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Hi, I'm Bob! I'd like to write a book. The topic is, "Ripple, XRP, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Future of Money." Notice how I got all the good buzzwords in the title? That's so it's good for search engine optimization! Unfortunately, that's all I have. Worse, I'm not a writer by trade so the process is painful for me. So I need your help. The only way to write a compelling book is to focus on important concepts that people don't already understand. In contrast to re-hashing concepts people (like you) who are already compelled to study the space already know. But of course, I don't know the difference. So you are here to help me. (See what I did there? You thought I was here to help you!) I'm here to get all the compelling bits written down coherently... well, compelling in my mind. Of course the explanations will suck at first. At least from professional writing standards. So I'll re-write them over and over again until y'all say. Enough! We get it already! My 5 year old gets it! Enough already! Then I'll know that my job is done.  It may or may not end up as a paper book. Maybe an eBook, a blog, or a video series. We'll see how it goes. And if you help, you'll get to see it first!

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  2. Oh, as a side note, it's obvious to me that Bob is BG123 and David Schwartz is Satoshi Nakamoto. You can tell from the eyes
  3. Hi dr_ed, thank you for your consideration and please please excuse my belated reply. For some reason I didn't get a notification email. It must be my bad English (i'm not a native speaker and I don't live in an English speaking country), but what I wanted to say is that the analysts seemed to have agreed at the time that the G20 leaders' position was that while "crypto-assets" do not pose a global financial stability risk, vigilance is warranted and the G20 leaders are encouraged to monitor the potential risks and assess international responses as needed. To be honest, I don't have a strong opinion on that, but I tend to believe that the future will be CBDCs + supplementary non-sovereign, not competing with each other. At least for the next decades. Regarding commercial bank credit creation, I totally agree. While the point behind it is valid - few clerks in the capital can't possibly know how much money and in what conditions an individual or a small provincial company needs, and that the best measurement can only come from its own commercial bank, it went so horribly wrong that now we can see the world's financial elite fearing the consequences of blatant inequality. That's why I believe CBs are racing for CBDCs, because that would allow targeting inequality and capital allocation ineffciencies, and what I get from the BIS director's conferences on YouTube is a "hold your horses" message to CB governors. He is literally saying don't rush it, please. And when it comes to an American reserve currency and the weakening USD... check out the DXY, it doesn't look like losing breath to me... the world really runs on USD and you can't change that in a few years. Also, might worth something comparing the historical monthly DXY and monthly DA market, in particular the 2017-2018 bull run. However, I do believe that the US government has an extraordinary interest in Ripple taking over SWIFT using XRP, because if it comes to it, it can paralyze a country, while now it has huge problems in kicking Iran out of SWIFT. I need to study VeChain and Factom in detail, I can't give you an answer right now.
  4. I know that some form of a hidden ledger theory was previously known to the community and many people told me it was debunked. I have an alternative theory and it would be appreciated if you @BobWay could have a read and let me know if it makes sense or if it's not possible/feasible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How Ripple can create (or possibly already have created) a hidden ledger, and subsequently turn the switch on to redirect the volume to the public ledger. Step 1 - Create another copy of XRP Ledger Test Net, henceforth referred to as 'Hidden Ledger' Current Test Net address: https://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51234 Example Hidden Ledger address: https://s.altnet.xrphiddenledger.net:51234 (just an example to illustrate my point - no dns entry for this actually exists) Step 2 - Make a educated guess about the total circulating supply of XRP: - Take total 99.xx billion supply - Deduct escrowed XRPs - Deduct sum of XRPs in wallets that have been reasonably dormant (e.g. 80%+ of wallet balance not traded) for the last 1 year or longer Step 3 - In the Hidden Ledger, limit the total number of XRPs to the total circulating supply of XRP from Step 2 above, in order to reasonably simulate the short-term real-world XRP supply and price dynamics. Step 4 – Mimick the total number of UNLs to the current number in the public XRP Ledger by launching additional computer instances in the cloud that are accessible only by Ripple. Configure these servers as close to real-world as possible. Step 5 - Provide the Hidden Ledger address from Step 1 to all the current and prospective partners (including NDA partners), and provide them instructions on how to direct daily transactional volumes to this Hidden Ledger for testing. Step 6 (continued) Such information may contain API related details such as the Websocket Server address, format of the JSON message (e.g. {wallet address: '', transaction type: '', etc}, and API function names to send transactions to the Hidden Ledger Step 7 – Ensure that access to the Hidden Ledger is confined to these institutions only by making use of firewall / security groups and network access control lists (NACLs) that only allow specific IP addresses to connect. Step 8 – Set up stress test by requesting all participants to direct ALL volumes to Hidden Ledger over 24-48 hours. e.g. DTCC, CLS, ACI, TARGET2, as well as central banks, R3 and Hyperledger. Combined