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  2. "Anything under a dollar." Not only is this good advice for when to buy XRP, it also describes some of XRP's best use cases. Any machine that requires you to put coins into it would benefit from accepting XRP as payment. Things like: "Coins into cash" like Coinstar, arcades, pay phones, parking meters, laundromat, vending machines, slot machines, bus rides, kiddie rides (the coin operated children's ride in front of the supermarket or at the mall) If all of these accepted XRP instead of coins it would mean: 1. less maintenance 2. more accurate micro-payment options (down to the second or fractions of a penny) 3. less security risk (no actual money inside) 4. more convenient (no need to have exact change) Having a coin machine at the airport or international border so I can exchange all unused currency for XRP would be awesome! Homeless people and street performers could have cardboard signs with QR Codes. The advantage is transparency. You could check their account transactions to see if they're "earning" more than you before donating to them. Have you ever been to San Francisco and had the pleasure of visiting the Musée Mécanique? http://museemecaniquesf.com/ They have a collection of coin-operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade machines that are pretty amazing. My prediction, is that we will see something very similar becoming very popular in the near future, with the use of electronics instead of mechanics, XRP instead of coin-operated, and the integration of AI much like we're seeing now with all the robot toys and robot use cases in the domestic and industrial service industries. And the micro-payment capabilities of XRP could open up a whole new world of conveniences such as bypassing lines, queues, or traffic. (and many others I've posted already) The list goes on and on.... I mean, let's keep it going. These are just a few ideas. What other silly or amazing ideas am I missing? Please post below
  3. If transferring money instantly to anyone around the world for free isn't enough for you, check out what else you can do with your XRP's: Looking to buy stuff? Check out the merchant list at: https://www.coinpayments.net/ Also, there's https://bitcoinsuperstore.us/ where you can BUY FROM 200,000+ ONLINE SHOPS Lists of services are suppose to go here: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/38-services/ But there hasn't been much activity, yet or lately. So here's a random list of websites accepting XRP that I found in the XRP Chat Services Marketplace: https://www.snel.com/ https://bookcoinshop.com/ https://www.tritonaquariums.com/ https://spendacoin.com/ https://www.wavejewellery.com/ https://selly.gg/ https://www.cryptomercado.com/ http://drapis.com/ https://www.pexpeppers.com/ http://thaibam.net/ https://hempusa.org/ http://coinhost.io/ https://www.earthvpn.com/ https://torguard.net/ https://xwebhosting.org/ http://instantcpanelhosting.com/ https://www.bolehvpn.net/ https://www.socialtrades.xyz/ https://themarketingheaven.com/ https://upvotes.club/ http://www.venusvaporizer.com/ https://www.vaposhop.com/ https://vapourdepot.com/ https://azarius.net/ https://www.thirdeyesunglasses.com/ (hilarious) There's also a growing "local" community, no matter where you are, that accepts XRP as payment, but very little advertising is being done yet. So, if you like the idea of being able to use it, start asking for it. Free XRP? There are some faucets out there, like: https://coinfaucet.io/ https://xcolander.com/ But the amount you "win" isn't worth the price of registering, IMHO. They also have "mining" options, where you mine other crypto and get paid in XRP. But again, the XRP you receive might not be enough to pay for the electricity used during mining. Your best bet for free XRP is: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/33-competitions-and-giveaways/ How about online gambling? There's a few options out there, but personally, I have a favorite: https://luckygames.io/?ref=21309169 1. No banner ads or spam or anything unprofessional 2. You don't even have to register an email address (but you should if you want a password recovery option) 3. You can deposit and withdraw instantly with your XRP wallet address like God intended 4. They have pretty awesome giveaways, contests, and "rain" in their chat rooms. 5. Lots of great "provably fair" games to choose from with automation features. Warning: This is for entertainment purposes only. I would not recommend attempting any type of "professional gambling" online. These are all available RIGHT NOW! But there's more awesome things being developed as you read this. Coil is available with an invite, which I still am waiting for someone with an invite to post their experiences. For the rest of us, we're on the wait list. https://coil.com/ There's new wallets being developed with lots of cool features. And lots of local businesses and new websites providing various products and services that are in the process of integrating XRP payment options. If you have a website, and you want to accept XRP as payment: https://coingate.com/accept/xrp/ripple And there are still countless more use cases yet to be discovered. Let's keep the conversation going below. What other use cases have you seen, heard of, or thought/dreamt about?
  4. Regardless of the payment method, this is a great idea. I already see my MD online, just go to specialists in the office if I need it. There are other sites where you can request advice of professionals as well, but a single location spanning multiple industries with available video chat would rock. I'd say, review the "Doctor on Demand" website and how it works, and that'll go a long ways in helping you finalize the business model and get an idea of what you'll need to get it off the ground. The most difficult thing will be getting the initial providers of content to sign up, but if you can hit a critical threshold it'll just snowball on itself.
