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This is a club for discussion of anything and everything related to the Flare Network, including Flare Finance, F-Assets, Gala Games, NFTs, airdrops, etc.
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  2. Update on current ratio: 1 FLR = 2.14 SGB Still 31 more monthly FLR drops to go.
  3. I dumped all my FLR and remaining SGB a while ago - currently complete vaporware with an incredible inflation rate. I'll check back in on Flare three or so years.
  4. Aaaargghhh - I meant $0.04 not $0.4 - so sorry. I didn't get mine the "night before" like the insiders did and wasn't able to sell until after the massive drop after the initial airdrop. And yes to everything else you said. I assessed the project, decided it was not well run/managed etc and swapped my entire FLR for XRP on Jan 10th? - so I must also factor in the price appreciation of xrp since then (was ~0.35, now ~0.49) as well as the FLR droppage. I was really just curious if the price dropping of FLR since then was in line with the amount of tokens being released, or faster/slower dropping than releasing ...
  5. Today's price is not 0.15. It's 0.015. If you had 100 FLR on day 1 that you sold at $0.4 (and got $40), you could buy 2,666 FLR at today's price with the same $40. Compare these 2,566 extra FLR to getting 10 or even 20 FLR per month for like what? 3 months...? It was not "an OK decision". It was a great decision. Getting out of this sh*t show when you did does not even begin to compare with the airdrops you missed out on. Oh and don't buy that sh*t if you value fundamentals. The FLR leadership team is utter sh*t. I always felt they were hyped since the beginning (Hugo & co's CV on LinkedIn was not at all remarkable - they deleted them now). Today, in hindsight, they clearly lack the caliber to run successfully a project like this. The price is not done tanking, imho. If you want to buy a sh*tcoin in the hope for a big ticket, sure go ahead. Fundamentals mean almost nothing in crypto. Your odds of getting a nice paycheck with FLR are probably a little bit better than a lottery ticket. But hey. I am not complaining. It is free money we got out of that thing, so... I am a bit cynical, but grateful too.
  6. Question about FLR selling tactics. I dumped my FLR on day 1 when the price was around ~0.4 - today, I see it is around 0.15 - so it feels like it may have been an ok decision - however, I only got 15% of my "original allocation" (as it would have been had the rules not been changed) - How much of your FLR have people now received and would it have actually been better to hold on to it? (i.e. do you all now have 3x as much FLR). Is the rate of depreciation of value smaller than the rate of drop of value? Has anyone done any sums or comparisons of selling gradually vs holding all vs dumping on day 1? (just curious to know if I made a bad call - or not)
  7. I have no knowledge of any of this since I don’t frequent those chats…. but just reading that post and the initial post that he was perma-banned for… holy crap. That Tom fella must be a thin-skinned toxic piece of work. Pity the whole crypto ecosystem has so many folk like that. There are times I wonder if our society has any chance at all of surviving its own base instincts.
  8. It seems the infamous Tom T is still getting friends every day. One of the worst decisions by Hugo is to have that guy managing the social media of Flare, is af they don't want to onboard any user at all to the network. Should have been fired like a year ago already.
  9. The Flare Discord server has been compromised. In the Announcement section there's a link for a 7.5M Flare airdrop May 31 - June 2. Total scam, do not connect your wallet! See the Telegram channel if you want confirmation.
  10. Flare Finance is now Enosys. They apparently got a deal to develop the F-Assets for Flare and they discarded or paused the planned airdrops. You can find more about them here: Website: https://enosys.global/ Whitepaper: https://flrfinance.notion.site/Whitepaper-bd6e75b6d6c6496abed3ad47451d5bdc User Guides: https://help.flr.finance/flarefinance/ Twitter: Medium: https://enosys.medium.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/enosys Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Enosys Github: https://github.com/flrfinance YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@FlareFinance Telegram: https://t.me/enosys_global LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/enosys-global/ FlareMetrics/DeFiOracles https://flaremetrics.io/ftso/provider/defi-oracles Uptime Monitor: https://health.flr.finance/
  11. The actual collusion is Hugo's friends. So basically any FTSO that doesn't want to be doxxed and act independently could be "chilled" and banned by the GESTAPO FTSO Managament Group.
  12. List of current FTSO chill proposals for Flare and Songbird A heads up - some of you may wish to change your delegations, as it seems that all proposals will pass. In fact, I can't see why any member of the FTSO Management Group would ever vote against any proposal, simply because they're getting rid of competitors, whether they be dishonest or otherwise.
  13. What happened to all other airdrops (Flare finance or wtv it was) that had to happen right after FLR?
  14. I haven’t done any mafs on it but don’t forget that you are getting a smaller percentage of a larger amount. It’s not as straightforward as it might look. I think it’s likely that in the end we get more than we would have. But it’s irrelevant anyway because what happens with the price swamps any effect of distribution changes. So far, to me, it looks pretty good.
  15. This month I got 14.5% of my WFLR holding. Quite a drop from the previous month. And with the Coinbase distribution factored into next month, it'll go much lower, I guess. Looks like in 3 years' time we'll be unlikely to get near the 1:1 ratio of XRP held at the snapshot back in 2020.
  16. Has anyone noticed this? I just logged in today for some tax stuff and noticed that there was some FLR sitting in my account (albeit I couldn't trade it in my region). Does anyone know when they finally sent it?
  17. I could be wrong but I thought you had two or three months to claim that distribution…. perhaps try it? Yes exactly so. No that’s not correct. Firstly the amount is distributed according to some algorithm I can’t recall exactly but it won’t be those exact percentages. It partially depends on how many people are claiming for example. Also it is not granted because you are ‘connected’ to Flareportal. It’s based purely on the amount of WFlare in an address. I don’t have experience using MetaMask and the portal because I use Bifrost Wallet. But irrespective of how it’s accessed, the distribution is based on WFlare in an address over three snapshots semi-randomly done through the month. I am not an expert but hope that helps a bit.
  18. To start off, I'm overwhelmed by all of the guides and instructions out there. I've got some XRP at the Dec 2020 snapshot. In April 2021 I setup my Gatehub wallet to receive FLR. After 2 years away from crypto, I come back, checking Gatehub I saw on Jan 9 2023 I received the 15% distribution. I searched the internet and here's what I've found and done: - Gatehub won't support additional distribution, they said users should send FLR to a supported wallet to claim the rest. - portal.flare.network seems to be where I should be. I read the instruction, created a metamask wallet, enabled the FLR mainnet there, then connected the wallet to flare portal - Then I sent my FLR from Gatehub to metamask, then on flare portal I wrapped my FLR and delegated them to 2 FTSOs A few questions? - Am I good now? Did I miss something? - According to the Flaredrop distribution dates, is it correct that I've missed the March 17 2023 distribution for good? - It seems now I will receive addtional FLR based on how much WFLR I have. Like, the system won't care how much XRP I have at the snapshot, now I can even buy more FLR and wrap them. I will receive 2.36%/15% monthly of whatever amount of WFLR I have connected to flareportal. Are these all correct? Thanks in advance.
  19. I don't think the comment is fair. While it is true the SEC tries to act like they have a worldwide jurisdction in basically any area, Do Kwon was charged for fraud by class actions both in South Korea and the U.S. Actually maybe the SEC joined too just to save face after the damage was done.
  20. He should have 'come in and talk to us' with GG at the SEC. Just bend the knee, point the finger at SBF, and get a small fine or reduced sentence.
  21. 67 days after the monthly drop, according to Tim Rowley, that's 90 days after the start of the snapshots window.
  22. Police in Montenegro say they have arrested a man who they believe is the fugitive crypto mogul Do Kwon. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-65058533
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