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Hi, I'm Bob! I'd like to write a book. The topic is, "Ripple, XRP, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Future of Money." Notice how I got all the good buzzwords in the title? That's so it's good for search engine optimization! Unfortunately, that's all I have. Worse, I'm not a writer by trade so the process is painful for me. So I need your help. The only way to write a compelling book is to focus on important concepts that people don't already understand. In contrast to re-hashing concepts people (like you) who are already compelled to study the space already know. But of course, I don't know the difference. So you are here to help me. (See what I did there? You thought I was here to help you!) I'm here to get all the compelling bits written down coherently... well, compelling in my mind. Of course the explanations will suck at first. At least from professional writing standards. So I'll re-write them over and over again until y'all say. Enough! We get it already! My 5 year old gets it! Enough already! Then I'll know that my job is done.  It may or may not end up as a paper book. Maybe an eBook, a blog, or a video series. We'll see how it goes. And if you help, you'll get to see it first!

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  2. That's a pretty clever suggestion and doesn't clash too much with the original vision in my head. Let me ponder that while I make some coffee....
  3. Turns out there is a calendar feature for this club, so I just turned it on. You'll find it as a new tab. I'm not sure the best way to use it as a tool but anyone is welcome to try.
  4. I attended an online poker school a couple of years ago which was created by one guy with a lot of knowledge who wanted to share that knowledge with a lot of people around the world and his system was very good. I will gloss over his system so you can see if there's anything you want from it. To teach the core material he went through aspects of poker step by step with 6 guys and recorded each hour long session. Then he posted these videos to his website so when later students came along they could go through the syllabus without him having to rehash old material himself every week which spread the knowledge without him needing to be there. For example he had a section called "Flop Play" where he would go through the different types of hands and how to play them on the flop (when the first three community cards appear). There were hour long videos for A2s-A9s which would include flush draws or flush draws with a pair and/or straight draw etc. Then he would have an hour long video for overpairs like how to play AA on K72 flop or JJ on T98 etc. He would speak almost non-stop for an hour to get through the material and fielded very few questions. Then he taught a second 1-2-1 session with each of his students going through problem hands relating to the topic that week. This would give the students more of a chance to ask questions about the material and go through hands in greater detail. Perhaps you could pick an aspect of Ripplenet you want to focus on and do a short 15-30 minute prep video very quickly glossing over what you want to share and then post that video to youtube or whatever. Then our job will be to watch the video and prepare at least one question each (?) about the topic which would be anything from standard, "What did ABC mean?" to more deep questions like, "Could ABC connect with DEF via ILP to create ZYX?" A day or two after the prep video is released you could host a longer, recorded question and answer session. This would allow students of all abilities the chance to digest the material in their own time and ask questions pertinent to their understanding, without you having to go over material again and again and post those to youtube too. By the time you finish you should have a syllabus library made up of a short(ish) video about a core topic paired with a longer question and answer video which should cover most questions regarding the topic. If you use teamviewer for the sessions it will allow many, many people to attend the sessions and it has functions like "raise hand" and you can unmute them to ask the question and there's a box for attendees to type in if they prefer to ask questions that way. It also allows you to send invites to the sessions so you won't get flooded with hundreds of random people from outside the study group. Bilingual students can teach and record their own sessions about the material and others can create blogs in other languages covering the material which could all be posted on one central intelligence website which could be the oracle for all things Ripplenetty.
  5. Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying that I am super excited to get to learn more about the XRP ecosystem and meet the wonderful people in the group. I am interested in sharing what I know in a less traditional way on twitter and in blog posts so that everyone can feel included. I thank everyone for this opportunity to learn and grow with them and to give back to the community. My name is Jes and my handle will be @afutureinreverse on this forum and twitter. Ultimately I would like to have a blog. I am in the central US timezone, and unfortunately I only speak English. I would like to offer the team any assistance that I am capable of providing. It is my intent to provide simplistic information to the public. I feel like the information the community shares is very high level (This is my challenge to see if it can be broken down). I once read a HBR report that a hospital was trying to get doctors to comply on improving sanitation for patient safety. They offered incentives to the doctors but the change in the behavior of the doctors was short lived. What was interesting about the results was that they found out that the driver of the long term changes came from the "support staff". The administrative assistants and the head nurses were educated about the importance of sanitation and hence the need for the change of behavior by the doctors. The end result was that the admins and head nurses used the necessary peer pressure/organizational skills on their bosses in a way that reached the hospital's goals of improved sanitation. I am hoping to go this route with my work.
