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Trading Places is a place where CryptoCurrency Traders can share input, thoughts, Technical Analysis, Buy the Rumor/Sell the News, etc. Feel free to Participate or just Lurk. We are going to be here awhile, it will be great to get know each other and maybe help each other see things differently from others trading Perspectives. Feel Free to Invite Others
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  2. Testing the poll tool here But I can't find a way to change my vote...not good for daily changes.
  3. We need to find a plugin compatible with this forum or an external tool linked here that would We might be able to use the "poll" tool here with limited possibilities. If you look at the picture above, let's say it's about XRP, we need to be able to vote on 3 different outcomes (near, mid, long) and see the result (total number of votes) in each column. This has to be flexible so we can change our vote any time we wish to reflect to new sentiment. Not sure the poll is adapted to that, I'll take a look.
  4. This is a great idea. As I often am trying to guage the sentiment and emotions of traders/investors to help with me with my trades. This type of tool will only add to that. What further steps need to be taken to achieve this tool?
  5. The important is to vote on what you think/feel...if enough members contribute, we could have a very interesting (and probably close to the truth) sentiment table. Like the creators of Augur say: "The accuracy of prediction markets rests in the idea of the "The Wisdom of the Crowd". This states that the average prediction made by a group is superior to that made by any of the individuals in that group."
  6. I am very interested. Im not sure i have even thought about how i feel about most cryptos, at least in an objective manor. Would help to get it all on paper. Let me know how i can contribute.
  7. Hi everyone, Something have been thinking for a while. If there's a plugin or an easy tool we could use to build a sentiment table. Something like this I'd like to know what you "feel" about the market. We could start with the top 5 or 10 crytpos and add whatever you are trading or think would be good to look at. What do you think?

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