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  6. Great post I think the Debit Card Rails are the key here. I heard the IBM lady mention them in one of her panels with Ripple and Coinbase, I’m going to do some searching but I believe the API for debit card rails could be available publically or through some outside organization.
  7. Maybe I'm completely wrong on this, but I've been researching and researching, and it seems the XRP ledger can "carry" any fiat or crypto, but doesn't actually do any conversions. I think turning crypto into fiat is only done through the crypto exchanges. I know this process has been optimized on the Bitso and Coinsph exchanges, and I've personally verified this on Bitso. (converts crypto>fiat>bank account in seconds) But I don't know if it's the same on Bittrex. I would assume it should be, but I haven't found ANYONE giving personal verification of that, or even personal experiences of any kind. The closest I found on the XRP Chat website was: .....with no replies that I could find. Maybe Joel, or anyone else using Bittrex can testify to the speed of turning crypto into fiat. The real question is, how long does it take to move cryto into fiat using Bittrex? Or any other exchange, for that matter. What's the fastest exchange in the U.S. for turning crypto into fiat? So far, the use case xRapid has been setup for, is moving value FROM U.S. banks TO banks in other countries (like Mexico and the Philippines). It doesn't seem to work as fast yet in the opposite direction. (which is why this has been such a pain point) But let's assume that it does, or at least will soon. We could create our app using Bittrex's REST API to instantly process the conversion to fiat. But I'm not sure how to integrate that with the same Debit Card Rails that Venmo uses to transfer the fiat to the bank account. Venmo might have their own API we could use to facilitate that final step, but I think they might still be working on setting up an API, I don't know. The "Developer" link on Venmo's website is suppose to take you to developer.venmo.com, but that immediately redirects you to the standard "Business" page. Hopefully, someone who knows more about this stuff will chime in soon. There's a lot of questions to be answered before any programming can be started. But you're right. This would be a program that would get a lot of usage, especially as we move forward with mainstream adoption of cryptos. The irony is, if we wanted to make this app in Mexico or the Philippines, we could start today! hahaha Ripple set out to improve upon some of today's most inefficient payment corridors, and by doing so, made them faster, more efficient, and cheaper than the most widely used corridors.
  8. You and I agree that the biggest pain point in crypto is crypto>fiat>bank account. I was just inspired by Venmo’s ease of use in this area (putting fiat into bank accounts quick) and I thought if we created an app like Venmo where it used XRP ledger to turn any crypto into fiat then debit card rails to send the fiat to bank account in seconds. Even offering this for amounts up to like $400 or whatever would IMO net a lot of usage!
  9. That's an interesting use case, and probably one of the easier ones to implement. Personally, I am very lazy and always look for the absolute easiest way to go about things. Steemit already has the infrastructure in place to host a web store like this. They're already setup to commission art work, they might only need a special "privacy" section or something. (beyond the standard NSFW) I browsed their website to see if they had any restrictions on the types of writing or art work that they allow and only found this: "There are no official rules for participating on steemit.com, but one of the users @thecryptofiend has created an Etiquette Guide for the community. While it is not required to follow the suggestions in the guide, they are standards that many users in the community choose to follow." And the only applicable rule.. I mean guideline... in the Etiquette Guide was number three: "03) Don't post nudity or graphic imagery unless you tag it with NSFW" So the only problem with doing this directly on Steemit is that you would NOT get to take advantage of XRP's benefits. Or maybe you were specifically interested in hosting your own web store. In that case, it could be modeled directly off of Steemit's success. (but we get to use XRP... yeah!) Well, there's my take on it anyway...
  10. Yeah, I hear Pornhub is the biggest **** site out there, and they've already started accepting various cryptos. https://www.coindesk.com/pornhub-taps-tron-zencash-crypto-payment-option/ And it makes sense, the added "anonymity" that cryptos provide makes it a better payment choice. The idea of the "Pie" was to allow individuals to work for themselves as you described in every way OTHER THAN online **** or online dating. I think those two are pretty well covered. (or so I'm told... .haha)
  11. This idea is already being implemented for crypto mining, but I haven't seen it really developed for other use cases like the ones you've mentioned. I like the idea of using something like XRP for its micropayment / smart contract capabilities to implement an exact payment system for the processing power per minute used. (meaning an exact micro-fee would be charged for a specific amount of computational resources for every minute their used) I know some developers on this website that are looking for a project just like this one to dive into. I'll see if I can get their input.
