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  2. I would not underestimate them, clearly not.
  3. titi112

    Infographic: Companies using XRP

    nice work, maybe you should indicate the 12 banks are from the 2016 trial (some hater will tell you otherwise)
  4. cryptoxrp

    ING Launching on Ripple This November?

    Correct! TIPS will be connected to EBA Clearing. pan-European RT1 network which went live end of 2017. ‘The June 12 ECB press release states that TIPS is scheduled to begin operating in November 2018 and will allow citizens and firms to make payments anywhere within the euro area in a matter of seconds.’ https://www.cgi.com/sites/default/files/pdf/tips_issue_brief.pdf EBA CLearing is a provider of pan-European payment infrastructure solutions. Founded in 1998, the Company is owned by 51 of the major banks operating in Europe and based on a country-neutral governance model. The payment systems of EBA CLEARING are pan-European by design and desire: they are developed in close co-operation with the Company’s multinational user community and best-of-breed technology partners. EBA CLEARING manages two Systemically Important Payment Systems, the large-value euro payment system EURO1 and STEP2, a pan-European payment infrastructure platform for mass payments in euro, which provides full reach to all financial institutions across Europe processing credit transfers and direct debits in euro. This means that more than 4,800 financial institutions in all SEPA countries are currently reachable via STEP2. With the support of 39 funding institutions from across SEPA and its technology partner SIA, EBA CLEARING has implemented RT1, a pan-European real-time payment infrastructure platform for euro transactions. The system is open to any AS-PSP adhering to the EPC’s SCT Inst Scheme and has handled instant payments in line with the scheme since its launch date in November 2017. EBA Clearing is a network integrator (provider) for Ripplenet banks (and others) and has integrated Ripplenet into the EBA instant payments network (RT1 😊). https://www.ebaclearing.eu/ https://www.treasury-management.com/news/1012/swiftnet-instant-to-provide-access-to-eba-clearings-rt1-system.html
  5. PhoenixSequence

    A Meeting in the Ladies Room

    In light of yesterday's inspirational gain and wanting to continue putting positive vibes into the universe. I want to propose something. When XRP reaches a set price one day, hopefully soon, say $100 per xrp. I propose that we all meet somewhere and celebrate like it's 1999. I was thinking either in Miami or of course Las Vegas. For one night only we rent a hall, have it catered and we go crazy! It would be so amazing to celebrate with you all under one roof. I also propose that we wear name tags with only our screens names on them instead of our real names to make things very interesting. No animosity, all bygones are bygones. Just some crazy kids celebrating a once in a lifetime opportunity and fabulous life together. First round on me
  6. I saw ads yesterday that JP Morgan was using Quorum, an Ethereum based token. Haven't read up on that yet.
  7. just to benchmark this when did we last have a count of how many countries?
  8. This infographic shows a list of companies that are currently testing, using or accepting XRP. Source: http://www.stedas.hr/infographic-companies-using-ripple-xrp.html#.W6KrKOhKjLY Please feel free to visit the source site and send a tip via XRPTipBot.
  9. BibleChronologyXRP

    Kraken exchange OTC platform is ready to be used

    they are improving for the next bull run
  10. titi112

    Kraken exchange OTC platform is ready to be used

    Man I had so many problems with them but it's better now I have to say.
  11. kenrino

    PNC Bank Embraces Blockchain and Joins RippleNet

    Lucky, I think ilp is rather a "connector", and ilp can uses and connect to different blockchains yes (it is currency agnostic)
  12. I fully expect them to join the ranks soon enough. If Ripple can save JPM upwards of +60% on cross-border remittances and inter/intra-bank transfers Jamie D. will fold or the BofD will make him. He talks tough, but he's a true Banker at heart. JPM's bottom-line (i.e. Profits) makes the decisions and pull the strings; he's just a puppet.
  13. I guess that most of us guys are just "pleased to see" those kind of figures
  14. Pretty interesting . They are number 9 by assets and I am sure they are looking for ways to become bigger . This will surely give them some leverage against the other top guys like citi or Goldman i am sure jpm is ******** their pants right now
  15. Imagine what will happen when enough banks and other FIs begin using XRP. They can choose to not exchange the XRP into Fiat and save fees, but instead begin to send XRPs to eachother. There are transactions costs both ways when they go through exchanges, they can save lots of money by simply gathering piles and holding on to it until they need to use an exchange. The banks who do not use xRapid, and might not be using Ripples software at all, might choose to use XRP anyways. They will somehow be connected through ILP. I remember David Schwartz commenting on the "stable coin" issue back in march: https://www.quora.com/Have-you-considered-pegging-XRP-to-USD-like-Tether-but-for-real-This-would-make-XRP-immediately-accepted-by-banks-for-settlement
  16. XRPzie

    Price Swing

    We are following a bit too....
  17. It's not live so you won't see the volumes reflected on CMC yet.
  18. The price of BTC just swung $300. What's going on??
  19. Would be nice to get an update on how Moneygram XRP trials have progressed.
  20. MegaNerd

    Realistic Potential % Gains in CSC

    mmmmmmm... fatnessss
  21. Today
  22. BurtMacklin

    Realistic Potential % Gains in CSC

    Sounds like the life!
  23. poppy

    I can't remember where I kept my Bitcoin

    There where also wallets slash cpu miners slash mining pools those days. You sometimes got some free btc just by registering. I remember i did the same and have really now clue where it was lol. If it was mt GOX later on, you have 3 days left to claim your lost BTC because the claim end the 22th
  24. jcdenton

    PNC Bank Embraces Blockchain and Joins RippleNet

    And PNC owns 22% of Blackrock, the largest asset management company in the world
  25. MegaNerd

    Realistic Potential % Gains in CSC

    CSC to .20 !!! thats all i need I can retire, become fat, live on a boat, and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax
  26. RippleNet uses the ILP protocol, which they specifically designed to connect legacy systems to blockchains. It is therefore fair to classify ILP as “blockchain technology”. Also keep in mind that marketing is targeted at non-technical audience, with a limited technical vocabulary. When xRapid goes live, and patfinding is enabled, PNC will automatically route payments through XRP if that is the cheapest path, without the requirement to touch it. ”embraces blockchain” means it is ready for the blockchain powered future.
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