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  2. https://www.cinnamon.video/watch?v=324621346145306170
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4lzOw31ijc https://openpublishingfest.org/calendar.html#event-238
  4. If you were to attack COIL with the intention of extracting as much XRP from them as possible, what would you do? The obvious attack is "pay your own site". That's not creative (and it's not very profitable, either - cue some hacker VC going "doesn't scale! next!")... Another attempt - which actually led to something cool - was installing multiple instances of donate.js on the same web page. Turns out, they were either ready for that one or it just so happened that dynamics led to the stream being split, roughly in half, between the two pymt pointers in the 2 instances of donate.j
  5. For example, rather than the "webmaster" raking in all the dough, in, say, a press outlet environment, the "Author" tag (does HTML still utilize that?) or something similar could be read in order to pay one's journalists, on a rev share basis... I suppose this is nothing new - the real innovation here being that there can be multiple payment receipt endpoints and that a share percentage could be established, upfront, before the money entered into one entity and then had to be further split, from there. Some interesting tax benefits/scenarios with that, also...
  6. This is an inelegant implementation - hacky - but it works... and "revenue splitting" certainly opens up some new avenues for thinking about how to incent adoption in the future.

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