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Thanks for your interest in the Brackish Waters Club. I appreciate your comments and post. With all the pressure of investing we need a place to vent from time to time. Here we post anything that makes us feel better, it may be a picture, it may be a rant about your investment. It may be?? We see it as Brackish Water, or Briny Rants that is a bit more sitcom than typical XRP chat, but not so much as it breaks the waves of the rules. Enjoy!! Contact me with a request to join please.
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  2. Well you were pretty much bang on mate. lol. Was that a stab in the dark or an educated guess???
  3. Ingrid Bergman (she was a famous actress lol) “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”
  4. Where are ya'll at with it? What are your reasonings?
  5. Sorry guys! Left ya'll hangin' in this room! lol. Price prediction?!?! If I'm being honest, I'll be blown away if XRP gets passed $25 anytime in the next 5 years. I'm having a hard time with a lot of the discussions regarding price around here. And don't get me wrong everyone, I HOPE I'M SO WRONG! lol. But, some of it is a little bit rainbow unicorn to me........
  6. I know me too... but I don't think the banks are ready to ramp up just yet and the mainstream investors are not on board as of yet. So only time will tell
  7. lol now your trying to get me in trouble. where is the delete button on this site.
  8. yea I'm with you if I lost all that I invested in XRP it would be the equivalent to our frequent visits to the many restaurants on the weekend.
  9. So something about nothing right?
  10. Hopefully More Peyton, Pray for more I need to retire soon.
  11. My son told me about it, he's in cyber security etc. Kicking the wife in my sleep at night because he told her about it when it was 3 cents. I would have racked up some coin at that price. I've been online since 1995, but I'm no trader of stock etc. However Ripple seems too me pretty clear as the direction it can take cross border payments. Just that alone sold me. All the other uses will be a benefit and hopefully a nice ride. If not I'll call it a expensive hunting trip. LOL
  12. So far so good... As long as I am above ground I am good. I always try to remind my self of those less fortunate, people with handicaps, loss of limbs, poverty, loss of family members ect... We all take our good health and fortune for granted.
  13. having already invested in Bitcoin in 2014 when it was 300 per coin, I googled the top 10 cryptocurrencies and researched it from there.
  14. Road rage is a scary event , here in atlanta it's getting so bad. Plus 4 urber drivers have been shot in the last week. D
  15. Well just yesterday a stupid diesel while in cruise control whipped over into my lane and of course was only going 65 so I had to shut it down. I know they have governors installed by law but if they see a truck approaching there rear at 75 plus they should wait for them to pass instead of cutting them off. And no I did not hold up my middle finger as I passed, after he got the hell out of the way.
  16. Sorry Falcon I cant answer this one lol, I cant remember back to 2015 I'm good to remember what I did yesterday.
  17. "Nothing" for if you don't say something nice like, "Damn baby then your gonna be in trouble.
  18. I have researched this site and the web looking for a simple way to move XRP's from my paper wallet to an exchange. I have yet to find out how. Surely someone can explain this in simple terms that even I can follow. somebody HELP me...This also tells me that there is an opportunity here for someone that is savvy, to said subject, for if that someone was to create a website they would surely have many subscribers thousands which could translate to advertisement income. I really find it hard to believe that there is not a simple site like this already. Can I get an Amen, hallow luia!!
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