volumes may potentially be in the order of USD 20+ trillion PER DAY. Step 9 - Stress test the Hidden Ledger environment throughput (max 1500 TPS) and observe the impact on the XRP price when the volume is at its peak. Step 10 – Tweak the price of XRP (e.g. $500 - $1500) as well as the frequency of transactions (e.g. frequency of bulk settlements) such that the price of XRP is stable during such stress tests. This gives an idea of the final value of XRP required for total volume. Step 11 – Perform such stress test from Step 9 and Step 10 for a single participant only and observe the price impact on XRP. Do this for each participant. Step 12 – Perform any additional tests in the Hidden Ledger such as the impact of including a test version of Cobalt or any other tests as deemed necessary Step 13 – Make sure to keep the Hidden Ledger private so that such tests are not observable to the retail market at all times at all costs. Step 14 – Provide the Hidden Ledger participants with the address of the real-world public XRP Ledger ('wss://s1.ripple.com:443') and, if necessary, provide instructions on how to change the address from the Hidden Ledger to the public XRP ledger. Step 15 – Perform a gradual switch over from the Hidden Ledger to the Public Ledger by asking each participant to change the address from the former to the latter, while closely observing the actual vs expected impact on the retail market dynamics and the price of XRP.
  5. What the **** are you talking about? I said don't worry he'll be back in the blink of an eye.
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    He doesn't need to be back. He just needs to be well. This kind of dramatic diseases change a man's priorities and perspective on life, I would not care for XRP or cryptos after going through what he is going through.
  7. Don't worry, he'll be back in the blink of an eye.
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    Have been lurking for a while and have not seen you in a while. I would pray for you but I don't believe in God, so I will simply wish you well from the bottom of my heart.
  9. I'm not out of touch with the 'majority' of the xrp community AT ALL, the 'xrp army' you think you are part of is the 'youtube shill show', who are HEAVILY out of touch with the reality and with the actual community. Heavily misinformed, you bring no weapons to the table during a discussion - all you can shout is nonsense about stuff that isnt going to happen to people who do know their ****. It looks like you have obviously spend days inside a ********** situation and think the community revolves around you or your 'group', or that you know everything.. but you dont - i'm not saying i know everything, to be fair i'd say the more i know the more i know howmuch i dont know - and i respect my own position in that, and i respect that. At some moment in time you will get the feeling and the hang of things, you know up front what is more likely to be false than true. Maybe you will finally become more sceptical after you find out you have been getting non stop bs information and fake news, and start reading yourself. I'm blessed to work in the financial sector and i know some possibilities and some things that will never be possible.. im pretty sceptic by nature as my job experience taught me to act fast on idea's to deem them probable or improbable, and immediately take action to push the button or kill the idea, yet I still am a massive dreamer when it comes to XRP because there is so much more possible that we havent even figuredo ut yet. and yet, I barely 'sell' my dreams to others, because I rather tell them how and why I got these dreams and what my core believes are instead, and explain to them how my core believes are as solid as a rock. When it comes to pursuading others in a discussion hoping they would get interested in XRP (i dont do this stuff, but 'if') its better to get 20 out of 100 that are aware or risks, know their ****, want to learn, want to educate themselves, try out how the ledger works and eventually write up blogs and have some interestng questions, then idiotic kids who just want to hear how high a price could be so they jump in. Even if these are 70 out of 100, you dont want them in your community as they have low stacks but LOUD mouths and they will non stop push hype as if its true, troll people that try to correct somethign they 'believe' in and they are a giant swarm of annoying bugs compared to the 20 people you will NOT get now as they dont believe in any of this nonsense. We are responsible for the quality of our own community, and it starts with waking the fk up and realizing this isnt a fairy tale world, this is a butchers house. You get slaughtered if you become sheep as you dont even know if the guy you are following is actually smart.. Youtubers.. obviously they dont have jobs, or had an impressive carreer, their whole income is based on clickbait, which means hype and pretending they 'know' information is just a business model. If you actually have a high amount of XRP invested, you wouldnt be watching clickbait, as they seriously have no value. You rather connect to serious people and those people exist in our community. Blogwriters, forensic experts, bankers, lawyers, economists, financial experts, stock brokers, forex experts, market experts - and even these people dont deserve a pedestral as everyone should be sceptic and be able to think of a couple of arguments against it, even if it is not your area of expertise yourself. Educate yourself, learn your own limits and know your strenght. Every time you get fooled should be a lesson that reveals your own weakness and you can protect yourself from that if you open up to believing in your own logical thoughts. just my 2 cents
  10. Echo that statement. Stay safe fella. All the best
  11. Hi @BobWay , I haven't seen you post much lately. I hope treatment is going well and your taking care of those top 6 inches and keeping stress levels down. Just sending you my best wishes ,take care.
