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Is the FUD on twitter/reddit/youtube getting you down? If not, how about the current XRP price? Come here to complain, whine and express your displeasure with XRP & Ripple!!! Misery loves company!
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  2. Well then you sir are not qualified for the cry room.
  3. I've only joined to say that I am not selling until we hit record highs. Which we will. Only the strong will survive this investment.
  4. XRP is down to $0.5734, should we sell and try and recoup some of our money back?
  5. Not a joke room. This is a cry room. We need a safe haven for those who are not emotionally equipped to invest in speculative technology. This is their sanctuary. I like your idea. If any of the crying leads to fud I will accept that responsibility.
  6. Just stepping in to make a quick comment. If this is another "let's spread fud for fun" then please counter each statement with the facts. This thread will come up on Google searches and we need the facts to be presented, not just the fud side. Joke or not. Thanks!
  7. Whining has become too prevalent even within XRPchat so I've decided we needed a place for it. Big ups to Jasil for inspiring me to start up the club. Most recent complaints: price and swift.... let the whining commence.

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