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  2. @interexchange Please link @JoelKatz's response above to the Ripple sub Reddit so that this so called "insider" can see a real rebuttal.
  3. Guess we'll never find this out for sure.
  4. @xourexe thx for posting! The AI side of the blockchain is very interesting to keep track off. Another coin to add to the list. I agree with your findings so far. This is well thought off, intelligent and detailed. Even the social icons on the bottom of the page are in the correct colors on hover. The people behind it seem legit and up for the task.
  5. AFAIK GateHub (still) has access to your (unencrypted) password and can decrypt your Ripple account secrets with this password.
  6. One thing to note in the case of Ripple wallets from what I've read: The secret key is stored on Gatehub's servers, although encrypted. The other way to access a Gatehub wallet is if someone manages to log in into your Gatehub account.
  7. I know it's hard and annoying, but we really HAVE TO FIGHT THE FUD. I personally can't ignore seeing people mislead other people in front of my eyes. I'm doing my part on Twitter, and I thank everyone who is doing his part (on twitter, reddit, xrpchat etc) as well. And a special thanks to @JoelKatz for taking his time, it is incredibly valuable and means a lot for XRP holders to have you.
  8. Today
  9. Your presence here is much appreciated, i'll be linking this post whenever i see this particular meme. Will probably be on bitcoin talk at some point today lol
  10. He says this: Either he doesn't understand the difference between payment and settlement or he's deliberately trying to mislead people. Also: Actually, we've done precisely the reverse. Just a few months ago, we didn't even have a link to XRP on our home page. Now, it's up front in all of our messaging. Lastly: This really makes no sense at all. We hold over 60 billion XRP with a notional value of over $20 billion, which we can sell over time at near zero cost (assuming the price and liquidity holds). You think our bank software business will be anywhere close to that any time soon? How many banks do we have to sign to get as much revenue as a 1 cent increase in the price of XRP? 100? 300? But, of course, we don't have to choose because they both go together perfectly. Every bank that adopts our services and network is one more endpoint whose payments can settle over XRP the instant the liquidity is there. As for it being "potentially impossible", I would just say that it's very unlikely that we won't ever have instantaneous global settlement. If there's a technology or product in existence that can do this better than XRP, please tell me what it is. And if you're talking about something not in existence, why would you think we'd find it impossible to compete with something that doesn't even exist yet? And remember, right now we hold more than half the XRP that will ever exist. If getting banks to buy XRP was the bottleneck, we could easily just give it to them.
  11. Spike to .42 and a relax back to .. .31
  12. Why don't you have a look at the front page of this very website, on the lower right corner, just below the XRP price ticker and the member counter is a little calendar widget called "upcoming events", it pretty much tells you all you need to know that is happening concerning Ripple.
  13. I'd like to see it settle at over .33 as this is my breakeven point. Anything more is a bonus at this stage but I think it is well too early in the game for me to expect more.
  15. you can burn an Ubuntu Dvd an boot on it I suppose
  16. Moving to off-topic because it is not directly related to Ripple/XRP.
  17. Sure, but I was thinking about different topics such as:
  18. Are you a substitute decision maker for a loved one? Are you paying nursing home fees? Would you use Crypto currency to pay for nursing home care? I'm now CEO of Rose-Marie Care Home and accept Crypto currency as payment for care for our family business.
  19. If your GH password is captured, all bets are off...Ripple or hosted wallet. Adding 2FA is essential to this weakest link, same goes for any exchange. I'd like to see some kind of password lockout delay policy too on user authentications. And if users can opt in for forced password reset periods, all the better.
  20. The young tech ex gamer millionaire day 1 guys will never be behind xrp. That why I don't usually read Reddit FUD. The purist from gaming slash early miners will always hate xrp. This is just my opinion. I watched great video of Jason King and sniper and Jason was clear on that. To me xrp a long hold play based on product quality.
  21. Stefan Thomas from Ripple:’s-payments-landscape Also, it's not just about the speakers but the oportunity that such event presents to open even more doors for Ripple.
  22. There isn't even value in that low price. Dogecoin for me is short term and I speculate it to go up the next days.
  23. @mvp where's the value in Dogecoin except that it can still be bought at low price?
  24. We went to a lot of trouble to design Ripple as a system with no privileged accounts or administrative functions. If you want that to be changed, why use a public ledger system?
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