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Hi, I'm Bob! I'd like to write a book. The topic is, "Ripple, XRP, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Future of Money." Notice how I got all the good buzzwords in the title? That's so it's good for search engine optimization! Unfortunately, that's all I have. Worse, I'm not a writer by trade so the process is painful for me. So I need your help. The only way to write a compelling book is to focus on important concepts that people don't already understand. In contrast to re-hashing concepts people (like you) who are already compelled to study the space already know. But of course, I don't know the difference. So you are here to help me. (See what I did there? You thought I was here to help you!) I'm here to get all the compelling bits written down coherently... well, compelling in my mind. Of course the explanations will suck at first. At least from professional writing standards. So I'll re-write them over and over again until y'all say. Enough! We get it already! My 5 year old gets it! Enough already! Then I'll know that my job is done.  It may or may not end up as a paper book. Maybe an eBook, a blog, or a video series. We'll see how it goes. And if you help, you'll get to see it first!

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  2. Hi AFutureinReverse........Thanks for the offer of help....... I can only do this myself, if the group fills in the table with their UT availabilty, then it´s just a question of putting the individual availabilities together, & presenting the info for evatuation & decision. ......Unfortunately I can´t do it if I just get replies in text based on individual local times.......this model implies that each student is responsible to inform their availability in UT....Hopefully somebody will come up with a better solution.
  3. Hey XRP family it is a privilege to be among you on this exciting endeavor..(sorry about the delay!) I'll start with thanks to Bob🤗 as I suffered a neurological injury riding a motorbike when I was teaching in Chiang Mai and Bob was nice enough to take the chance on me. I feel blessed as it seems(🤞 hopefully) like perfect timing as I am gradually coming into recovery with lots of positives to take from it. I will try to keep this brief as I've no idea how to articulate my desire to be involved in this group. I haven't been this excited about learning something new since,,, I can't remember but really looking forward to learn more about the XRP ledger and just generally joining you all on the cool XRP journey. So much so I may even set up my own YouTube channel😅. When you watch the Youtubers you can really appreciate how they all bring new perspectives and a variety of different viewpoints to the community. I'm sure whether we realize it ourselves or not we all have unique attributes to gift to the club no matter how minuscule they may seem. I often wish I had the knowledge Bob is prepared to pass on to us so that I can create, build on and share with as much people as possible to help them to grow, along with the ecosystem.(I must admit though, my knowledge of the ILP and XRPL is pretty low at the moment☺) I mainly speak English and Irish coming from Ireland but hoping to teach my friends in China, Russia and around the world, to assist in spreading the XRP love and knowledge around the world. My previous work experience is mainly in the financial sector on the Insurance side although I am being pushed towards the path of the creative 'crazy' entrepreneur now. I love to travel around the world, meet new people, play the guitar, sing, spiritual 'stuff' and coming up with creative ideas in the hope of changing the world for the better. Thank you again Bob Way and everyone for your time in reading this, looking forward to joining all of you on this exciting new XRP adventure🙏
  4. Bob -consider secondlife or sansar as a metaverse virtual meeting place you will be supprised.
  5. Can you please change the herbdizzle twitter to: https://twitter.com/podcastXRP Thanks in advance! James
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to drop this here. Please let me know if you find it helpful. It is a list of everyone's twitter handles as far as I could tell from the introduction posts. To follow the people below you can look up my account (@afutureinreverse) and follow everyone I followed (there are no extra follows, just club members) If I missed yours, please respond to this post or email me at afutureinreverse@gmail.com. Also, if there is a ? by your name it means you did not clarify what you wanted to be called by (ie your handle/XRP chat name is "bobby" but in your post you did not say that you wanted to be called by something. ie Tom or bobby). I will be creating separate lists for other social media locations. Handles - Names BobWay - Bob - @bob_way - https://twitter.com/bob_way Ozcrypto - OZ - @OZCRYPTO2 - https://twitter.com/OZCRYPTO2 MatthewLB - Matthew - @MatthewLINY - https://twitter.com/MatthewLINY ScottLoveForCrypto - Scott - @LoveForCrypto17 - https://twitter.com/LoveForCrypto17 AND @ScottyPMedia - https://twitter.com/ScottyPMedia JasonArmbruster - Jason - @JasonArmbruster - https://twitter.com/JasonArmbruster VoteForTomorrow - Mikey - @UtopianHive - https://twitter.com/votefortomorrow MEZCAL - Rey XRPSIMBA - Chex - @kyexwa - https://twitter.com/kyexwa PeterC - Peter - @encrenca14 - https://twitter.com/encrenca14 LLAC3 - Greg - @0Llac3 - https://twitter.com/0Llac3 Crypto_Council - Jose - @jjbelt61 - https://twitter.com/jjbelt61 Samlam - Sam - @hameggsn - https://twitter.com/HamEggsn DJ-XRP - DJ - @Tom T_XRP - https://twitter.com/TomT_XRP CryptoEri - Eri - @sentosumosaba - https://twitter.com/sentosumosaba Julian_Williams - ? CriptoMonster - ? MADDOG28 - Ben - @Maddog28 - https://twitter.com/Capacity_28 XRPResearchCenter - RC - @XRPCenter - https://twitter.com/XrpCenter Paulo - ? Jeremy - ? - @jeremy_87110 - https://twitter.com/jeremy_87110 SPQRLee - SPQRLee - @spqrlee - https://twitter.com/spqrlee XRPAfrica - Justin mitranix - Eyal - @mitranix - https://twitter.com/mitranix XRPresident - Pres - @XRPresident - https://twitter.com/XRPresident 5280Viking - Dennis - @5280Viking - https://twitter.com/5280Viking PaisaXR - PaisaXR - @PaisaXR - https://twitter.com/PaisaXr XrPMaximus - tshine - @xrpshine - https://twitter.com/XrPshine DanRocky - Dan - @DanRocky - https://twitter.com/Danrocky Dario_o - ? scottgo - Scott TheL337Trance - Alan - @TheL337Trance - https://twitter.com/TheL337trance CryptoView - Brando - @brandoaguilera - https://twitter.com/brandoaguilera Nats - Nats Futureboi10 - Phil szv6y0 - Bruce - @szv6y0 - https://twitter.com/szv6y0 Mackdaddy - Mackdaddy dr_ed - Eddie MikesCrytpo - Mike - @MikesCrypto - https://twitter.com/mikescrypto cstewart1022 - Connie XRPMega - Crypto Tomato Lee-Brazil_Crypto - Leo Yaju - Yaju Rabbit_Kick_Club - rabbit - @RabbitKickClub - https://twitter.com/RabbitKickClub AllThingsXRP_George - George - @SincerelyGeorge - https://twitter.com/sincerelygeorge Kaloone - Kaloone - @Kaloone - https://twitter.com/Kaloone Xgrosz - Xgrosz - @KryptoKamikaze - https://twitter.com/KryptoKamikaze GLT - GLT AFutureInReverse - Jes - @afutureinreverse - https://twitter.com/afuturenreverse Jopie - Jopie Jerryvhall1 - ? - @Jerryvhall1 - https://twitter.com/Jerryvhall1 BrunoF - Bruno ThomasTheTGV - Tom - @Tom_Kuster - https://twitter.com/Tom_Kuster herbdizzle - James - @XRPodcast - https://twitter.com/XRpodcast IK26 - ? whitefanng - Anirban - @_anirban_ - https://twitter.com/_anirban_ aydentrading - Ayden - @aydentrading - https://twitter.com/aydentrading CryptoNewsHunter - CNHquest - @CNHquest - https://twitter.com/CNHquest
  7. Peter are you running with this or do you want help? I will notify others to post. I am in CST so my choices are M-Friday 12am-4am UT. Sat/sun noon to 4am UT.
  8. How you prefer to be identified. CNHquest , find me by this name on a social media platform (CryptoNewsHunter on it's quest in the cryptospace) Since I've stumbled upon.. XRP has drawn all my attention The other social media identities you use. twitter, here I post my research, follow the latest news, and have fun times whit the community while holding through this whole quest youtube, dedicated my home page to crypto https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzzTfEnKjzJx8lEID3oVxg?view_as=subscriber (NeedsAnUpdate) Subscribed to some people who are part of this bookclub here, I see U. Working on a series of videos, There is a part called Banked/Unbanked in which some shots on Ripple comes forth, generally it's about the view point from the world leaders perspectives on the challenges we are facing, the new technology's ought to help us survive. The region, culture, or language audience you'd like to help reach. Netherlands, people here are well aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies, but not well educated let alone about the whole financial world, have learned about this the past few years and it is time for the financial sector, it is long overdue, we know who have been sitting on there laurels. Everything that has happen in this space, I need some cinnamon in my coffee when I think about it.. We know. That's why I have joined your bookclub Bob, I am a learner a thinker, money has run the world, internet has made communication global, put those technologies together and you have a global interoperable value chain , just if we can give the world it self a better proposition by communicating better whit value through data. The timezone you are physically in Time zone in Netherlands CEST Central European Summer Time Work evening and night shifts, I''ll do me best to attend, certainly putt my effort in learning If you'd like to participate in a regional team and what skills you can contribute I'm a creative honest guy, I'm here to learn, collaborate, Lets do this! I want to end by saying, I love XRPAfrica his vision, and all of ours, we have great minds.