  6. Hi All - Well this IS exciting... my twitter handle is GLT.. I live in Japan (JST) and am looking very much forward to learning and enabling others, if possible increasing the use of the ecosystem where possible. @BobWay - Thank you for helping us discover and further our understanding of our beloved XRPL Chat soon no doubt! Cheers, GLT
  7. Hi I'm Xgrosz - and you can call me Xgrosz My Youtube and Twitter chanels are @Krypto Kamikaze and I work with Polish-speaking crypto community I also have very active discord group where we go over eveything what is current in cryptocurrency in general but we have a separate room for XRP and this is our main focus Languages: Polish / English Timezone : CEST I'm hoping to gain knowlege and share it with Polish-speaking people rise awareness to this tech as well as dispel doubts
  8. What better opportunity than taking part in this study group and learning from Bob Way! Hello everyone! I go by the name Kaloone and my Twitter handle is @Kaloone. I found myself on the most interesting path since last autumn, when DJ XRP introduced me to Ripple and XRP. I’m grateful for him as I realised how Ripple can and will most drastically improve the way we bank, on a global scale. Ever since, I’ve enjoyed my journey learning and teaching those around me and online. There is so much for me to learn still and yet I’m eagerly willing to absorb more. There is already an incredible cast participating in this group! How exciting to be standing here, amongst all of you. My first language is French and I live in the UK, UTC/GMT +1 hour. I’m camera shy but I’d be happy to contribute in any other way to not only reach and educate a French speaking audience, but also to distribute accurate content through translations for instance. As early adopters, this is an exciting time for us to live and to witness the world progressing towards the best cross-border solution. It’s an honour and privilege to be part of this study group. Thanks for having me. Kaloone.
  9. Hi Bob, just starting to dig into the content. I like the direction you are going. One idea might be to create a group calendar with suggested meeting times that work for you/your-plan, then people can opt-in for times that work for them, or recommend a better time. This might enable you to get a read on whether most people are looking to contribute nights, weekends or other. From reading the intro posts, it sounds like most people have day jobs, and possible other commitments (IE. I'm always busy Monday & Wednesday nights with class). Some sort of calendar mapping might help teams gel organically - and help you identify a rotation schedule that works. At this point I am watching your vision come to life, as it evolves - meeting times, needs, etc...more will become clear. Until then, I have a lot of reading to do.
  10. Totally dig this. I developed my works (AllThingsXRP) with a similar population in mind. I am in Texas.
  11. Hello Everyone, my name is George @SincerelyGeorge on Twitter, as well as the person behind @AllThingsXRP (https://AllThingsXRP.com), and YouTube Channel by the same name. I am a Blockchain / Digital Asset enthusiast who wants to help people understand XRP. - XRP value proposition, use cases, system design / technology, Emerging implementations & how to get involved. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and work in technology. I look forward to helping people understand XRP from a variety of perspectives. Bob- Thank you for bringing together this group of like minded people.
