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A club for discussing DeFi. CeFi discussion accepted. Anything that's not so much about buying low and selling high, but looking for ways to earn yield on your investments.
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  2. Sorry guys ... any efforts with LUNA at this point are akin to bailing water out of the Titanic .. today. Got a supply of over 6 trillion now :-S Highly radioactive.
  3. @Julian_Williams hope you describe @BillyOckham in his english the irony he so badly missed, again.
  4. Now need to call mouse, bullion and guy that puts buttface avatar for to help billy to bash nuke 🥺
  5. I am not a doctor to solve your personal mental issues with me 🤣 But there is a button that can make you into comfort echochamber called: Block him. Buying now Luna is either a joke to have a fun or you are just too stupid and money should be taken away from you for your own good. I hust hope you missed that it was 40$ Anyway, not my problem 🤣🤣🤣
  6. And yet you wonder why people think you are a troll and not a nice person? And complain about how people pick on you for “merely not being positive enough”. This type of crowing from a troll turns my stomach.
  7. Congratulations now it worth 0.4c 🤣👍
  8. I did not have any LUNA, but I was exposed to UST ... for the sake of earning "interest". With little hope of recovering the full UST value, I just swapped them all for a butt-load of LUNA at sub $0.01 and will forget about it ... considering it all lost ... So, if a LUNA recovery to just 2 cents happens, I'll be in a great spot :-D
  9. Did LUNA investors on this thread get out before it went pear-shaped?
  10. As others have said elsewhere…. not your fault mate. Adults make their own choices. No sensible person holds you even slightly responsible for their own actions. Keep sharing things as you see them, you are a smart person and have helped many. Be a shame if you stopped because one thing went bad. But maybe consider doing a token gesture like refunding all losses to just one person (me!)?
  11. Holy crap guys. I'm so sorry for shilling TIME.
  12. no problem, i have also just started to deal with it. i find the topic quite exciting and will report when i have learned more.
  13. Oh, hey I just saw this. I'm not. I heard a TerraBites Podcast about them. They're on my list of things to get into one day, I'm just not there yet.
  14. @brianwaldenI seem to remember that you last wrote about scrt. I'm reading up a bit and wanted to ask you if you are already active in the protocol?
  15. @djdhrubs's strategy of selling a quarter of his OHM every few months inspired me to come up with my own strategy. Compounding is kind of like the opposite of a radioactive half life. If the rate stays constant, one you figure out how long it takes for your funds to double, they'll keep doubling at that same rate. So I like to think in terms of these doubling cycles. My plan is simple, every time my staked funds double, I'm going to sell 10%. One optional beginning is the first time they double, take out your original principle to make sure you won't lose anything, then start the 10% strategy from there. So if I start with 1 unit, when I have 2 units I'm going to sell 0.2. If you want to save up to 2.2 units before you sell the 0.2, that's fine. Then when it doubles again to 4 units, you sell 0.4. When you have 8 units you sell 0.8. at 16, sell 1.6. And so on. You can base this either on your number of staked coins or your overall dollar value. It's not a science, more of a guideline that you can adjust to fit your needs.
  16. Oh, I think I know what happened. On EVM-based blockchains the first time a Smart contract interacts with a coin in your wallet you need to give them permission first. The first transaction was actually just you giving them the approval to allow transactions between the smart contract and your wallet. You had to do the second transaction to actually stake it. Luckily this is only a one time thing, you won't have to do it again. It's all very confusing.
  17. When you stake, you earn more MEMO every 8ish hours. When you unstake, MEMO get converted 1 to 1 back to TIME.
  18. Actually it looks as if I wasn’t staking time, don’t think I had enough Avax for the gas the first time but I am now, and now that I am I’m guessing that it’s the memo that the compounding is applied against as your time is effectively converted to MEMO once it’s staked
  19. Hi @brianwalden im now staking time do you need to unstake regularly to get the MEMO converted to time? otherwise how do you benefit from the compounding effect, unless are they also staking the MEMO once it’s generated?
  20. https://www.okex.com/academy/en/olympusdao-protocol-owned-liquidity-defi-reserve-currency-ohm Worth the read IMHO, explains many questions I had. For example treasury management and how treasury actually turns profit from minting assets.
  21. https://docs.wonderland.money/partnerships/abracadabra Sounds like a great idea! Leverage FTW!
  22. I bought some TIME 😎 Let's see how this lotto ticket plays out 😜
  23. Protocols owning their own liquidity and earning fees from all transactions, does make a lot of sense to justify where the rewards are actually coming from. I did read the FAQ from OlympusDAO: https://docs.olympusdao.finance/main/basics/basics And in some strange way, it is starting to make sense 🤔 Brainwash complete? 😂
  24. Competition is good. I just came across this article that's explains a little bit of what the Olympus model accomplishes from a developer's perspective: https://www.loop.markets/farming-re-imagined-loop-nft-lp-bond-marketplace/ I don't know if this makes things more or less confusing.
  25. Thats interesting, OlympusDAO team is looking for official fork into AVAX. Isn't that quite strange considering AVAX already has Wonderland that is sponsored by the same people behind MIM/Acrabadabra? Competition ahead?
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