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  2. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    Yes quite possible. But I am just trying to say that it is risky to sell now most of the damage is already done.
  3. Am I missing something ?

    Man this is exactly the response that needs to be given to those who say Ripple is centralized
  4. Perhaps timed for the east coast markets?
  5. Bitstamp Account Account Time

    I submitted mine since December 21! It's in pending status.. Is this even possible?!!
  6. Not only bitcoin. All market is going down. And all good news that supposed to push ripple up, are getting wasted due to the market. Good news are patching, but due to the market it's still bleeding. It's a 'giant' falling down and it might take some more time to get stable
  7. Blockchain or not?

    How do you define blockchain? There is no longest chain in consensus, just the last validated ledger. There is a history though.
  8. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    Q4 might come today? Anyone know wich time of the day they usually announce announcements?
  9. I honestly believe...

  10. Time will tell. One things for sure... this week will be a roller coaster
  11. Add to those some XRapid bank adoptions. Ripple's main focus, I would hope.
  12. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    coinbase, western union, amazon... Just hold at anytime we could see a spike. Bitcoin couldn't hold us down with those announcements.
  13. This sounds very promising for xVia! May not affect XRP investors right away, but more movement in the right direction right @JoelKatz?
  14. cryptocurrency-company-ripple-signs-for-chelsea-office

    They didn't rent the whole building just one tenth of it. About the size of a big 7000 sqf. house. 30 to 50 employees?
  15. When do you guys expect XRP to be decoupled from BTC?

    Or buying might be foolhardy as we on the edge of a cliff possibly taking it down to 0.50?
  16. As long as the market is going down, no news can save it. They are just temporary solutions... We need market to get consolidated but im afraid this will take some time.
  17. Am I missing something ?

    XRP isn't really centralized exactly. Ripple just controls the most trusted validators and has not yet trusted many which they do not control. The reason for this was not regulatory but technical. There are three primary reasons why Ripple did not trust outside validators. First, Ripple was still making major upgrades to the XRP ledger and did not want governance issues. Second, Ripple wanted to retain the ability to implement a quick fix in the case of any security issue or problem. Third, the validators must have a minimum amount of overlap in who they trust. (There must be 80% overlap in the trusted validator list of "UNLs"). For a number of reasons, making sure that a disparate group of people retained this overlap is difficult without publicly identifiable entities running some of the validators. So, more or less, now that the code base is mature and there are publicly known entities running validators further decentralization is safer.
  18. Book me on the same flight!
  19. Nice post!! You beat me too it.
  20. I think they do but they were so overwhelmed and so underprepared for the massive influx of new customers over the last few months they they couldn't cope with a XRP roll out on top I believe they were preparing for it but with the lack of capacity and the damaging press they received from the alleged insider trading BCH rollout scandal they could not do it. I think it will happen within a couple of months. Too much opportunity for them.
  21. Why the IRS fears Bitcoin

    The rich have many ways to avoid taxes not available to the unwashed. However they do pay something.
  22. Excuse my ignorance but I can't work out if the XRP ledger is actually a blockchain. While I understand the consensus validation part it seems that the ledger is more like a shared folder on Google Drive rather than a blockchain. Can someone please enlighten me on this point as my brain is the size of a peanut and I'm 'aving trubble finking.
  23. Ik ook, ik wacht nog steeds.. Zootje, amateurs
  24. If there are no major announcements/news its gonna repeat the fall.
  25. https://fd.nl/beurs/1238039/chinese-overheid-is-enorm-geinteresseerd-in-blockchain
  26. Am I missing something ?

    Marousi, thanks for that.... It was the kinda answer I was searching for. Appreciate the other responses also..
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