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  2. Don't worry, the coronavirus will have killed us all by this time next month
  3. Well I mean...if that were to happen, we've all bought a winning ticket (conservative 10x for most people there depending on DCA).
  4. Yes it's unfortunate but it would account for XRP's price being suppressed (constant selling). I still believe strongly that XRP's fundamentals are good - ODL is increasing in volume (forget about its lack of impact on price and on perception from future value investors).
  5. Being public funded, it will be obvious that XRP is an asset with a use case and critics of "investors" being lured into false security funding through XRP will fade away. This will give Ripple much more freedom in positioning and active promoting the real value of XRP.
  6. For the attention of the regulators and institutional investors. I think this is a signal that the price of XRP is far too low and needs to rise.
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  8. Especially for issued "assets" the escrow feature would be very useful. For example. Allvor could blackhole the issuing account. Than, the timebased distribution of ALV could be controlled with timebased escrow.
  9. XRP has been used to prop up the company valuation so that shareholders can dump shares at IPO for a huge return on investment. If you want to fight back, dump your XRP and open a short. Its over.
  10. I made a case in the Zerpening of why I am unhappy they are considering an IPO. It boils down to the different motivations of a private company versus a public one. The public one is beholden principally to the profit motive.
  11. I don't get how CBDCs are anything different than the $US dollars that central banks currently hold to control the value of their native currencies. Sure, I can see that it can add stability but that money still needs to be converted back to something usable in the native country.
  12. Why so? I can't make heads or tails of the ipo talk. Would be interested in your thoughts. Feel free to direct me to where I guess you would have answered this already.
  13. Yes I’ve seen that one but I’ve also seen many places spoken and written where he indicated ODL would interest market makers who would then need to buy and hold which would increase demand. I don’t keep a library of quotes ready so I don’t know where or when... but it’s always been canon as far as I was aware that demand increase as volume does. I really should have admitted long before now in this discussion that I’m really just going on the memory of numbers I’ve seen etc... b2b being at least an order of magnitude bigger than remitted for instance. I could be wrong and often am. I do understand your point that while the exchange is busy and successful it will have access to its members XRP to make offers with. And that is probably not illegal... but it seems it should be to me. But I can’t conceive of a situation where vast volumes of XRP trades are happening and that is not a price support. Now add in even an infinitesimal bias to the upside (say for instance a growth in global trade) and the net effect is an uptrend. You look at their big bags and feel that dooms the upside... I look at them and figure that’s the river and that the tide will be increasing. Its very hard to say what really will happen. Up until this IPO talk I was quietly confident. Now I’m ambivalent. As you say so accurately... time will tell. Thanks for the civil discussion and good luck to us all.
  14. Exactly what I was thinking this morn. Ripple has stopped selling but thos giveaways, damn, hope they have such a great impact for good that no giveaway are ever needed again lol
  15. No, I don't think so. I think it'll pump to $5 or $6 and then dump to maybe 50 cents again. Its the same cycle as last time. Except the % gains for the top coins across the board will be lower than last time. The dream of $50 or $100 xrp aren't gonna happen but it will go up with everything else. XRP is just another coin and will behave like one. Its not some super special gem.
  16. XRP should be strong enough yo noh give a sh** about trolls. Trying to silence the idiits would just paint all people with a bearish outlook as the same. If xrp succeeds it should not care about trolls. We are only sensitive to it right now because our performance has been rubbish. Would we care about trolls if we were at 5 dollars. Let them be and let us hope the perfirmance of xrp will the reason they eventually give up.
  17. In a mission to find a solution to the financial issues that have been ranging since 2019 within the Litecoin ecosystem, Charlie Lee has made a significant suggestion for the way out in a series of tweets shared on January 25. In the first tweet, Charlie Lee moved to proffer permanent solution to the financial challenge by suggesting a bailout fundraising. He said the donation should come voluntarily from a portion of the block reward of the mining pools. He tweeted: I think a better way to fund development is mining pools voluntarily donate a portion of the block reward. How about Litecoin pools donate 1% (0.125 LTC) of block rewards to the Litecoin Foundation? If every miner/pool does this, it amounts to about $1.5MM donation per year! Read full : https://azcoinnews.com/charlie-lee-suggested-that-litecoin-pools-to-donate-1-0-125-ltc-or-15mm-per-year-of-block-rewards-to-the-litecoin-foundation.html
  18. I would love to see that quote from DS. I have quoted the tweet previously and am sure you are aware of it in which he specifically states odl does not effect the supply or demand of xrp. If DS did say otherwise I would love to see it and id have to reevaluate my pecissism. Will look into the b2b aspect.