  9. Hi. I'm Ayden I go by Ayden Trading I'm 14 years old and I love learning about the XRP ecosystem My Twitter is @aydentrading and my YouTube as well
  10. Really I was more referring to public perception rather than any particular operational characteristic. The early banks using XRP are going to want to announce that to the world so they can be seen as a thought leader. When they do, they want to media and public to react positively to that press release. The don't want to see headlines like, "Bank X adopts risky volatile cryptocurrency in their payment flows..." Then it becomes their responsibility to react and explain a bunch of wonky details their banking customers shouldn't need to care about. Those customers just want cheap payments. For this reason (only speculation) there might be a bank testing or using xRapid for some payment corridors. They just see no need to announce that publicly. Again, that is completely idle speculation on my part. The point I'm trying to make is that motivations are not always what people outside the business space anticipate they are. Yeah, allow use of vs hold XRP is always a tricky concept to explain. The reason for banks to hold XRP is the same as for anyone else. It really is a "flat" world in that regard. Hodl, speculating that the price is going to go up over time. Use that XRP to generate value now. perhaps market making for others to generate new revenue perhaps settling directly in XRP to reduce expenses (cutting out other market makers) But banks have additional customer related options: Hold XRP for customers because they demand that service Sell/Buy XRP to/from customers because they demand that service When you see one or more of those options become attractive to banks, expect them to start acquiring XRP. Before that, as I posted above, I expect smaller banks an payment services to move toward xRapid. That lets them get the cost benefits of XRP paths without any currency risk.
  11. Hello, Will be available any day except for Mondays and preferably between 19:00 and 22:00, London time too 🤗
  12. Just to get an overview of availability, how about this ?? Identify your availability in your local time & on the spreadsheet below register your availability based on the UT column. example; you might have more than one period available on any given day.
  13. Do you think this is because they didn't fully grasp the concept that even with those price fluctuations, there is relatively 0 volatility risk through xRapid because they arent exposed for longer than 5 seconds? Now, obviously if they plan to hold xrp, "holy grail"- Dilip Rao, then that would be understandable. So let me ask you one more question if you don't mind. Now that banks saw xrp drop like a ton of bricks since jan, what would be the moment they ARE interested in holding xrp. I just find it hard to believe xrp will be 'stable' for at least 5-10 years, so even when crypto starts booming again, wouldn't there still be the same fear from the people at the banks that it could drop 70, 80, 90 percent at any given time?
  14. Hi……My time zone is GMT +1……At startup, I´m available from UT 8am (08:00) to 10pm (22:00) please see table below:
  15. I´m good with the majority decision, but due to logistics down here. Really fundamental for me is to be able to watch recorded versions of previous sessions.
  16. Hello I am Anirban. Here on xrpchat please call me by my username: whitefanng. Sorry for being late to the introduction thread, have been travelling for work past week or so. I am working with an Indian org. for business/financial analysis with 5 years of experience. I want to learn about the XRP ledger, creating IOUs and different ways to bridge/tie value to XRPL by those IOUs. I came into knowledge of blockchain/fintech in late 2017. Saw the mention of bitcoin in newspapers and tried to learn about it from publicly available resources. I tried out different blockchains (basic sending payments and other features): Bitcoin/Ethereum/XRPL/Stellar/IOTA and also lots of ICOs on ETH. Quickly came to the conclusion- XRP is far better than anything out there in the crypto market. I was very impressed by the decentralized exchange on XRPL which I believe is the best feature of it (tried using it via https://theworldexchange.net/). I'm on twitter : @_anirban_ I am from Delhi, India and I can speak English, Hindi & Bengali. I can help you create additional content for learning.
  17. i'd be super happy to hit the round table, but i think theres probably more knowledgeable members out there who would pose better questions than myself. it may be why many opted for number 2, so depending on you... else im up for 2, else im up for 3, else.. (you see where this is going)
  18. all options are fine but it looks like most of us are comfortable to start with option #2 and that was my choice as well
  19. You’d be great for Option 1 or Option 2 in my opinion.....
  20. I think many in the community are under the impression progress with xRapid is being hindered by regulation and from this post and previous posts in the regulation thread it seems as though that is not the biggest factor here.. hope you have a good night!! Thanks again Bob
  21. Always be skeptical! Yeah, I don't like it when people say 100%. It's really hard when people are watching you so closely though. Had he backed off that point, the whole story would have been, "Brad G NO LONGER BELIEVES blah blah blah..." doesn't really matter what the rest of the story would say, nobody would read past the beginning before they started tweeting. OK, so I guess I'm cutting him a bit of slack because I like him. But I also can't think of what I could have said better in that circumstance. I don't really think the failure was a regulatory issue. I think it was much more likely what I wrote above. Someone said, "How exposed am I for moving forward with XRP if the price falls by half or more again." Which of course it did. Why take that risk, when you can continue forward with the safer RippleNet ILP strategy. Then wait and see what happens with XRP. Everyone wants to be second.
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