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Hi, I'm Bob! I'd like to write a book. The topic is, "Ripple, XRP, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Future of Money." Notice how I got all the good buzzwords in the title? That's so it's good for search engine optimization! Unfortunately, that's all I have. Worse, I'm not a writer by trade so the process is painful for me. So I need your help. The only way to write a compelling book is to focus on important concepts that people don't already understand. In contrast to re-hashing concepts people (like you) who are already compelled to study the space already know. But of course, I don't know the difference. So you are here to help me. (See what I did there? You thought I was here to help you!) I'm here to get all the compelling bits written down coherently... well, compelling in my mind. Of course the explanations will suck at first. At least from professional writing standards. So I'll re-write them over and over again until y'all say. Enough! We get it already! My 5 year old gets it! Enough already! Then I'll know that my job is done.  It may or may not end up as a paper book. Maybe an eBook, a blog, or a video series. We'll see how it goes. And if you help, you'll get to see it first!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Wonder what has been happening with this "patent"....
  3. Hey all،what happened to the study group... any update. Thanks Xrp Simba
  4. just saw bob way in a you tube video (90114 - yllop) (1min31sec) so totally not ripple related but wishing everyone a happy 4th of July so good to see him looking well at least
  5. this club , ashes to ashes , dust to dust
  6. https://github.com/r0bertz/ripple-client-desktop/releases/tag/1.4.4 Porting is done. Released a Linux binary. Will release Windows and MacOS version later.
  7. Pretty sure this is not going to happen anymore (which I find really sad). Something happened and Bob doesn't seem to be interested in this project anymore it seems (something personal or something Ripple related probably). Didn't hear from him for like 6 months. I'd expect him to have at least at some point a few minutes to tell that he won't continue with this project or that it'll be on hold for half a year or something.
  8. Hi Bob, I've got a blog on the go at the moment and I'm in the Content Builders Club. I think they would benefit greatly from me writing blogs on the topics discussed in the study group. Is this study group still a go?
  9. I just today saw him in a pic on twitter looking good. So I hope he is doing well and getting better and better. But to your question... this club is dormant while Bob is not around because he is the central core of the clubs existence. All we can do is wish him well and hope and pray that he gets healthy and interested again. Even if he doesn’t decide to come back in here, we are so lucky to have shared that time with him and are grateful for the time and effort he spent giving us an education.
  10. I thought the medical issues were going better, that he was recovering, would fully recover and that only some values were off but the tumor was successfully fought off. I'm not on twitter/... so I might have missed some updates he posted elsewhere. Hoping for the best then and keeping fingers crossed!
  11. I'm pretty sure Bob is busy dealing with his medical issues. Last I heard he was having some setbacks, unfortunately.
  12. Just wondering after looking/waiting for new stuff to come on this book club and hoping Bob would come back if this club is just dead or ... It's been since August or earlier. I hoped for the XRP community to live up again with Bob Way "leading the way" and making people enthusiastic about the XRPL again.
  13. Hey guys, I'm back to share with you some questions I've been asking myself a while ago. After president Nixon fully floated the dollar, one of his advisors - don't remember the name but he was one of the brains behind the move - came on live tv. The hosts were horrified about the development and asked him how o. Earth would they know how many franks in exchange for a dollar, now that they can't buy gold with the francs and sell the gold for dollars. So the questions torturing me are the likes of is there a DA that will take over from gold? Of course, which one? What does that say about the broader understanding of the mechanics behind gold in our society of the "drop gold" campaign? What do you think?
  14. I didn't had a lot of time when you launched this initiative. However I should be able to join your study group now if that would be ok with you.
  15. Family and health always comes first. Great to read the good news and I'm happy you're back!
  16. I’m going to abuse my mod privilege here to post in your thread and speak for all of us how delighted we are that you are ok. Welcome back Bob but please don’t overdo it... steady as she goes mate.
  17. I’m back to working on this project again. I’ll post background material as I run across it.
  18. @SquaryBone Thank's for inquiring. I just posted some updates here. I'm still a bit overwhelmed and am slowly catching up. If anyone had urgent issues please PM or post them and tag me so I get a beep.
  19. Wow it has been longer than I expected. Thank you everyone for sending all your good wishes. I've had a bunch of family related issues to handle over the past few months. Some were related to family members. Just the kind of things that every family has from time to time. But these issues outrank everything else for me. I don't mind talking about my issues, but the ones related to others I'm going to keep to myself. For those wondering, the doctors assure me that my prostate cancer is likely handled. They assure me this is true even though my PSA numbers are still higher than they should be. It turns out this past week I had my first PSA number drop! Woot! The working diagnosis is that I've had a strange case of prostatitis. I've had two months of different antibiotics and the second one seemed to turn the tide. I'll have lots more followup to make sure. But at least the discomfort is diminishing. One of the other long time consuming issues was that Janet and I have been basically transient for more than five years. This has included more city and apartment moves than I care to count. Unfortunately, our unpredictability has had negative impact on the rest of our extended family. So it became apparent that we needed to pick a permanent home base to settle into. Of course as anyone my age knows, these decisions become complicated when you have both aging parents to plan for and children you'd like to be close to. The end result is that we managed to move two more times. Finally we are almost settled into the place we intend to stay for a while. It's not super impressive, just a two bedroom condo, but we like it. My mother will be moving close to us in the near future. The combination will make a nice "home base" for the kids to come visit. Of course, when you close everything seems move-in-ready. But the move-in reality soon becomes an endless stream of home improvement projects to undertake. I'm still trying to sort out a 3-way light switch that looks like it was wired by a crazy person. There's no cabinet, closet space or furniture to unpack all our boxes into And here is a deck that needs to be rebuilt. The good news is that I have the internet working. Better still, my desk and computer are setup and I finally have a quiet office to work in! Woot! The plan is to get back to work on the Study Group if there is still interest. I'm digging out the decks and reworking the examples for practice today. In addition, I'll be reading the latest posts here in the book club and responding where I can be helpful. Feel free to message me if you have anything urgent to discuss. It's good to be back!
  20. We didn't hear from you the last few days. I hope you're doing well and got good news and are celebrating and/or spending time with your family. The silence doesn't make me, and probably others as well, reassured that it was good news though. Silly how I don't really know you but I still feel anxious that you're ok and will fully recover. I think it proves the positive impact you've had on this community.

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