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  2. Personally I do not understand the reaction from EFF. By bringing DRM into the browser it may become a lot easier for content creators, as first owners of their own content, to manage their own rights and do whatever they like to do with their own content (give away, sell cheap/expensive, promotional distribution....) while keeping 100% control of it. It really is a great opportunity to move towards P2P content distribution. Your content is your proprietary and with DRM you can protect but still manage and trade it. What the hell can be wrong with that? After all we ALL do this with our credentials, our accounts, our funds... and now we will have a tool to do it with our creative goods.... and as you say adding it up to an easy way for global small P2P payments makes to the personal toolbox complete. Don't know if it was coincidental or not by equal timing from w3c, but it sure is good to have both integrated in the most used web tool... the browser.
  3. Topics for Master thesis

    XRPCharts uses Data API v2 which uses HBase (a key-value database that runs on top HDFS). Data API v2 get information about e.g. transactions from rippled servers using standard APIs in (sort of) real-time (because sometimes it takes a lot of time before transactions are visible via Data API v2).
  4. The bonus? Oh yes I want it. But I'll buy a nice watch with it.
  5. Questions on fees

    https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/589570daa330f80ad8c2b562be7a490d93c65e80/src/ripple/app/misc/NetworkOPs.cpp#L2836-L2863 https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/c218417d1a130d826338674f76b7e3eed839ee68/src/ripple/app/misc/impl/LoadFeeTrack.cpp#L33-L190 Tracing the code which provides the sequence of values from the server stream, I think it is probably irrelevant to getting into the actual validators' open ledgers, especially if you are running rippled locally and are connecting through an admin port. It's just a bypassable gate. https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/c218417d1a130d826338674f76b7e3eed839ee68/src/ripple/app/misc/impl/LoadFeeTrack.cpp#L140-L143 I can't add lastLedgerMedianFeeLevel to that stream, because it is not provided by the server stream. It would be good if it was :-) My current thinking is just to collect all the fee amounts from the previous ledger, sort them, work out the median amount. Feed it into the model above (replacing the minimum 500 figure), and calculate fees for [x/2,x,x*2] where x is the number of transactions in the previous ledger. That way I have a local model which can be applied for different purposes. For example a market maker might be less competitive about timing but an arb bot might want guarantees of getting in the next ledger. Currently it seems like most people are just picking a number between 10 and 1,000,000 drops and going with that, or using the server stream, which seems to bear no relation to the fee escalation algorithm: https://github.com/ripple/ripple-lib/blob/11528eff92076f75239689045d2970ce12fc041b/src/common/serverinfo.js#L64-L69 Edit: More detail on the fee escalation calculations vs the local load fee: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/fc0d64f5eec4386db7146251ab1a7fe880bec17c/src/ripple/rpc/impl/TransactionSign.cpp#L697-L718
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  7. Questions on fees

    These numbers (except for 10) lie on the line: fee = 1.5945 x^2 with x = {59, 60, ..., 77, 78} It is likely that this is the amount of transactions in the open ledger at those moments. Any chance that could be true? This would mean that lastLedgerMedianFeeLevel / limit^2 = 1.5945 Any chance you can export lastLedgerMedianFeeLevel in the datadump, next to the the fields you already have in the link you sent?
  8. New to XRP (And owning Crypto in general)

    Had some time on my hands this morning. So formatted an old MacBook I had lying around. And used this to create a paper wallet :). EDIT: Tested with receiving and sending before sending everything there. Works like a charm
  9. New to XRP (And owning Crypto in general)

