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  2. If my theory is right, we can understand about the slowly increasing price of XRP. Because XRP is purchased preferly by institutional investors, they look for the long-term, while other altcoins are purchased by individuals or traders, who look for shorter-term investment. Therefore, XRP price cannot respond so fast to the market common price. But we will see the skyrocket of XRP when the market calm down.
  3. I must put all my XRP to an open order of $500 and the trap is set. Someday it happens again The mouse will be catched.
  4. Do you think there must be a delay for the price of altcoins, especially XRP, for BTC ? I meant that when BTC price increases, altcoin price also increases but more slowly or more quickly. Currently, BTC price go uptrend very fast because of bullish attitude due to the news of Segwit2x. Surely, altcoin price also surges but slower than that of BTC because people still reserve a safety space for a correction of BTC. So it can be a few days for Altcoin price in term of BTC recover back to their previous value. Or can we consider BTC as a pre-indicator of altcoins' price ? This damn pre--indicator is dancing and altcoin cannot follow up so well. Let's say. BTC tomorrow is $3000. XRP follows but slower, so XRP = $0.2 . We have XRP/BTC = 0.00006667 But then the next day, BTC dip to $2400, XRP decreases slower to $0.18 . We have XRP/BTC = 0.000075. Otherwise, we just have to wait for the correction of BTC/USD and the story happens. So if this is the rule, one can trade very well by exploiting the market delay.
  5. Why do people hate Ripple or Stellar Lumens ? IMO, number one is ignorance "These companies are not helping the Banks to be more powerful and manipulative, but assisting Banks in moving Fiat cheaper and quicker for thier customers and customers family and friends that live in other countries."
  6. Never underestimate your gardener!
  7. Bcphotolab84 that is so true. It's hard to believe Jeff sessions was the brains behind the site seizure.
  8. Buckle up guys! Ripple will go live and it will go in to the moon like neil armstrong 🚀😁
  9. Btc been pumped pretty hard today. I'm calling for a dip to around 2500ish. Usually if btc dips so will alts. I can see ripple dropping back to around 16-17ish
  10. Agreed. The only reason I brought up this point is that this uncertainty needs to be considered when valuing XRP. By my calculations, at the time of the last VC funding round, XRP's were indirectly valued at $0.005 when you consider ripple to be the counterparty to XRP. Since then there's been a bunch of good news, and my personal opinion is that I'm willing to pay $0.01 for every billion of valuation of Ripple. I believe Abra is valued at 500 million USD right now. But Ripple's story seems more exciting to me. I have a number in mind when I would start buying, but I guess everyone would have their own opinion what Ripple's current valuation is. But I can't believe all the experts of those silicon valley VC were that far off when they recently valued Ripple.
  11. I think what he means is that once average people start knowing about XRP then it becomes a dangerous game, because an average person would short any investment once they see a small dip and it causes a domino effect within the community. Just my guess though
  12. I agree that Schwartz believes at this point that XRP holder's interests and Ripple's interests are roughly aligned at this point. And I have no problem buying XRP with this uncertainty. But I believe this uncertainty needs to be considered when valuing XRP. That's why my valuation for XRP probably differs from most people's. But we need to remember that like Windows XP, at some point Ripple may not provide support for XRP in the future. That's the difference in buying shares of Microsoft to buying copies of XP. That's the best analogy I can make at this time. Sorry.
  13. man i better wake up and not sleep in for that !!!
  14. good advice Call it a sanity check (or sobriety test , lol)
  15. I'll let Schwartz's words speak for themselves.
  16. Ripple has a responsibility to satisfy their VC in the long run, and some point their shareholders. They don't have a permanent responsibility to satisfy XRP shareholders, though David Schwartz said Ripple's and XRP holder's interests are aligned more or less at this time, but it could change in the future.
  17. Today
  18. I would never liquidate my entire stack and sleep overnight, one crazy moon shot and you're out. Or significantly reduced buying back in. I don't even know how you'd sleep. I was restless until I got the Ledger, let alone have them on an exchange, let alone out of the market on the sidelines. That said, to each their own!
  19. Swift has now a competitor that is funded by 31 million dollar in the last quarter, three times as much as its funding in the first quarter. If this increase continues linearly (parabolic is more likely), in just one year Swift will be faced with a competitor that is funded with around 500 million dollar per quarter. An extremely well funded competitor, that operates an extremely well working payment infrastructure, designed for the future and ready for it. Try competing with that, Swift!
  20. Done.
  21. I agree Ripple has shifted their focus over the years, but always with an eye towards positioning XRP as the institutional standard for value transfer. That simple. To this point, Ripple has maintained absolute control over the development of the XRP Lesger and the distribution of XRP, and has not once wavered from maintaining XRP's position as a neutral asset. They have been responsible and outstanding stewards of XRP. No one has a greater interest in the significant appreciation of XRP than Ripple and many of its employees.
  22. Why? Can't he be interested in cryptocurrency's because he's a gardener? Are you better than him because you have more money? And for us investors it's only better, more the merrier. Makes prices go up you know.
  23. Too much beer! Ripple has not pumped much yet since $0.17 .... I would wait until we reach new all time highs before attempting to sell high and buy back in cheaper.
  24. Interesting news: The xrp buy is mostly from institutional investors.....
  25. It's where they will state that Ripple is the best and that SWIFT is the worse and that all of us Ripple holders need to start popping the champagne
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