  12. Hello all, I'm rabbit. I live in Michigan, USA (EST/EDT), I work as an assistant professor (unrelated to IT/CE/CS/etc.), and I only speak English. I am married to Ms. Rabbit, who used to share this XRPChat account with me. My aliases on other sites include: Website: rabbitkick.club Twitter: @RabbitKickClub Git: crypticrabbit Youtube: rabbit XRPCommunity.Blog: rabbit reddit: RabbitKickClub Out of those, I basically only use the Twitter, since I can't keep up with everything . My background with Ripple/XRP includes using Ripple Trade when that was around. I really miss having easy access to features like adding gateways, enabling rippling, etc., and one of my primary aims in joining this group is to learn more about utilizing all the awesome features to their full potential, so more people can benefit from them. I have been running rippled for the last several years, and I'm honored that our validator is included in the default UNL. I love learning new things, and running rippled has taught me a great deal. Out of the roles that @BobWay proposed, I see myself ideally being involved in the live audience. I look forward to being a part of this group! Cheers, rabbit
  13. Hi Bob and all, My name is Yaju, born and raised in mainland China. Lived in Toronto for 8 years and then moved to Montreal, Canada, a city where European and North American cultures are well mixed. Been here for almost 9 years now. Not thinking to move elsewhere except during the long cold winter 😀 I started to get into the Digital Assets space around December 2017. Since Bitcoin was quite expensive at the time, as an investor, my goal was to find the next Bitcoin. Luckily I think not only did I find it, and it's better - faster, cheaper, more scalable and environmentally friendly. And it's XRP, the digital asset that had 5 years head start than many other projects, is being worked on by very smart people, and has expanded globally! It would be in my best interest to gain more knowledge about this revolutionary technology that solves not only the cross boarder payment issue, but also a much larger one, liquidity. Equally, it would be my pleasure to promote XRP and anything related to it😍
  14. Hi bob I have been wondering if someone sends BTC on the ILP to say pay a bill but needs to be Fiat or just say ETH Does that transaction use XRP on XRapid? Thank you for the invitethis really is going to be awesome and it would be cool if Bitcoin ben joined to learn
  15. Hi everyone, my name is Leo (Leandro) and I'm from Brazil. I'm a graphic designer down here from around 20 years. I do 3D design and 3D animation for tv and internet. My intentions over Ripple and XRP are to spread the word RIPPLE and XRP to people over here. In Brazil, most of the people have heard about bitcoin but it is not common to see people that know about XRP, so that's why I'm ready to help those people to acquire knowledge on this thread. I need to get more in deep about ripple and xrp and no one is better to help me out as BOB WAY. I'm pretty sure I could help to expand the name XRP over here. I live in South Brazil in a place called CURITIBA. Down here I can see a lot of potentials to make my city the most crypto city in Brazil. Let's see how far we can go with Bob's help. Thank you so far and I hope we can meet each other on a round table having a nice cold beer.
  16. Hello everybody, I go by the name Crypto Tomato. Sorry for being late. I see a lot of amazing people on this thread which make me a bit nervous and humble at the same time. I know there are many people that are much better than me, but I will do my best to pass the great info along to people in Korea. I am from South Korea. I have a cryptocurrency Youtube channel where I post my videos almost every day. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2HXx2zvM5nOHzjB0wMDpw Now I am working as a full-time YouTuber, but before that, I was a professional illustrator and did some graphic design works as well. My time zone is UTC -7 Thanks!
  17. Hey All... Connie here aka XRPAngel Connie... Live in Kansas and have met so many wonderful people since I found XRP!! Here to help Bob and the group in any way I can... Love and respect to all of you!
  18. Hello everyone my name is Mike. @MikesCrypto I have been into crypto and XRP since 10/17 . I am from the Boston area and I am a painting contractor. I can't tell you how many hours of research and digging into all this space and especially Ripple and XRP I run a small meet up and would like to venture into meetups in the Boston area but I am intimidated There are a lot of MIT types there so unless i thoroughly know something. I get a little nervous. I have no problem telling friends and others how great and such a once in a life time opportunity this is. Thats enough out of me I'm really excited to really learn XRP
  19. Hello everyone my name is Mike. @MikesCrypto I have been into crypto and XRP since 10/17 . I am from the Boston area and I am a painting contractor. I can't tell you how many hours of research and digging into all this space and especially Ripple and XRP I run a small meet up and would like to venture into meetups in the Boston area but I am intimidated There are a lot of MIT types there so unless i thoroughly know something. I get a little nervous. I have no problem telling friends and others how great and such a once in a life time opportunity this is. Thats enough out of me I'm really excited to really learn XRP
