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This is a club for discussion of anything and everything related to the Flare Network, including Flare Finance, F-Assets, Gala Games, NFTs, airdrops, etc.
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  2. I believe brian's comment above would have cleared this up, but a fairly easy to understand analogy is as follows: Your house has a front and back door, both are completely separate and unique doors, however access is granted via the same key. Flare uses the same cryptography to generate keypairs as Eth, so your private/secret key for Eth will generate the same public address on the Flare network as it does on the Eth network.
  3. It sounds like you're looking to move your funds from your old ledger to your new ledger, right? I've never used a Ledger, can you get the secret key for your XRP wallet from the ledger? If you can, you can use XUMM to import your wallet from your old ledger and use that to claim your FLR. You can keep your XRP wherever you want, you just need to be able to sign a transaction using the wallet that had them for the snapshot.
  4. I had my XRP on my Ledger Nano S at the time of the snapshot. The Ledger Nano S is from 2017 and has old firmware. As I understand it, I have to update my Ledger Nano S in order to claim my Flare tokens with the XRP Toolkit (I have connection problems). I'm not doing this since I lost the passphrase of this particular Ledger Nano S. I recently bought a new Ledger Nano S because of the increase in XRP price and value of my stack. This new Ledger Nano S is still empty. Can I claim the Flare Tokens with the new Ledger Nano S by transferring my XRP to this ledger? Or can I claim the Flare tok
  5. No there's no different way to write the numbers. Don't worry!
  6. My friends, I have a quick and maybe silly question! When I need to change my Ethereum address to Flare address, and it says, use all caps, do i apply all caps to letters only, or i need to use all caps for numbers too, if such thing exists?! (am i overthinking this?!) But any case, thanks for an answer!
  7. Yes. If and when the Flare Network gets successful. Although there are number of contingencies, one of my favorite part is Hugo's background. Unlike most of founders, he was a 'commodity derivatives portfolio manager at two $1bn+ funds'. One thing for sure is I'm still scratching my head to understand how crypto works and make money
  8. I agree. If the Flare Network is successful, its token will be worth more than XRP. It's got to support all those F-assets. But I still can't fathom it being worth more than a few cents on day one. Maybe I'm too old for this and crypto works different today.
  9. I would expect the value of FLR will be greater than XRP
  10. I agree that FLR is more of a competition to ETH and ADA, but in terms of supply it is the same as XRP so that's why I was comparing it. Also re: taxes, some people are pretty adamant that the airdrop has zero value from the beginning and therefore is not taxable. Not sure if that's true of just the first 15% drop or it's true of each drop.
  11. Agree that there’s going to be an inevitable dump on day 1/2 and every month with the airdrop. A brilliant move by Flare is the distributed airdrops - even if it is a huge pain for US tax payers. On day 1, available FLR is some 6.75B (15% of 45B) with liquidity slowly added over time. At 10 cents, that’s a market cap of 675M, which is respectable. But if Ripple’s lawsuit is close to a positive conclusion, it would have room to grow. FLR overtaking XRP price is possible of course, but I think FLR will be seen as a competitor to ETH, ADA etc, and market cap might come at the expense o
  12. Now that more people are paying attention to the XRP price, the FLR price is also turning more heads. As expected when XRP ran up the FLR/XRP price fell, although it didn't fall as much as I was hoping. Still, from a high of 4.3XRP down to 0.83 is a decent fall. If/when XRP continues to go I am expecting it to fall further. There's absolutely no reason why FLR should keep pace with XRP before the network is even live. I mean there's irrational markets and then there's irrational markets. FLRUSD also fell but was held above a dollar, which surprised and disappointed me because I want
  13. Thanks mate, I’ve joined the discord. I’ll stop bothering you with questions now
  14. G'day Seoulite, it's my morning here in California; it's 2AM in Tokyo. Here's what I know so far today... In the FF Discord, under "announcements," is the msg: FlareNetworks is undergoing a system upgrade... Team is working round the clock. Public Beta will resume contest soon! ( and this link to their Twitter... ) https://twitter.com/DeepSpaceFlare/status/1381499761807646722
  15. The price seems too high to be real, but no one really knows. I know I'm not buying IOUs at that price (but I'm happy with the bag that's coming to me). I think you can make the argument that the first airdrop has no value as there's no market yet. I have no idea whether or not the IRS will buy that argument. Each month after that will have a value and count as income.
  16. hi everyone, I need a little help here. Sorry to bump the thread. FLR tokens are trading over 1.70USD on bitrue. Is that price real? Say that the network launches in June and we get our 15 percent FLR allocation and that the price is say 2 dollars. Do we pay taxes on the 2 dollar price? What happens if it decreases in price after we get the FLR tokens? I'm so confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the US.
  17. @JASCoder trying to join the beta but it says the RPC URL is not correct. On that document you linked it says the URL is going to change but it doesn't tell you what it's changing to....
  18. Don't worry you're not late, you're early! No the tokens do not exist. Bitrue and Poloniex are only trading IOUs which will be changed for the real deal at launch. Anyone else claiming to have them is lying.
  19. Oh I see, I must have missunderstood it then. So no one has yet to receive any then. Great, then I don't have to feel like I'm late to the party
  20. Hmm I don't recall them ever saying that. The first 15% is distributed on day one of the network launch.
  21. So basically no one has yet to receive any Spark tokens despite it was said earlier that the first 15% would be distributed in December already (or something like that , a few months ago) ?
  22. From the Medium site at link Friend Fred provided ^^ :
  23. I'm planning to join in this time, but won't be able to set it up until this evening. How long is it running for?
  24. Launch update: Officially the flood gates were opened at PST 12 noon, and things are off to a bit of a rocky start, again heh. For now, the faucets are swamped, and the general chat is generally salty... So, when the going gets tough, the tough go get lunch. ( I'll update after I have succeeded in acquiring my starting juice )
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