  12. LETS never really took off in the United States. Craigslist isn't as popular as it once was, which kind of was used in a similar way in the US. Amazingly enough, Facebook has actually been the go to place for a lot of individuals and communities to create their own local trade economy. But none of the features that LETS have, and Facebook isn't really designed or setup for something like that. So with the ever increasing reliance on the Internet, it is quite possible a new network could be developed to link the current LETS together into one larger, searchable database while also creating a new standardized way of creating new LETS in communities throughout the world. I doubt XRP would be needed for local use, but certainly would be useful internationally with multi-currency transactions. But possibly locally too, utilizing smart contracts for negotiations. Maybe somebody who knows more about this could contribute / help develop this idea.
  13. I’ve been thinking about using Crypto to pay for writing. I have used XBI which is the Privacy Coin i have to pay for some Steemit articles around Privacy which was part of promoting XBI as a Privacy coin. It could also be used for computer art work, not suggesting the Verge type use case, but things that could be controversial in say certain countries. The difference with XRP is that is a fully public system designed for compliance, so I see no reason why we couldn’t open a web store allowing the commissioning of various works.
  14. So, I've been thinking about this, and I love the idea. Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't the simplest solution be to have Venmo add crypto? (something they might already be looking into) When settling transactions, going from crypto to crypto is a snap. Going from fiat to crypto is a little harder, but going from crypto to fiat is a huge pain point, especially in the United States. And it's probably going to get even worse as regulatory clarity and mass adoption push forward. (hopefully, I'm wrong) KYC (know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering), CFT (combating the financing of terrorism) These are HUGE concerns for governments that need to be resolved and standardized, and that just hasn't happened yet. And I think that's slowing down the adoption and integration of crypto into apps like Venmo more than anything else. So, do you think that adding crypto to Venmo would be a solution? (It would probably require an extra step like, "Get Verified" to add crypto) Or are you talking about something completely different that I'm missing?
  15. I had an idea for the "Venmo" of crypto, with a very simple interface that would act as a conduit for holders of crypto to quickly cash out or send fiat directly to each other's bank account and have it settle right then and there. Venmo uses a complex system of IOUs from what I understand, but they ALSO use something called Debit Card Rails to send the money quickly to a user with only their debit card number. Should we look at combining Debit Card Rails with the XRP ledger/exchange and ILP to middleman what is today a huge pain point in crypto experience? I'm not a software engineer but I do have some understanding of technology. Opinions?
  16. What better way to significantly raise the quality of the content on the XRP Chat website? And at the same time, monetarily reward constructive contributors for their informative posts. It's like the next generation of the XRP Tipbot. How it could work: Charging members $0.25 per post (or half a zerp for example), would help deter unnecessary, unproductive posts. Each "topic" would have its own zerp balance that would collect based upon the total number of replies. That balance could then be divided, for instance, 50% for the author of the topic, and 50% divided amongst the "likes" and "thanks" received by contributing posts. (trophies and hearts) So in this model, there wouldn't be a fee for liking a post. But of course, there'd be a "donation" option next to the "like" heart for directly tipping the author of any given post. I don't know if smart contracts would need to be used to implement something like this, but it would be a good experiment / use case to explore, and a good social experiment as well. We could use polls to help get a consensus on implementation and pricing. Starting with this one above. So what do you think?
  17. Sounds good @ThomasTheTGV I admire the idea. They did not teach anything about investing or learning to manage your money when I was in school. I am for sure not going to make that mistake with my kids. Something like your idea would be beneficial to many kids out there.
  18. @legomaracas Thank you for your interest! Yes you could use different complexity/scenarios for different target audiences, may be even all in the same ledger or create separate ledgers and coins for each group/scenario. I hadn't decided on the revenue model yet, but preferably it would be open source and free to use and funding of development is done by companies and/or grants (I'm in Europe). For the how questions: Check out https://www.theworldexchange.net/ and these accompanying video's on youtube. This tackles a lot of the behind the scene technical stuff but we would still need to do lots more things like: Introductory section teaching the basics of trading (or other scenario's) with definition and goals for both the teacher and the pupils I would like to use gamification mechanics to make it more interesting to learn and keep one interested Easy to use environment for both teachers and pupils both mobile and on computer/tablet It would be really cool if environment is protected/shielded BUT via interledger still connected to the outside world. In that way one could collect 'points' which could be traded in for something like an IOU which represents a real value or why not just XRP. At the moment I'm afraid that I'm not really in a position to actively work on the idea, since I work at a different company in a different sector. And in my spare time I'm renovating my kitchen and bathroom. But since I thought it was a good idea (on multiple levels) I wanted to share it here! And @legomaracas... I have to admit it rekindles my enthusiasm again ?‍?
  19. Interesting stuff. I guess the use you've not touched on is the webcam industry, which I'm told is very popular. The use of simple payment options would allow people to work for themselves and charge according to their own unique selling points. They do say that it was adult entertainment which popularised videos and the internet, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see this being one of the first big use cases for the IoV.
