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A place for everyone in Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland to discuss XRP matters applicable to the UK. Trading sites, UK Partners, Tax laws/tips etc.
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  2. I didn't even know clubs existed and i've been on XRPChat for a while! East London/Essex here.
  3. Anybody know if Revolut’s crypto offerings are CFD’s? This announcement from the FCA is a bit concerning for the XRP that I have there. eToro is CFD platform so I’m guessing UK users of that platform will be affected. Not sure on Revolut though?
  4. Thanks @Flintstone, I'll look that up and get her organised.
  5. Hello @HumphreyBear Revolut (SEPA Transfer) -> Bitstamp is my preferred method and an offline wallet created with Bithomp Tools. You can also buy XRP on Revolut but it is non withdrawable.
  6. Hi guys, I am from Edinburgh but been living in Oz for 20+ years. I have a friend in Scotland who wants to invest in XRP, I have previously mentioned E toro to her ( Blu Coo's tip). I am not sure if she has looked into it yet but I am heading back over next month and will help her get set-up. What sites does everyone else use, she will be a HODLer not a trader. Cheers .
  7. South Manchester here Hello all.
  8. Sorry, I meant 2017, silly mistake , was just days before the big climb began
  9. Hello, welcome. XRP was never @ $0.20 in 2016??!!
  10. Hey everyone, from London Town. Been into XRP since about this time 2 years ago, never really been active on here and have lived on crypto twitter mainly, my handle is @ Jay_jay_semple and it would be cool to meet and get to know all of you guys. What excites me the most about XRP is the type of people I think that the community is, and what effect on the world we will all make when our horse comes in. So nice to meet you all, looking forward to getting to know you all a little better
  11. Just a little south of Durham for me ... held XRP since early December 2016 (got in at $0.20 originally, averaging about $0.42)
  12. I have added my bank a/c to Bittrex, who allow fiat withdrawal straight to your bank. If XRP really goes to the moon I am thinking of opening an offshore account, parking the funds there. This will give me time to decide how best to deal with the tax implications.
  13. Following, I have a Wirex as I am in the UK but would love to have another plan in place. Best laid plans ahead and would like to know other ways to cash out.
  14. Buy & sell XRP/GBP. I have just finished the verification process with CoinField but have not used them yet. Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your CoinField account has been approved by our AML/KYC compliance team! Your verification level has been set to 6, which means your new deposit and withdrawal limits are $2M USD per day, or the equivalent amount in one of our other available currencies (£1,571090 at today's rates). https://coinfield.com/ref/0/IDBBBA24269E
  15. WIREX Transfer fiat to Wirex card - Minutes Exchange Fiat to XRP - seconds / No Fee Send XRP to Nano Ledger - Safe HODL Send Xrp from Nano Ledger to Wirex XRP account - Seconds Exchange XRP to Fiat - Seconds / No Fee Spend using Wirex Card or Hold fiat on Wirex card. https://wirexapp.com/
  16. I thought Leachkin sounded familiar. About 4 months ago I actually moved a woman from Inverbervie to Leachkin Drive in Inverness where she was going to stay with friends. I've now forwarded this on to her specifically since she may still be around this area. If not, she will most definitely still be in touch with the friends who stayed there. I know this is probably one of the first things the police will have done to try and narrow down the search, but did she have a "find my iphone" or "find my android" app on her phone? Even if she didn't have either of those apps, maybe she had a google account. Google (by default) track your phones location and can often provide information of it's last location. I do believe her google account username and password will have to be known to access this, but someone may know. Maybe she is still logged on in a laptop/tablet she has? Also, another avenue to check would be Tinder. See if she had any contact or made any plans with any strangers recently? Probably just stating a load of obvious ideas, but you never know...
  17. Thanks @BluKoo There's another article from a local papers website that contains a good description of Jade: The family of a missing teenager have said they are extremely worried for her well-being and have appealed for their ‘precious girl’ to get in touch. Nineteen-year-old Jade McGrath was last seen in Inverness yesterday afternoon. Her family who live in Carrbridge have not heard from her since the previous day. They said she has been suffering from extreme anxiety. Mother Sam Taylor, who is well-known in the area as a fitness instructor, said: “We are appealing to the public to help us find our missing daughter, Jade. “She is very unwell and has been missing since Tuesday afternoon. We have seen and heard nothing since she disappeared. “We are out of our minds with worry and we just want to know what has happened to her.” She said: “Jade went missing with no phone or money, nothing except the clothes she was wearing. "Her parka is long, khaki green, with a big fluffy hood. She has a grey long sleeve cotton top on with a frilled neck and she was wearing black leggings. “She was wearing black and white Nike trainers and black socks. "She is very petite.” Jade has some distinct tattoos. Mrs Taylor said: “She has an Alice in Wonderland themed tattooed sleeve on her forearm, a small diamond tattoo on her hand and spade, heart, diamond, club tattoos on her fingers. Her hair doesn't have as much blue in it now as it did in the photo - it is whiter now with dark roots.” Jade has been living at Aanside house in Aviemore for the past few months. Prior to that she lived with her family in Carrbridge Mrs Taylor made a plea directly to the public: “Someone must have seen her somewhere over the past 24 hours. Please help us to find our precious girl.” Police Scotland said that Jade was last seen in the Leachkin area of the city yesterday early afternoon. She is described as being about 5ft 1in and of slim build, with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone with information which could help locate Jade is asked to call 101, quoting reference NN12175/18.
  18. Sharing this on behalf of @CT99
  19. Revolut is simple enough, but you can't transfer XRP in or out. But you can exchange GBP to EUR at the real exchange rate and transfer Euro's from there to Bitstamp for free.
  20. Where is good to buy? Just got verified and Binance, to find still can't deposit - damn!
  21. For my crimes Southampton c/o my old man.
  22. I'm West Sussex aswell, not to far from Worthing ?
  23. Another point id like to add when it comes to tax planning this. A couple of smart people have posted how you can make best of your annual tax alouances and lower tax thresholds (if any) by only selling so much per year. Thats all good and well if the investments value dosent drop out of the sky and leave you with less than you would have if you'd just sold and payed the tax. Ofcoarse its difficult as we dont have a crystal ball but if you have a target and you can hit it even after paying full tax then personally id take it. Ideally with some xrp still in play for more gains but dont let greed bite you in the a***.
  24. Yep that was pretty darn close, well done sir. And absolutley fine by me. Iv factored in paying 20% on everything so any less within certain brackets is a bonus. I see read in many areas of this space people talking of trying to avoid this altogether, i cannot stress enough how bad a move that would be. Ofcoarse we would all prefer not to pay tax but its just the way it is. Pay it and enjoy your earnings with peace of mind.
  25. This is bang on @Flintstone, that is until a future government realise how much tax they can sting us for and makes some special ruling on crypto profits! I hope that with regulation and institutional money coming in, that crypto gets treated more like shares in terms of taxation since the big money companies will lobby hard to not pay taxes as always!

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