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  2. Please do share about these experiences. I am very interested! I love a good experiment!
  3. You are very welcome and I am happy to have a seat at the round table with all of you zerp-knights! It's definitely a fun theme and a very cool time period to look back on.
  4. Not sure. I only ever heard of him around 7 years ago after stumbling upon "area51 caller" incident.
  5. I have flashbacks to almost 20 years ago when I couldn't sleep at night at times so I would turn coast to coast radio on with Art Bell and listen to him talk about shadow people. He was awesome... didn't I see he just passed away recently?
  6. They're transparent so not sure if they even have a gender. Only their eyes and hooded cloaked silhouettes were clearly visible. Anyways... Thank you @Paulo for creating this club and making it open. Mideival themes are my kinda thing.
  7. Just don't post any pictures of naked shadow people and we're ok!
  8. What about experiences with shadow people after experimenting with sleep deprivation (120 hours without sleep)?
  9. Not unless WU went live with a few other cryptos
  10. Here is some historical data from 4/7 - 4/17 The volume pretty much tripled from 4/11 - 4/12 from roughly 300,000,000 - 1,300,000,000. The volume is down but the price is up... which leads me to believe the current price is an effect of mostly speculation rather than mostly utility. That's my analysis anyway, I could be wrong though. I am not a very technical person when it comes to these things but I am learning.
  11. WU? What do we all think? Someone smarter than me tell me how volume looks.
  12. But Ripple are not going after the biggest banks. I believe they are targeting banks that are willing to take an innovative leap, even if they aren't in the top 10-20 biggest banks in the world. They just need to be recognizable brands in their respective countries/regions. I think that once another 20 similar projects to the Santander one become public, Ripple has hit critical mass.
  13. Individual businesses, in Europe alone there are 8000 banks operating (mind you, this is ALL types of banks). Though obviously there are a lot of small banks that nobody has ever heard of. My guess is that Ripple doesn't need to convince the small banks, who will just follow what the big boys do. Maybe the critical mass is 200 banks, if you go after the biggest banks globally.
  14. So the club is basically a filter to see who can find the Clubs functionality of the forums
  15. I think we should be careful with assumptions that rippled v1 will automatically bring a change to xRapid and its status or the existing pilots. I think we'll need to wait a bit for updates to xCurrent and xRapid and I expect a big xCurrent announecement before we hear anything about xRapid.
  16. Brad has a very solid poker face.... The rest of them are itching to let the cat out of the bag ?
  17. Ryan Zagone always very active on Twitter whenever there's anything similar about to come out from any organization. Quite quiet the rest of the time. Just another confirmation of how Ripple are putting efforts in the right places compared to some other projects. I get this feeling often with different Ripple employees where they look so excited and proud about what they do and really want to say things that they aren't allowed to yet.
  18. *cough* Codius *cough*
  19. Did someone say purloinbase!?!?!?! @@@@/&/&::);&-@187was jdhdjsll
  20. Guest

    What is...?

    The potato....hahahaha! They do seem like they would be a little less than bright...
  21. good question! I wouldn't be surprised if it was released by the end of this week either. They are moving fast. Version 1.0 should (hopefully) be live sometime during the first week of May. I am very curious if WU is waiting for Version 1.0 to go live to make their official announcement. I'm shocked Ripple didn't put out their Q1 Reports today.
  22. So any idea when Version 1.0.0-b5 will be released and what that will do for the volume as they test it out further? I'm guessing it will be sometime next week, but would NOT be surprised if it was this week. As for the volume I could see it bringing us up past a dollar easily.
  23. That sounds very healthy and satisfying! Much healthier than the cheeseburger I had.

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