  20. Apart from the obvious uses of buying content (whether that be news, videos, music etc), I wonder if there's a market for unused processing power. That way companies/research bodies could tap into people's computers which are sitting dormant, and buy the use of their computers for applications which require huge amounts of calculations (I'm thinking genetics, astronomy, modelling of natural systems etc).
  21. @ThomasTheTGV This is a great idea. In addition to regular kids, Is this geared towards Kids with High Functioning Autism? My eldest is Low functioning Autistic and I don’t know if he would be capable of doing that. I used to be a high school teacher before we decided it would be better for one of us (me) to stay home with the kids. Do you have a specific idea of how you would approach this? Which age group are you targeting? I’m assuming it’s a program that would be for purchase. I’d be interested in helping with the content. Maybe have like a basic introductory section teaching the basics of trading with definition. Kids tend to learn better from seeing. So maybe short videos explaining the basics in addition to the definition. And at the end of each definition/video, a short demo where they can try out e.g. buying, selling etc. To make it more interactive. And then another section explaining the blockchain and how it is used. I’d also have an area guiding them on the criteria for a good investment. And how to spot a poor investment. Then for practice have like 5 or 8 ‘dummy cryptocurrency’ scenarios where pros and cons are described and they have to choose the best crypto for an investment. Then maybe another dummy section where they can pretend to make purchases using a fake wallet. So I have a question here. You said that you also wanted an easy to use interface and wallet for the kids to use. Isn’t that like an exchange? If they are doing it live?
  22. Thats an easy one locla exchange trade economy (LETS) which are quite popular in different parts of Holland.
  23. Thank you for creating this group I also have a few idea's I want to share. The first idea I have is to teach/learn children the value of trading and the blockchain using the Ripple network. This can be done on different levels and age groups. Originally (2014) I thought this up for children that have autism and that are living/working at company I used to work for. But I see more possibilities... An easy to use interface and wallet would be needed for users and teachers. Also different developed scenario's teachers could use and setup for their pupils and management tools to check progress and intervene when needed. Are there any teachers, educational developers, programmers that want to think with me on this?
  24. Thanks for creating this group! I've been extremely busy. This week will be hectic for me, but I'll try organize a few ideas I want to share with the group too!
  25. I've never been able to think of a better name for this, so for now, let's just call it "The Pie" (as in pie in the sky). It is a network of users with profiles, like Facebook or LinkedIn. Each user is offering their services via monetized video chat. (meaning, you pay a very small flat fee or per minute fee) The services would range from basic information providing (Siri or Alexa style, but more complex), to expert advice (professionals drawing upon their experiences to provide instruction, technical support, and insight), to amazing story telling, meeting celebrities, learning new skills, tutoring, or simply meeting new and interesting people. A lot of these ideas are currently available on the web, but almost none are being provided through video chat - the most effective and efficient method of communication. And wouldn't it be amazing to have them all in one centralized, easily searchable location? And yes, anyone and everyone could take advantage of these services, weather by being empowered by having all these services available at one's fingertips, or by providing a unique service to all at a price of one's own choosing. We all have value. Each one of us has something to share and contribute to the Pie. Here are some more specific examples. DIY Assistance: You've decided to install a new faucet in your house, but you've run into a problem. You search the Internet, but there's no YouTube video that addresses your particular situation. You could search through blogs, DIY sites, and the whole Internet all day, but there's no guarantee you'd find any answers. Option 2, call a plumber and pay that price you were trying to avoid in the first place. Or, option 3, check the Pie. You quickly find a professional plumber who's willing to video chat at a very reasonable price, and within minutes you have your solution. And the plumber now has the freedom to work from home, making his own hours, and not actually having to do any plumbing. Family Entertainment: You just watched a WWII movie with the family and you see that your kids are actually interested in knowing more. You check the Pie and find a guy who actually survived the war and is waiting to tell you the story of how he lost his leg. Through your interaction, you find out just how realistic the movie was, and all sorts of other interesting things. Or maybe you finished a different movie and didn't understand the ending. You check the Pie and find a guy who is willing to explain it and answer all your questions to clear up your confusion. Well, I think you get the idea. I could go on and on with countless examples, as I'm sure you could as well. And I think it's pretty obvious how each one of us could use this to make extra cash in our spare time by providing unique services to the online public. My favorite part of this proposed future, is how it will create a whole new dimension of interconnection. Actual human to human interaction - the biggest thing our technological age has removed from society. Now, it can help to bring it back into everyday life in new and exciting ways. So, what am I missing? Would this work, or is it truly just pie in the sky? Does this idea excite you, bore you, what? Let me know your thoughts, and thanks so much for reading.
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