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  2. “We need to be aware of not over regulating digital assets as we must guard against stifling innovation” is about as much as you’re gonna get I imagine. Sorry I’m immediately cynical when it comes to these things lol.
  3. There is the potential that they both go up but alts go faster than BTC. This would be ideal, however, the MACD and RSI tell a different story. I hope it works out the fun way, but it seems unlikely. I don't own any BTC currently, but I am still cheering for it.
  4. Checking in on XRPBTC... everything looks very bullish on the weekly. Still oversold on the RSI, MACD cross bullish and continues to separate. Nothing else to say, really, it just looks good.
  5. I wonder why are you so sure it will go down and not go up with all the alts? I appreciate your answers and knowledge.
  6. wow .... what a similarity to the current btc chart. Awesome. thank you
  7. Speaking of BTC, the waiting game continues. Still in the big triangle, MACD just crossed bearish on the daily a few days ago. Weekly looks even worse. This triangle has its apex in early October, so we should have a break out in the next few weeks. Fundamentals can always override technicals (like if Bakkt induces some type of speculative mania - which I highly doubt) but otherwise it looks like BTC is set for a fall.
  8. Had to run that one through Google translate but it sounds like the question was what BTC was doing in May when XRP had a little pump? It was steadily climbing as well, having woken up in April or so.
  9. Hola Molten, antes que nada, ¡gracias por la excelente información y los gráficos que son increíbles! por otro lado ... Tengo una pregunta ........ en mayo de 2017 cuando xrp it shot, btc ¿qué estaba haciendo? estaba atrapado? ¿subiendo? ¿de corrección? un fuerte abrazo. saludos y hodl
  10. Today
  11. It was this quote that raised my eyebrows: The SEC is currently in the midst of a consultation on a concept release regarding regulatory harmonization. The deadline on the concept release is the same day as the Committee hearing, September 24th. Kind of sounds like they are releasing guidance, no?
  12. I don't think Bakkt will make a material impact on Monday, as the demand for futures just isn't that high right now in comparison to trading volume. So it will be purely a speculative reaction, if any at all, and I kind of expect that whatever that is has already been priced in. So I'm kind of the mind that nothing in particular will happen to BTC as it relates to Bakkt, but who knows?
  13. Yes, i do not think it is a coincidence that Bakkt opens up. We either get a sell the news kind of reaction or a nice bullish impulse. I honestly have no idea what to expect, but BTC will be a very important indicator Monday.
  14. Agree. The suspense is irritating. I agree with @Eric123, something is about to happen. I think we would have already seen a big move if this wasn't a weekend. Perhaps this will stretch out to Monday.
  15. More probable that we get some old people talking about funding terrorists and bigging up the US dollar.
  16. Let’s hope for a move upwards. The market seems Very undecisive at this point.
  17. Strike 2. Last adjustment to the triangle/pennant taking the new price action in. It literally can't be pushed out any more without invalidating the pattern. Apex at around 9:45 pm EST. Something has to break here!!
  18. Great write up as always. What's interesting is that I forsee this metric no longer being an economic indicator (at the very least a major one) in the future. In North America (especially in HCOL areas), many people are either selling their homes, leaving their home (foregoing rent), and buying vans / RV's to live in full-time. The trend of paring down is definitely "hot" right now, but many are having to do it out of necessity, or they're financially pushed to the point of "enough" in regards to paying 50%+ of their take home pay on rent. Many people are definitely opting out of traditional paradigms to reclaim their lives, which is great.
  19. The issue is not whether Ripple makes an effort. I have no doubt that they make best efforts to grow their company, and their technology could save companies money. Also, I am aware that "Rome was not built in a day". But, the issue is the mechnism under which Ripple as a digital currency operate under what we call exchanges. So here is the real question for me is this: Can Ripple value increase under the listings of what we call "exchnages"? What I read from the Ripple report is that their digital asset XRP (although necessary for their operation) has a seperate life of the Ripple operation. Again, XRP Is used, but it does not have to rise in price, and they "Ripple" have the right to continues selling it that way.
  20. On an separate but related note, ETH looks like a strong buy here. Up against the resistance line but the weekly is oversold and trending to cross bullish, same as XRP, but I would say the chart looks a little more robust with its longer up trend.
  21. "It’s hard to know how a court will rule until we see the response to this motion, but so far Ripple has done pretty well — keeping the case in federal court was slick, procedurally. And whether you are or are not an XRP fan, this motion makes a number of credible substantive arguments that will require skill to defeat. An outright loss for the plaintiffs isn’t out of the realm of possibility, particularly on the federal securities claims." https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/40548/ripple-moves-to-dismiss-class-action-complaint-says-claims-are-time-barred
  22. Sure, I absolutely purchased XRP with the expectation of profit. But Ripple has a fantastic and correct argument that they never directly suggested this. All they have been vocal about over the years is driving utility using XRP (because its the obvious choice due to technical superiority but not the ONLY choice). You and I put 2 and 2 together and speculated that all this utility will result in the price going up. The fact that this was done indirectly is precisely my point. Brad can say over and over again on CNBC that the utility of any asset is what will drive long-term value and I'm betting he's correct.
  23. When you walk into a business and purchase goods and services, you do not have expectations of making revenue from these goods and services. Going back to your McDonald's: When you buy a hamburger, you do not expect to earn revenue from the price of Cattle. When you walk into a car dealer and buy a car, you do not expect the value of the vehicle to go up for speculation, and it has a utility (it drives). When you buy a piece of wood for a shelf in Home Depot, you do not expect lumber to go up, and when you buy a TV, you do not expect Plasma prices to go up. When people bought XRP, since they can't eat it, drive it, or hang it on the all, what was the expectation? This a moral and ethical issue, not a security versus non-security issue. The SEC is not an ethics committee, but they have the right to ask "what was the expectations" and that I would leave to the legal profession.
  24. You've been around long enough to know damn well its far more nuanced than that. Ripple INDIRECTLY positively influences mine and your speculative move into XRP through its strategic investments with XRP. When Ripple hires the top resources in their respective fields with the proceeds of XRP I see a very high likelihood of that resulting in a positive long-term effect on XRP. Maybe we disagree on that point? I personally feel that Ripple will do everything they can to drive the successful adoption and global utility of XRP for every possible use-case. What does that mean for the price of XRP? I'm speculating it will increase substantially- but far from overnight. My timeline for a successful partial exit is end of 2024. The internet of value doesn't exist without a digital asset and it seems to me that XRP is still the best choice to fill that necessary position. I think Praxxis will be something to watch but its still a long ways out from what I can tell.
  25. I've learned my lesson and not going to call a break out but interesting that we flipped above the top line and it is now acting as support. This triangle/pennant is behaving strangely....
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