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A crypto club for paddys (or anyone who identifies as one)
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  2. Thailand is trading XRP. Wanna join us? https://paulonlinesuccess.com/products I charge only 1 x XRP to access the platform. Are you ready to create more business opportunities in other countries? Now. it is your turn!
  3. I’m not the only one left standing HOORAHHHHH
  4. Am I the only paddy left standing????? I surely hope not **** the Queen, XRP to the moon and @Heisenberg if you’re still around mon the town
  5. Irish in oz... if there is a meetup let me know.
  6. Well lads, sorry just noticed the Irish group on here. Don't be fooled by the Pablo, I'm as Irish as they come. Being from the west and having spent many years in Dublin, I can' argue with Niall's suggestion for your trip to Ireland. Dublin is a great city to visit but a few nights is plenty. If you had the time to continue on the Wild Atlantic Way - Mayo, Sligo and Donegal are also beautiful. Enjoy your visit.
  7. Sorry just see this now, @Mercury hopefully you get the weather. I am in the Dundalk area, so if you are in the area let me know. Would love to meet some fellow XRP followers.
  8. irish coin up 1400 % in a week , what the f****
  9. If you're here for that long, I'd recommend renting a car and drive to Cork, and from there follow the Wild Atlantic Way route through west cork, Kerry, Clare and up to Galway, or further. You would probably spend 4/5 nights or so doing this, and you'll see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, exploring the west coast of Ireland. I wouldn't spend too much time in Dublin, 3/4 nights at the most, but you'll get to see all the sights. Guinness Storehouse, Jameson Distillery, kilmainham Jail, and Trinity College are some of the main tourist attractions in the city. There's not really that much I can think of that you should avoid. Ireland is a very welcoming country and we don't really have many tourist traps etc. While it is quiet expensive here, particularly in Dublin, that's the only negative I've ever really heard from tourists. The temple bar area of Dublin has lots of pubs and bars however it is also the most expensive place in Dublin for drinks etc. It's still worth a visit, but you'll more than likely find yourself surrounded by thousands of other tourists looking for an authentic irish experience. You'll find that on the wild Atlantic way, passing through small Irish villages that haven't changed for decades. I'm a taxi driver in Dublin, so if you need a taxi or want a personalised tour of the city, let me know closer to the time. And if you avail of my services, I accept xrp as payment!
  10. Just doing a quick raid of the club- I am vacationing in Dublin next summer (early July) and was wondering if there are any suggestions and tips of things to do, visit or avoid? Will be there for 9-11 days or so
  11. Not really, xrpchat.com is the best forum type place I've found. There is occasional talk of mooning but overall there's a net benefit to visiting the site. As oppose to reddit which is 90% trash. Hodors blog is good too and stays on topic but you probably already know of it.
  12. Hey folks. been coming to this site for the last 5\6 months and only joined due to the changing of one of the forums to a Club a while back (from Tyrone by the way). Kinda getting scunnered with it though, having to wade through a lot of the rubbish that gets posted\re-posted. Granted, there are a lot of smart cookies here, (most of whom who's posts and opinions I love reading), and a lot of Info to be had at times, but are there any places where topics are discussed without talk of Moon Buggies for example ? Apologies in advance if I have offended anyone. Cheers in advance guys Pete
  13. I never thought of a separate clean bank account for crypto. Although they typically want statements of all bank accounts so not sure how I could hide it, bar lodging in cash to the crypto account. Let's hope we get more interest, or even a chance to increase our stacks.
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    @Heisenberg, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'm not sure how Irish banks view crypto, most probably don't have a policy yet, although I know some American banks have been closing accounts once they see funds going to crypto exchanges, so best to be on the safe side. I personally use a dedicated bank account for crypto and a regular "clean" account for everything else. Yeah, it would be great if we had some more interest and established a pool at some stage. Best of luck with the house purchase!
  15. @Niall just seeing this post now. Yes I invested in some, however its only a quarter of your stack. I would be purchasing more, however am in the process of trying to buy a house, so not much free capital. Plus I do not want to run the risks of banks refusing my application, due to excessive "gambling" on crypto. If others are interested however, I would be up for pooling our resources.
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    If anyone in the Irish brigade is invested in OMG (if you're not, you should definitely look them up), I've got a relatively small stack (123 tokens to be precise). When proof of stake starts in 2018, you will be able to use your tokens on the OmiseGO blockchain and earn fees for verifying transactions. Essentially your tokens will be working as miners while appreciating in value. As far as I'm aware, you will need to stake a minimum of 1,000 tokens which is a pretty large chunk of cash at today's prices (about €7,000). I don't expect prices to come down from where they are now, in fact there's a good chance they may be in for 100x increase in the near future. Im not going to increase my own stack to over 1,000 so I was going to see if there was any interest in maybe combining tokens with other investors and establishing an OMG pool. Ideally we meet up in person to establish trust and planning etc. It wouldn't be starting until sometime next year and as of now, nobody really knows what the fees earned might be but it could be huge.. Either way, OMG is definitely worth an investment even if you're not interested in staking.
  17. Yeah, I've looked into options of converting it to goods in the past, pretty doable. Thanks though for all of the details..!
  18. My understanding is that if you use it as a currency to buy stuff, then there's not tax liability. However, if you convert it to fiat, you didn't really hold it as currency, more as a digital asset, and assets are liable for capital gains. To be honest, if you wanted to get around all of this, you could get yourself a Ten X card or start withdrawing cash from a Bitcoin Atm. There wouldn't be any paper trail as such but if you made loads of money and we're making big purchases, you might draw the attention of revenue. You're then open to fines etc, so prob just better to declare it and pay the tax on it. As far as I know, you pay your tax around October time for the previous year. So let's say you made a lot of money and cashed out in January of 2018, the tax wouldn't be due until October of 2019. I'm self employed and this is how it works for my income tax. I could be completely wrong on this, so please do your own research!
  19. Hi everyone. I'm 100% Irish, Dublin, Software Security. One by one I'm educating my friends about Ripple - not so they invest but just to nudge it fractionally closer to mainstream. Looking forward to the end of 2017 w.r.t. XRP. Here's to the future!
  20. Damn, I read somewhere that crypto was treated as a currency and as such, no need to pay tax on gains.
  21. It's capital gains tax, as long as you're not trading for a living you wouldn't have to pay income tax. There's info on citizens information about capital gains tax. I think it's 33% or so, but your first 1200 or something is tax free
  22. Can anyone confirm it's capital gains that's due on profits and not income tax? Assuming we'll all good tax paying citizens
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    Irish adaption

    http://m.independent.ie/business/technology/bitcoins-exploding-value-whats-it-all-about-should-i-invest-and-is-it-just-a-bubble-36042729.html Article about bitcoin in Irish independent today. Looks like it was written by someone who spent no more than 10 minutes researching bitcoin. "By downloading a coin based app you can buy bitcoin"... She must have heard coinbase somewhere yet didn't even bother to research what it is. "The transaction must carry the digital signature of every bitcoin owner"..... what the hell does that mean? I'm a bitcoin owner, I didn't realise I have a digital version of my signature. no mention of a wallet, she calls it "a bitcoin app". This is extremely poor journalism and for the average joe, it will probably only alienate and confuse them about cryptos. It looks like Ireland still has a very long way to go before we see even minor adaption.

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