  19. But the fact is that you can’t know how many they hold. Just because they have 900 million XRP doesn’t mean that is their plaything. Even in fractional banking you need reserves. If you are saying there are a lot of XRP out there that’s fine... but if you are saying no one will need to buy more for many years I think you haven’t run the numbers. ODL as remittances is one thing... but as Nicolas from FlashFX says a big component they are growing right now is B2B. The numbers dwarf the reserves on exchanges. Also David has indicated many times... increased ODL usage WILL tend to increase demand. I don’t know what you are reading that says otherwise. But as you say... time will tell.
  20. Essentially the argument being that exchanges hold a shit ton of dormant crypto (including xrp) that could apparently be used for free by an exchange to participate in ODL as a market maker
  21. Both XRP and ETH have suffered from consistent selling, that much is true. Actually ETH's price is suffering more when compared to the 3 month period prior to the last bull run where ETH was around $275 and XRP anywhere between 18c to 24c. ICOs sold off their ETH to pay bills, and XRP's chickens have come home to roost with their giveaways. I still stand by my point though that either the cryptospace is basically withering on the vine, OR there will be another bull run, and XRP will be a part of it - especially given that it is actually being used in business. I know it sounds almost parochial and archaic in this asset class, but there is such a thing as value investors, and when they are alerted by bullish signals in this space, they will seek out fundamentals. XRP is strong on that front, whereas 95% of cryptos are just whitepaper fantasies, of which there is a very very large graveyard of past tokens that have died completely. XRP has a history and exponentially growing utility volume ($5M a day at the moment).
  22. @lysistrada Great reply (top of page 2), thanks for explaining all that. You reminded me of a book about our race's discoveries and inventions over the millennia. In some cases, the innovation was obvious, right under our literal noses !! Like buttons. They were decorative-only at first, made of wood and shells. FOR LIKE 600 YEARS FFS !! You huumons are a funny species
  23. By the number of stocks issued versus the market cap valuation of the company. Both are not absolute and are not finite, way different ball game than most cryptos. Traditional finance should be included in everyone’s portfolio but be careful of another pot stock bubble. The risk vs reward of investing in specific cryptos is not the same as investing in specific stocks.
  24. My argument is you are not appreciating the scale of XRP exchanges hold relative to the amount needed for ODL. Especially as according to DS, ODL does not effect the supply or demand. Anyway, time will tell i hope you are right.
  25. This insight and @Tinyaccount‘s ‘optimistic’ one makes me wonder whether Brad is floating the IPO idea to draw regulators and others Into committing to a position and actions that reflect somewhat more integrity. Currently Ripple’s script is being recited in all sorts of public forums but the company name rarely gets a mention. Meanwhile, XRP is the crypto that no one dare mention. The dance is just getting a bit silly Maybe Brad is just sick of the bullsh!t and has done something designed to focus the minds of the players. As the saying goes, at some point there comes a time to put up or shut up.
  26. That’s what I was trying to get at... when an exchange has a trade where the customer now owns XRP and wants to send it somewhere that XRP is now gone from the exchange. It’s pile has diminished. It’s not the famous horn of plenty... it’s limited and will tend to shrink. So if they want to remain at that same bag size they have to buy more elsewhere.
  27. Sorry was celebrating CNY last night and missed it. If somene withdraws xrp from an exchange, the exchange will send the equivelent amount to the address of the customer. It makes no difference to the exchange how or where it stores this crypto. Think of it like a bank, the fact you have 10 pounds in an account does not mean there is a specific box allocated to you containing 10 pounds. As long as you hold crypto with an exchange, they have perrmission to earn interest on it and now they can even buy and sell to themselves to provide liquidity for odl. Why on Earth, would an exchange that holds billions of xrp, rush out to buy more xrp when it already has access to it? Please answer that?
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