppose she's entitled to go both ways if she wants to.....
  19. NEVER post online how much u have or are buying!!!!!!!! You will get robbed
  20. Yesterday
  21. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/8150354/zakinov-v-ripple-labs-inc/
  22. Is the total number of XRP on Ledger Live the same as on Bithomp?
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