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  2. respect Those were fair dinkum words.
  3. Money shot right here: “We’re also seeing increased demand for instant payments and are looking forward to using the digital asset XRP to source on-demand liquidity during transactions on RippleNet.” https://ripple.com/insights/adding-value-to-cross-border-payments-is-why-moneynetint-runs-on-ripple/
  4. This thread is still going? Boy, news must really be slow
  5. I think it's about "brass ovaries"... and I'd say that @TiffanyHayden is probably braver than all of us put together Carry on sister
  6. I ate a corn dog from Sonics yesterday, 30 mins later threw my life up. Never want to see sonics again, or a hotdog for a little while.
  7. I dont understand why someone would hedge themselves by owning XRP and Lumens. Xrp all the way, i prefer coke to RC cola.
  8. An obvious market niche that has yet to be filled. Probably a security token, I'm thinking.
  9. Lol, I actually started searching on my Delta app for the ovaries coin, until it struck me what you meant.
  10. LOL hey brother im right there with you, had to liquidate to buy a car but have been buying every 2 weeks for about 3 months now got a nice little bag. Im not diversified though 100% XRP.
  11. Dollar cost averaging is also proven to be inferior to inheriting vast sums of money from a dead relative. But SAYING that I dollar cost average makes me feel better about not HAVING a lump sum. And buying sub-penny alt coins makes me feel like I'm investing a big lump sum every week or two.
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  13. Hell yeah. I'm staking a sh*t ton of TRX. I have a Strength Node on VeChain too. (Very junior in the Node World, I know.) But I would never stoop to buying XLM. (Unless, of course, I get more money.)
  14. Good to know you had a point. I was wondering. I'm not on Twitter, and there is a reason for that. I do follow Galgitron sporadically, but he's the only guy, or gal, or ( insert gender neutral-non-specific pronoun of your choice) I follow on ANY social media. Forums are Web 1.0, or were until they started adding like buttons, which was a mistake. I apologize to Ms.Hayden for my insensitive remarks. Not having followed her ever, I only knew of her by her reputation, which seemed to be, as they say, a mixed bag. This thread has made me form a higher opinion than I had before. And I was out of line with my sophomoric brohan remarks. I was just kidding around. I do that a lot. Forums often bore me, and I try to use humor to lighten up some of these threads where people take everything way too seriously. But no excuse, and I'm truly sorry. I never expected TF to even read my remarks. Not the first time I've put my foot in my mouth, and probably won't be the last. Doctor , in my eyes you've failed to make ANY point I can see.......other than that you don't like @TiffanyHayden and aren't afraid of being considered a troll. I've formed an opinion of you too, and it is that you are a hater. Peace indeed.
  15. Dollar cost averaging has been proven to under perform someone throwing a lump sum in. however i buy some every two weeks when i get paid so i am still even though i know that.
  16. Ooovarrriiieesss!! There, I said it. It was pretty frigging obvious that's what most of this thread is about but I guess someone had to say it.
  17. Troooooooooooooooooooonnnnnn !! There, I said it. It’s in the open now.
  18. I'll take you up on that; I'm not too shy to get a free meal even when XRP hits 3 digits.
  19. Well it seems to be the in thing, maybe I should diversify as well, maybe il get some more flack than I already get 😂
  20. Oh yea, and when it does it's Burger King 100% Beef Grilled Hotdogs for everyone. My treat!
  21. Make no mistake, XRP price is exceptionally low due to lack of acceptance in the crypto community. This is just another example of a dinosaur trying to stop the ice age. It's coming, and these anarchists won't know what hit them when it does!
  22. Full disclosure; I too own some Lumens 😂
  23. Be careful Hellen, next they will be questioning your motives 😂😂😂
  24. Just think of it as a grassroots movement, on a global scale.
  25. @Julian_Williams Tnx for the links. After listening to the video it is clear that AKBank is doing payments using the Ripple blockchain. If they are also doing settlements using XRP has not been communicated. However with XCurrent 4.0 they have the option to use XRP. Considering their long track record with Ripple and other early adapters (Santander etc...) that step seems to be very small.
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