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Open group for New Yorkers interested in learning about, discussing and navigating the crypto world from a NY state of mind.
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  2. I'm fairly new to the crypto world, but i have nightmares about discussing btc with friends back in 2011. @Mercury thanks for all your participation, I've learned a lot from your posts
  3. Well, I guess the biggest thing for me is how NY is a leader in financial, and therefore crypto, regulation. Other jurisdictions either whitelable NY solutions or just change a few things. I recall when covering the Canadian Senate working group on crypto that they travelled to NY to study BitLicense which was just being released at that time. By studying NY's approach and the extended consequences we can get a glimpse at the not so distant future when similar solutions are adopted more widespread.
  4. Hi guys, i put out this together to give New Yorkers a place to learn about their options, discuss changes to the crypto world, and what meet ups to plug into. Let me know what ideas or questions you guys have to make this relevant.

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