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  2. Should be a proud owner of some CSC soon. Was just waiting on the iOS wallet. @T800 Used your referral 👍
  3. https://app.stex.com?ref=03279886 nice one. 03279886
  4. CSC Mobile wallet finally now available in the apple store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/casinocoin-mobile-wallet/id1445016062?mt=8
  5. did you put your address in the explorer to see if it went through? https://explorer.casinocoin.org/ never share your private keys
  6. Hey, Very clever pic I did laugh!! Maybe both not sure, I did manage to transfer from my current exchange to NU.EX last night. It is not showing in my newly created NU.EX account yet. I have never used a foreign exchange so wondering what is the usual transaction time between exchanges. Thanks for your reply
  7. Are you looking to invest in CSC to try to make profits? Or are you wanting to actually use CSC in real-world scenarios for gambling
  8. Hey all Just stumbled across this thread and realised there is 35 pages, interested and wondering if someone can put it in a nutshell for me. so can I can transfer some XRP from my current exchange to an exchange that does casinocoin ? and which one? then can I gamble with the casino coin somewhere ? where Thanks
  9. Its a high risk, huge payoff if it works. and for the price, theres no reason someone cant buy 100,000 to a million and just hold.
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