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  2. Potential Ripple And Bank of America Partnership Rumors Continue, JP Morgan Involved As Well? News through the grapevine indicates that Ripple could soon collaborate with Bank of America to launch a revolutionary global payment system. Besides Bank of America, JP Morgan could also join the payment system, which could potentially take significant market share from the SWIFT & change the way money is moved globally. https://www.visionary-finance.com/news/Potential-Ripple-And-Bank-of-America-Partnership-Rumors-Continue-JP
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  4. My plan is to buy a new position at 5800$ , I didn't sell at 7400$ and kept all my positions since days . If we go down to the 5800$-6000$ , I'll buy more . The plan is still 9800$ to resell 75% of my stack , we must see those levels soon (2-3 weeks) before going back down
  5. It’s inflation either way because whoever receives your money has the money in their account which effectively puts it into circulation, based on your criteria, because it isn’t going to expire on Sunday. It’s new money that exists either way.
  6. The battle zone is really between 6,7K-6,8K now.
  7. I got in buy support around $6,900. Let's see!
  8. Bank of America's Com is focused on the current turmoil and Covid-19. There won't be any com any time soon about Ripple. It's just not the "relevant" time. Maybe wrong, but my bet.
  9. Well bitcoin is well below the trendline now. Next support is $6,700. I should have waited a few hours to buy, maybe longer.
  10. @Eric123 If we close the day under 6800$ or less I think we ll go down more
  11. 📉 BTC/USD Intraday: The RSI is oversold. The downside prevails as long as 7385 is resistance. Expect 6572 and 6400. 📈 Alternative scenario: The upside breakout of 7385 would call for 7684 and 7862. ⚠️ The RSI is trading below 30. This could mean that either the pair is in a lasting downtrend or just oversold and that therefore a rebound could shape (look for bullish divergence in this case). The MACD is negative and below its signal line. The configuration is negative. Moreover, the pair is trading under both its 20 and 50 MAs (respectively at 7251 and 7284). Finally, the Bitcoin / Dollar has penetrated its lower Bollinger band (7092).
  12. @AlejoMoreno What if the money from Scenerio B can only be spend on hard assets once received? For example you cannot keep that money in circulation, it's money you have to spend on hard assets within a predefined time. Would that eliminate the inflation?
  13. Have you ever invested through Equity Zen? If you have, how is it working with them?
  14. Correct. I am an accredited investor and they alerted me when this was open for investment.
  15. Hi, I have been trying almost a week now to send new issued token called "ANI" from Account to another account but I am not able to send I always get tecPath_Dry. Can some help me to achieve this. below is the scenarios. 1. TestNet Account 1 : rP5LbDLxFHvM4mk7GQQ8zKHoFfk9NWNNee having trust line with new issuer ra5g629Y63LWdeFWX4QJKKZYezeXgixRXT for issued currency say ANI. Balance of rP5LbDLxFHvM4mk7GQQ8zKHoFfk9NWNNee = XRP 1000, ANI - 100. 2. Another Testnet Account 2 : rNtsf11c426ZDfSxBRavAKtsRSKrtLvRgw having trust line with new issuer r96pf7yusARhXcA9ULKVVwsoKJ6CgEGErp for issued currency say ANI. Balance of rNtsf11c426ZDfSxBRavAKtsRSKrtLvRgw = XRP 1000, ANI - 100. I had gone though below documents and links but still I am not able to send. Some one please help me. Or please share me any documents or reference code. 1. https://xrpl.org/issued-currencies-overview.html 2. https://xrpl.org/cross-currency-payments.html 3. https://xrpl.org/offercreate.html 4. https://xrpl.org/trust-lines-and-issuing.html 5. https://xrpl.org/tx-sender.html 6. https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ 7. https://xrpl.org/rippleapi-reference.html#order
  16. Hard to understand “YOUR POINT” when you keep referring to yourself as @SquaryBone but posting as @Dogowner5 How many XRP Chat accounts do you have? Hope you did not learn social media practices from Anthony Weiner.
  17. No, that's the thing: there's no payment routing. You are comparing PC with PC+routing. Payment channels are working on both. LN is working with mixed success but it can improve as well. Volume is not relevant. 1000 payments of 1000$ or 1 of 1million$ are the same volume. Doesn't say anything. Especially not when you do net settlement. But I guess you mean tps. So it can't scale to arbitrarily numbers. Even payment channels can't (They're limited to your hardware). XRPL can scale to 1500tps. I agree Payment channels can get lots higher tps (at the time it was mentioned to be tested up to 50k tps). But I don't believe scaling payment channels is the real technical challenge for any decent project. On-chain scaling is difficult in 3 ways: making it faster, not breaking stuff, keeping the network secure.