    You can also create your own encrypted drive. Just buy some USB drives (multiple, one can be broken), store your files and encrypt them with Luks (https://elementaryos.stackexchange.com/questions/8426/how-can-i-encrypt-a-drive-with-luks). It's Linux (and can be booted without actually installing the software on your computer). Be sure your computer is offline when you encrypt/store/type your passwords. I do suggest you test it before actually putting your zerps on it and be sure to have a backup, good password etc.
  10. All that matters is growth. Who owns what becomes a "technicality" once the economies of the world stop growing! Capital markets that now feed billions demand perpetual growth, which is obviously unsustainable; monetary policy is still slave to mother nature, who always has her way in the end. For the first time in history (let this sink in), population growth/birth rates, globally as a whole, are slowing. That is why there is such a panic and a desire to usher in this (fake) fourth "industrial" revolution. The economy must be thrown a lifeline. IoV, IoT, et al are going to give us all another decade or two at most. Then what? Where are new jobs coming from? Robots?! http://www.ipcbee.com/vol1/6-B016.pdf
  11. Come on. You know you want it
  12. The dollar won't crash it will evolve, the moment it looks like the petro dollar is truly dying America will dump Billions into renewables. Personally i think battery technology and the kinetic economy, and try and stranglehold the energy market once again. Will be hard with China owning all the rare earths but USA and the West in general will fare far better than Russia thats for sure. Africa is going to be a major tech and workforce provider in the future. The "developed" nations will focus on power generation while automation handles production.
  13. When I bougth my first XRPs, I told my friends my exit points are 0,4 0,7 and 1 $ in the mid-term. My friends called me "idiot that will never happen" XRP price was 0,0055 at that time. I think I will stick to my original plan
  14. When I see the poll result it seems to be very likely, that xrp will go to at least 1$. That was alway my target. Looking forward to finally go in that direction.
  15. 10 USD is my moon and also a point where I sell all my XRP. I will never look back and regret if it then reaches 1000 USD. It is given by my objective. I do not need to become very rich. I just want to become free by leaving my job in a corporation. I will buy a house by the ocean on Fuerteventura and one in France and just surf and chill for the rest of my life. I never dreamed of lambos, private jets, etc.. It actually makes me a little disappointed that so many people want what is referred to as "luxury" (private jets, multiple cars, huge mansions, private islands, etc.), but what I call wasting limited resources and destroying the planet. I am not some ecomaniac. Far from that. I just believe we should be much more reasonable and considerate as a species. it is just my opinion, I do not mean to offend anyone whose dream includes luxury.
  16. Thats what im saying, who the hell do we owe the money to? The federal reserve? They should be happy theyve made it this far and start fresh. But thats too reasonable lol
  17. Maybe $2 in a year, but for $5 it's gonna take a very long time? Really?
  18. Pretty sure someone has to "forget the debt". I know jack **** about economy, but I do know USA is printing money like there's no tomorrow. You can't sustain that forever.
  19. I mean with the current model, inflation and credit and all that how can they recover?
  20. What do you mean by 'crashes' though? As in, becomes worthless? Then no, the entire world will starve to death. Takes a major hit in value? Then probably cryptos go down with it for a while, or some go up as "safe havens" (not really) along with gold, etc.
  21. It is scary to think, considering we are backing a coin that supports the current economy. Id like to get some more viewpoints on this subject. Im no economist or super well versed in Ripple network.
  22. Higher Transaction Costs

    Validators should not directly connect to any server not under your direct control, ideally physical control. This includes other validators. If your validator is directly reachable on the internet I wouldn't want it in my UNL.

    I kinda doubt that these are the "leading company" in the field at all and it also in the end is just about sending network packets. This is a few layers below applications to handle and if their technology requires user facing software to be changed, they are on a wrong path.
  24. It is very hard for third parties to assess whether a validation not reaching a validator in time was a networking issue or if it was omitted on purpose. You'd need to do this even for every round of Consensus, so more often than each ledger close (as by definition all validators will end up at the same ledger eventually or they will stop validating). In my opinion a more realistic scenario would be that some valdators are legally not allowed to allow certain transactions (e.g. US based validators enabling settlements between Iranian banks) and must always vote against these, but still are allowed to be overruled by the network as a whole. This is far down the line though, since there are probably less than 20 people worldwide that would be able to even start adding something like this to rippled, much less actually succeeding in this. On the other hand, they would likely be far more upfront about their validation policies ("I immediately validate every valid transaction" as it seems to be the current policy is NOT the only one possible unfortunately and at least for financial institutions currently also not the one that is in use). This makes it much harder for attestors though, because you'd need to know every policy and need to be able to assess every transaction whether it would be legal under various policies.
  25. Option 2 sounds like just the ticket!
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