  12. So, you think transparency is the value proposition of your project. Why do you want transparency?
  13. The why of what? Why I'm using the XRPL? Why i'm starting the charity? Why I want transparency? Why I thought about it for 8 years?
  14. I am not sure man. ^^ Could you give some examples please? The XRPL won't stop that. You can set a trustline on the XRPL with a malicious counterparty. I mean, when you get ripped off, you initially trusted the crook, which is the problem. The XRPL won't make the initial audit of those organisations. Be careful, transparency does not mean integrity. Does not mean the why is right. ^^ Tell us more about the why! From my point of view and given our recent chat, no. XRPL is not what you need here. Transparency means accessibility. Use a classic accounting soft and give 24/7 access to the users if you want (I still do not understand the why according to my previous post). But…If you don't want to tell us more about the why, and that you assume XRPL is the right tool, go for it and good luck!
  15. Good stuff man, I appreciate the response. I am shutting the comp down for the day but I'll be back tomorrow and thank you for the link at the start. I was hoping the transparency afforded by the XRP ledger could be the tool I use to stop things like embezzlement. I figured people cooked books or were able to hide donated money in a number of ways which the XRP ledger could stop. I heard somewhere that charities are allowed to donate X% of their donations to other charities and using this system were able to legally skim money off the top. I just figured I could use the XRP ledger to stop that from being an issue with V4T and any businesses/charities associated with us. Anyhoo I can assure you I don't prioritize learning to use the XRP ledger over the "why" of the charity it's just that I already know what I want the charity to do and why because I've been thinking about it for 8 years. It's the how I'm on now and I assumed the XRP ledger would solve the "how can I make V4T's finances completely transparent". Also from what I gathered reading Bob's syllabus we can use the XRPL to become our own banks and open trustlines to other "people-banks" in other countries transferring all forms of value whether FIAT, XRP or a supermarket voucher. The idea is that V4T be global and I can only assume learning XRPLs functionality can only help a global project and given no other business or charity is building extensively on the XRPL that I literally have to learn it myself because the technology is so new that nobody knows how to build on it yet lol. I don't know if that makes sense. Does that makes sense?
  16. As an entrepreneur myself, I respect entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship takes courage and determination. First, I think you are absolutely right. The best approach to start with a new project, is to share it with as many people as you can. I know that I am doing the easy thing here, which is to challenge you and the project. Here some points from my humble experience. 1/ The problem you solve is more important than how you plan to do it By reading you, maybe I am wrong, but I got the impression that you are more interested in using the XRP Ledger than you are in answering the following question: why? Today, you have many crowdfunding platforms that aim to connect: Not-for-profit organisations/ projects Donors Volunteers Have a look at https://www.verticalresponse.com/blog/10-crowdfunding-websites-every-non-profit-should-know/ for a decent list of them (platforms). 2/ Why Above the only answer you gave to the why in your first seven-paragraph post. From my point of view, transparency is not the question here. As a donor, you give to a not-for-profit organisation because: It addresses a problem you want to be solved (ex: famine in Sudan) It has the means (logistics, workforce, knowledge, etc.) to execute the plan/ project better than yourself As an example, I give to 3 different not-for-profit organisations every month. I must say I don't give a **** how they spend my donations. I trust them. Second, as an organisation, you don't need a distributed ledger to achieve transparency. ... 3/ Find the why It is not about, what's the best thing I can get out of the XRP Ledger. It's about why my project solves a painful and growing problem, and finally: is the XRP Ledger the best tool to achieve it? Once again, the ledger is the how, not the why. From my point of view, the embezzlement of global humanitarian assistance (incl. financial) is today a real problem. When a country is giving directly a large amount of financial assistance to another country, many problems can appear: Full audit trial on the use of macro payments originating from the first one Hedge of volatility of local/ domestic currencies Etc. ... Just some raw thoughts. To be continued. Peace