  18. As expected the Up Trend Line broke and the Plus Token Trend Line is acting as support. Will this line hold? I think so. I picked up some more Bitcoin just now at $6,900. I think this is just a breather and we rally prior to that halving then we start getting a pullback around two to three weeks before the halving which lasts till a few weeks after the halving. Here is where Bitcoin is and where I think it is heading around the halving. If the Plus Token Trend Line breaks looks like $6,700 will offer some support but based on the way Bitcoin has been trading I think it makes up what happened today tomorrow with a green candle equal to the red one today.
  19. I don’t think you’ve been understanding my point. You made a statement along the lines of XRPL is flawed or inadequate or some such... I can’t be bothered going back. My only point all along was that you were incorrect... it can scale to arbitrarily large payment volumes. Youve also been mentioning other crypto’s... I’m merely talking about XRPL. It was designed specifically for payments. It can handle payments. It will probably evolve and get even better at payments. But your initial statements that it was flawed in some way are incorrect. And btw it works now as opposed to the lightning network you keep mentioning. No I said that you don’t need many interlinks before you have total access. I wasn’t talking about scaling XRPL up. It’s more than adequate now. You seem to think there is some problem with XRPL because it can’t do VISA level scale... it’s not meant to. That volume will be off ledger and netted. Let’s leave this hypothetical because it’s far from reality now... currently there is next to none utilisation although it’s growing. Any scalability issue certainly isn’t going to pop up soon.
  20. That could be a possible scenario. Any blockchain could do that though. You just handle net settlement at certain times and scaled the whole thing down with fewer participants. There's nothing special about XRPL in this setup apart from when the channel closes it's settled quicker. Instead of explaining how XRPL scales up you explained how to scale the amount of participants down. Anyway this is a pointless discussion. My point is XRP is not flawless (each architecture has its own pros and cons) yet people continuously try to prove it is. The future will tell which gets on top. I won't mind admitting I was completely wrong and stupid if it goes to 2000$ EOY 2020. I just try to get a balanced view on it.
  21. Thank you for taking the time to explain. Your proposal still does not work. Your proposal, and food stamps in theory, is just a complicated way to print money. So let's take the expiring account with $5.57. Scenario A = You don't spend that money and then it expires on Sunday. No inflation. Scenario B = You pay me $5.57 for a gallon of milk (expensive I know). Well on Sunday, that money is not going to expire because you used it, and paid me. So effectively on Sunday at 23:59, $5.57 has just been printed and added into the circulating currency because you spent it. Yes in your individual world, you can see it as a decrease but in the net of your and I activities, AKA our economy, $5.57 was just printed when you paid me and thus cancelled it the expiring date. So if this was done on a grand scale and everyone was given these monies that expire on Sunday 23:59 each week, then the amount of currency in circulation will increase every Sunday by the amount of this expiring money that has been spent; because once this expiring money has been spent, then it can no longer expire. P.S. To your original point, yes you can program this digital dollar, but why?
  22. No one would accept this as payment on Sunday, therefore no one would accept it on Saturday, etc. And how could it trade at par with a currency that doesn't disappear?
  23. Right... You have an account, it is represented by a positive number, something like 5.56. Then you have another account, represented by another number, say 5.57. The first account will have a balance of 5.56 USD until you die, the bank fails, or the currency is no longer supported. The second account will be reduced to 0 next monday, so you have until sunday 23:59 to spend the 5.57 of USD_time_limit_Monday. Say you don't spend it, the balance falls to 0. The idea is that you have multiple currencies which trade at par for one another, but some have characteristics which leads them to recirculate very quickly, then disappear. You can't build meaningful structures of debt on top of it, because of its temporal characteristics. People don't save it, because they can't. And any fear you have of permanently distorting the money supply is eliminated, because this currency disappears on a set date (for example). You can imagine an infinite amount of such denominations of money, decreasing with time, decreasing with transaction number, decreasing with whatever, give it a think.
  24. I don’t think you’ve understood what connectivity between payment networks can achieve. If one side is a large network and the other is a large network connected by a payment channel and the netting is bridged between with XRPL transactions then yes, it does allow massive payment throughput. I’m not saying this will happen, I’m only responding to your assertion that the current XRPL is unable to cope with scale. That isn’t so. It depends on who and how the payment channels are set up. Two parties, if each is connected to their own existing network can transact enormous b2b and sme transaction rates coupled by the XRPL. Given a world where more and more countries have efficient internal rails, and the ones that don’t have some Ripplenet enabled nodes, then it doesn’t need as many connectors as you might at first suppose to connect everything. So yes, the XRPL will no doubt evolve, but your assertion that the XRPL cannot in its current form handle high transaction loads is incorrect as I have explained.
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