  20. Hi! My name is Eddie Tennison, aka dr_ed here.....I generally answer to Eddie. I write about various investing topics,in the broader context of our collapsing civilization and the ongoing forces that threaten human existence....... like climate change, the end of cheap energy, and the ongoing mass migrations driven by collapse and overpopulation. Doomer ****, in other words. I live in Austin, Texas. US central time. Bob Way time. I speak only English and Texanese. My goal is to help ordinary people (including me) use their savings to make outsize financial gains by means of both traditional and alternative investments in a time when returns are generally stagnant , and traditional strategies are facing increasing headwinds going forward. I question most accepted wisdom about investing, and I've toyed with writing my own book on investing and wealth-building. Since early last fall my interest has been mostly crypto-related. My content is not widely disseminated, but can be found hiding in plain sight, for anyone who wants to find it. I post on a "Web 1.0" style forum in a quiet corner of the web mostly visited by people who question the notion of an economy based on endless growth and debt based money. http://www.doomsteaddiner.net/forum/index.php/topic,11713.0.htm I am not on Twiiter, Facebook, Youtube, or any Web 2.0 social media. This is by conscious choice. I am active on Susie Crew's subscriber forum and I often comment on some of your utube content.. Nice to see some of the better utubers checking in on this thread. Hi y'all. My interest in cryptos in general, and XRP in particular, comes out of a 3 decade long study of commerce, money and exchange, gold and precious metals, wealth inequality, and the growing instability of our monetary and economic systems. I've made (and occasionally lost) substantial amounts of money in gold, real estate, and stocks. But I still work my day job for a living. I'm a practicing dentist. My interest in this group arises out of frustration with my lack of a truly deep technical understanding of how blockchain and XRP works..........in spite of lots of time spent reading and watching videos. I hope to add to my knowledge base by listening to Bob and you developers and and engineers who work in the field. I probably won't be capable of making a huge contribution here, but I'd like to tag along, if that's okay.
  21. Hello, everybody. I go by Mackdaddy. I first looked at Ripple XRP back in 2014 and recently rediscovered it last year. I have studied it thoroughly everyday since. I would like to learn as much as possible about XRP and distributed ledger technology. I am from South Carolina. I am a skilled songwriter and a decent writer in general. I hope to learn enough to get in on the ground floor and possibly develop a business around this technology in the future. I am on Twitter and I am planning to start a YouTube channel sometime soon as well. Maybe I can use what I learn here to get me off to a running start. This is such a great time to be alive and I feel privileged to learn from Mr. Bob Way and you all. Thanks for having me.
  22. My name is Bruce I live in the mountains of the greater Salt Lake City, UT USA area ... MST timezone I'm a Software Engineer and XRP enthusiast. My background is about 15 years of J2EE and Relational DB's plus the last 4 years devoted to Javascript/React/Redux. I worked for years as a full stack dev and since most back-end guys didn't want to deal with the front end or "the client," I always ended up doing a lot of front end work. About 4 years ago, with the emergence of SPA's, I decided to become a full time Front End Engineer. I am focused on the best UX possible for the user. I write software and lead a team at a non-profit FinTech dedicated to helping people save money for university via 529 Plan Management (US IRS Tax benefit). I worked on Western Union's first web based payment system over 15 years ago for the EMEA. So, Ripple and XRP caught my attention right away. I fluently speak English and Portuguese (Brazilian). I can be reached at @szv6y0 on Twitter. I am interested in learning to develop on top of the XRPL, in particular wealth management using Interledger and Codius. I am looking for the right opportunity or even creating the right opportunity, but have yet found that golden project. I am a big believer in what Ripple is doing and would like to evangelize the XRP Ecosystem as much as possible as well. What I think would be helpful for the DEV community would be a set of video tutorials explaining testing and developing within the XRP Ecosystem.
  23. Hello all, I am Phil (Futureboi) and I live in Germany. I am a Video Games Professional with a huge International Network (~5k Games Professionals). I am developing new business models for the Games Industry -Blockchain is a massive opportunity here. I love XRP and I would love to learn much more about the whole thing and help spreading the word in the global Games Industry. Cheers Fututeboi „Phil“
  24. Hi Everyone and greetings from Yerevan, Armenia! My name is Natalie (prefer to be called Nats), I'm 22 years old. I might open a Youtube channel in future, but I'm here to deepen my knowledge in XRP in the first place. I'm very enthusiastic in introducing XRP in Armenia and overall assist in educating people on digital assets but for that I must be informed first! I'll be happy to offer my help in organizational questions, as well as translating any material into Armenian and Russian. My timezone is GMT+4
  25. Brando Aguilera Twitter : @brando Aguilera (cryptoview) YouTube: Crypto view. Florida, Eastern time Spanish introduce XRP to my YouTube Spanish community
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