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  2. Came across this today. Looks interesting. Anyone used it ?
  3. It’s a rare day that I fully agree with you sir or madam, but today is that day. Thats not to say I don’t respect the effort and thought that the good professor (@Professor Hantzen) has put into this but I do think at heart the metric is based on a fickle and unreliable statistic.
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  5. Thanks for the response. I'm trying to think of a better way to ask my question. I understand that Spring doesn't directly handle any of the regulatory issues, but do you think the fact that other companies and projects are building around XRP will help prove that it's not a security? Hope that makes more sense.
  6. You sound like a lovely, well-balanced, reasonable person.
  7. Which is another way of saying you might as well just have a paper wallet stored at a bank. (That’s not quite true but I bet it IS true for a great many users)
  8. I can't really predict. But it quickly gives existing RippleNet members new options. For example, members currently transaction fiat to fiat, could be encourage by the news. In a best case, it shouldn't take much effort to reroute their current transaction flow through XRP if that path turns out to be cheaper. But keep in mind, I expect there is also a bunch of liquidity work to be done to make existing XRP markets viable for most banking transaction. If you look at the Monthly Statistics page from Fedwire, you'll see that the AVERAGE payment size is over 4 million dollars. What would that do to the current thinly traded XRP markets? Well in my view, nothing at all. Because nobody would try it as I see discussed around the internet. It would be quite absurd. Say you wanted to send $4 million to Philippine Pesos. Buy $4 million of XRP from the XRP/USD book would spike the price, costing the sender way more than the listed price. Sell $4 million of XRP on the XRP/PHP book would crash the price, resulting in less than the listed delivery amount. The math simply doesn't work to do that. It would be WAY more costly to send than the existing pathway, so RippleNet wouldn't take it. No note, as David said, it is possible to move 4 million through the current markets. You would just have to break it up into smaller amounts like Coils streaming payments do. (Well not that small) But that would take time, making it much less Instant.
  9. That's all well and good if by the time you go to sell for that Million dollars you haven't sunk $999,999.00 into it. Lol
  10. Quick note: I find the Xpring spelling more confusing than necessary. This is pronounced, "Spring" rather than X-Pring. No, the two are unrelated. There are teams within Ripple working on regulatory issues. (We just talked about Ryan Zagone above.) But the Xpring team isn't tasked with that. Xpring explains: "Our objective is to build a robust community of developers, entrepreneurs and companies who believe that blockchains, and the XRP Ledger in particular, will transform industries." The way I understand it is that Xpring could help any external team working on a project unrelated to the core bits of RippleNet. The rest of the company is focused on that. Quite simply, it is an attempt to get more people doing more things in parallel.
  11. Wow... @BobWay this brings up old stirrings from bygone days. Thanks for this!!! Time to revisit the old thoughts of what XRPL can do.
  12. I'm sorry, but this post is just f-cking insane. Can you please link to one instance where someone upgraded their firmware and had their Ledger hacked? How is that even remotely possible? Let me guess: are you also an anti-vaxxer? It's people like you that are a cancer on forums like this. GTFO.
  13. yes/yes. Delay depends on the exchange you are using vs exchange on which the trade was executed, but arbitrage bots generally do a fine job at keeping all exchanges mostly in sync.
  14. HI Bob, Thank you for all of your contributions! I have really enjoyed reading all of your input. Do you think the XPring initiative will help determine that XRP isn't a security? Was this a primary reason for why Ripple decided to launch XPring? Thanks again for your thoughts
  15. @BobWay Once SEC says XRP is not a security, do we know how quickly thing can start picking up?
  16. I realised I have even more gaps in my knowledge than I thought... Transaction History. Correct me if I’m wrong... The ledger has a snapshot of current state across all accounts. Each Tran has a hash and blocks are hashed so everything is verifiable and immutable. Most nodes don’t have a complete history. Some do. Overall, as a entire system, is there any guarantee that the history is maintained? I know we have some highly trusted entities with complete history, but is that just happy circumstance? Is it ensured? I realise that to transact and proceed from ‘here’ the XRPLedger has all it needs in the current ledger. But I’m not sure that a country enforcing multi year tax law will be happy if no reliable record is available. Obviously each participant is responsible for their own records etc but I’m wondering if the network as a whole has a guaranteed history. (ignoring of course the three day bug in the beginning ledgers) As it stands I’m assuming no. Which seems a little at odds with our desire for XRPtheStandard responsible for world finance bridging. I’m guessing the answer is that it’s not needed but I feel that is actually not correct. A world bridging new finance tech probably should have a guaranteed history availability. Bob do you any thoughts on this? Anyone else?
  17. I really hope people can learn to stop jumping into the mouths of sharks.
  18. Whatever I don't spend on life...savings plan took a little break this past year
  19. Sorry for such a newbie question, (I am 100% new to trading, just joined this chat group yesterday)... its 9:50 est currently... I understand that crypto is traded 24/7, and Tokyo trading is in full swing right now. Do the charts I reference for crypto pricing update in real time here in the USA with all transactions completed globally? Meaning; If a major transaction is completed in Tokyo for example, does my chart pricing of that particular coin update instantly, or is there a delay? If there is a delay, approximately how long is it?
  20. It flips very quickly and falls back down like a rock in no-time. If there is one thing I have learned, then it is locking in profits and being patient in getting back in at good entry levels. That whole “missing the boat” thing is overrated in my opinion.
  21. Word to the wise - xrp bleeds slowly and for what seems like forever, but when it flips it does so very quickly. If/when the breakout does occur, you'll be lucky to catch it at 15% premium over the starting price. The breakouts have thus far also not followed any particular FA announcements / triggers. fwiw - your approach is sensible, but I'm not sure that it fits the personality of this particular coin.
  22. Nice, now we just need to get to around 4 or 5 dollars before the price matters to me again.
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