  17. How does your test work on 2 coin systems like VeChain and Factom and the others like that?
  18. I haven't yet watched your video, but I've been an amateur student of money for 30 years, and I agree on just about everything you're saying. Finally, somebody who gets it. Can't wait to watch. I'm at work a the moment. This part I quoted above is the sticky part imho. The part about bank support and especially support from the treasury of the country that has the franchise for the world's reserve currency. I think non-sovereign money is still considered total heresy by a fair number of people who matter, and right now we're watching in real time as the dinosaurs in banking are being persuaded by the younger contingent that it's a good idea. I don't think it IS clear YET that XRP is NOT a danger to sovereign fiat. So we can assume that part of the hold-up in regulatory clarity is that this "problem" is being dealt with in a way that's guaranteed not to shift power from what is essentially the strongest cartel in human history. As you probably know, we have this positive feedback loop in play in this country whereby the US government and the banking cartel collude. One (the banks) get a license to print the money. The other (the US legislative body) gets to spend unlimited money. It's a sweet deal, if you have access. For us regular citizens, not so much. The same thing is going on in all the modern Western economies and Japan, but it's very important to the US powers that be that the reserve currency status of the USD has to be protected against attacks, which are already coming from all sides. So we wait. Looking forward to your video and further insights.
  19. Hi guys, I've taken the first step towards what I wrote earlier, and I've developed a test for categorizing Digital Assets as potential non-sovereign money when regulation will be in place, or utility tokens. See it here:
  20. Now if we take all of these partners and add in their ecosystems.... global!! Sorry if this isnt on topic, but... wow!!😲
  21. @BobWay If you use multiple instances to monitor multiple markets, an alternative solution to the multiple instances issue is to use https://orderbook.xrp.ninja plus a set of scripts to place/cancel order etc. I wrote some scripts which I am going to release later.
  22. Finally I have a working Linux executable. https://github.com/r0bertz/ripple-client-desktop/commit/34b30c90c22ca125a574c378d2703942769a390e It looks the reason that only one instance can run at any time is chrome refuses to start a second process if there is already one running with the same user profile $ packages/RippleAdminConsole-1.4.3/linux64/RippleAdminConsole-1.4.3 [4382:4382:0518/235531.449014:ERROR:process_singleton_posix.cc(311)] Failed to create /home/lezhang/.config/RippleAdminConsole/SingletonLock: File exists (17) [4382:4382:0518/235531.450925:ERROR:chrome_browser_main.cc(1441)] Failed to create a ProcessSingleton for your profile directory. This means that running multiple instances would start multiple browser processes rather than opening a new window in the existing process. Aborting now to avoid profile corruption. [4382:4387:0518/235531.456599:ERROR:browser_gpu_channel_host_factory.cc(139)] Failed to launch GPU process. I think this probably can be solved by specifying a different user profile. However I am not sure how to do that now. Will look further.
  23. Sorry, I take it back. I just did a test. I launched the client with: $ ./node_modules/.bin/nw .build/ Turned out this process doesn't listen on any port. I also ran the currently not working executable file. It does listen on a port. But that's a debug port. So my theory was wrong. I will need to figure this out. However, I do think web socket connections shouldn't affect each other, especially if they are established in different processes.
  24. Hi everyone I'm Jocelyn and I live in Switzerland (GMT +1). My mother tongue is French but I can also speak English and a little bit of German. I've been working as a software developer (mostly web) for 4 years, always trying to find cool side projects. Many of them failed I've been invested in XRP since July 2017 but never really dug into it. Until recently. I spent hours reading the documentation on https://developers.ripple.com/ and am astonished by the capabilities of the XRP Ledger. Since then, ideas are popping into my head and I'd like to share them to get some feedback on their viability. Cheers
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