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I own a time machine (bought it on eBay) and traveled to 2023. This is how everything will happen:

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  2. according to this, XRP should start to go up soon. come on timeline! be right for once
  3. Now, why did you think I put that DeLorean on eBay? (Because it ran right, all the time?) New ones: https://www.newdelorean.com/october-2018-low-volume-production-update/
  4. if you can wait, and if it happens, the safest way for you to cash out XRP is to wait for XRP to be accepted by banks for you to simply deposit XRP into your account. could be years.. decades perhaps
  5. i think eventually most people wont be able to afford to buy 500 XRP
  6. Looks like XRP is NOT going to cooperate with the space-time continuum and will not be closing the year at .93 cents ..slight blow to my barely present ego "hey XRPto50?".. "Yeeesss?"
  7. Now.. i know what everyone is thinking... that i reEEeaaly dont have a time machine and that EOY wont close at .93. quit your fussing and just hold. it aint hard.back in my day all we had were Fords... ..so we had to walk everywhere.
  8. i definitely time traveled. im fairly confident it wasnt .39 and i read it backwards
  9. If we see 0.93 I will be impressed. Not because I think we won't, just because it means you really did travel in time.
  10. .93 cents... cutting it close here ...annny time now .. 50 days left ..Plenty of time
  11. .60 by Oct 10 followed by price increase to .93? ✅ Check. And thats that...again. ONWARD!
  12. we have 93 days until 12/31/2018 to hit the .93 cent mark..
  13. .60 by Oct 10 followed by price increase to .93? IMPOSSIBLY possible ..i have no life
  14. we'll definitely know by December 31st if the recent run was the start of a price increase, or just another annoying start to further price drops. im still confident we'll close in the .90s due to pending news, baseless gut feelings, and actually seeing it during my time travels.
  15. Don't know, but I heard him complaning his Rolex Oyster Perpetual was running too fast
  16. Okay, but what did the cosmonaut say regarding XRP price?
  17. time travel is not impossible. science refers to it as 'time dilation' because its a more acceptable, user-friendly term. sergei krikalev, a russian cosmonaut spend over 800 days in space on the international space station. when he came back, time recording devices were about .03 seconds in the FUTURE compared to the same clocks on earth... and this is fact. i hate when people call time travel science fiction because it actually DID occur in our lifetime. think about it this way, if a known person on the ISS travels about 5 miles per second for slightly over two years comes back to earth milliseconds in the future... what would happen if we traveled 1000 miles a second? 10,000? ... we'd be even further in the future.
  18. obviously you were guessing of course. time travel is impossible. but then again.. with the downward pressure felt for all of 2018... the probability of BOTH XRP reaching .70 with only 9 days remaining in the month... its quite remarkable especially since you said XRP would hit .70 back in MARCH considering the days involved from when you first predicted .70 back in March through today, including the variable of Price having to equal .70 within that timeframe, AND considering the variable of price dropping over 87% from its all-time high, you had a .000034% chance of getting it correct.
  19. thanks. of course, i cant take all the credit. my time machine was part of it as well
  20. back in march you predicted September closing at .70. if it happens i will honestly wonder if you have some form of time machine ?
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