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Welcome to the '2theMoon! For Real' The Club! This club is to organize, track and participate in the project sending XRP to the moon.

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    Agree with all of the above, and I do deeply "heart" everything Canadian, or almost everything.
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    At least all the great Pens captains are Canadian, but as for the team itself... They broke my heart last year. Beating Ottawa in double over time in game seven in a Stanley Cup series...
  4. Project Overview

    yeah......???????? Diehard Crosby/Pens fan, sorry dude.....
  5. Project Overview

    Seriously. You're going there?
  6. Project Overview

    This is soooo cool, thanks, @Mercury. And I just read this about the DHL Moonbox project: "DHL will be in charge of the outbound delivery and transport to Astrobotic in Pittsburgh (USA), where the little packages will be stored for safekeeping until the first lunar mission." My hometown!!! WOO-HOO! First the Stanley Cup, and now THIS??
  7. First purchase was the coins that @Mercury is minting. My second purchase was the telescope that I used to take this sweet moon photo. My friend offered me a really good price considering what he's put into it, AND he let me pay him in XRP. I gave him a slip of paper, showed him how to check the account balance, and told him never to type in the secret key. I gave him the option to sell back the slip of paper in 2 years time, for the agreed purchase price in USD or equivalent XRP market price in USD in 2 years, whichever was greater. He's not a crypto-investor and I doubt he'll try and cash it out, but he stands a chance of earning enough for a much nicer telescope in 2 years.
  8. Just to wet your Thanksgiving appetite... here is a pic I snapped outside my dentist office this morning- You know you live in Canada when a turkeys can be found in the middle of the Capital. What really made LOL was the grocery store a couple blocks away had ran out for frozen turkeys...
  9. Project Overview

    Update I just completed the purchase of a silver medallion to donate as a wallet for the MoonBox!
  10. I am purchasing the silver coin this batch to act as the wallet for the MoonBox.
  11. Duties and Officers

    Made up a little press release just to have something on hand if need be: I like @Dennissuggestions. I have been tad distracted with the coins themselves, but the big what is next question is a good one to have.
  12. Duties and Officers

    Great idea. I am with you on this one. Something with the speed and reliability in relation to the rocket moon mission (can be added to point 1) Economic Crisis Prevention Tool (ECPT certified ) Star Trek, Sci Fi, an IOV, liquid assets, a new world.. to boldly go where few man have gone before.....
  13. I like the idea of keeping the wallet open. Who knows, one day we could use it as a scholarship program or some sort of grant fund that people can both donate to and bid for based on a myriad of qualifying options. Another thought - Assume that CNBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC, CNN, etc will be covering this topic. What message do we want to send outside of the awesomeness of sending XRP to the Moon? Do we want to have another layer to the story? Something that educates people about XRP and Ripple? Crypto in general? Here's a rough outline of my point: 1. XRP to the moon! - Neat idea - a little gimmicky but the cool factor outweighs the gimmick (if this is the only message i think it will be the new BTC pizza) 2. The Versatility of digital currency - showing how donations can be tracked, etc. (important but there needs to be a reason people should care) 3. The other side of digital money raising - Philanthropy (the more i think about this the more I think this is a critical piece) 4. Open to suggestions... It has been my experience that the best way to plan for success is to think with the end in mind, and over plan for every scenario. I think we have a tremendous opportunity here regardless of how much attention it gets, and as such we should come up with an end goal, and plan everything so it aligns with that goal. Wow, so that was a longer post than I originally expected. Interested in hearing feedback.
  14. If you have not done so please visit this post: I mention I will personally purchase one coin for use in the MoonBox. Some additional facts and info: For the first batch I will purchase a silver coin. If the batch sells incredibly fast (before the MoonBox deadline) I am willing to partner with other member to upgrade this to a gold version. In the event we do not meet the pre-order limits we will revert back to a paper wallet as designed by the community- the MoonBox has been purchased and will be sent be assured- it is not held hostage to the coins success Also note that in the near future a paper wallet that can pre loaded will also be released. Ideally the art work will also come form the community- perhaps one of the deigns already released
  15. Project Overview

    Sept. 23 Update An announcement in the main forum will be released shortly on another 2theMoon development.
  16. such a cool initiative! great for raising awareness around ripple and xrp... marketing gurus, do you think we should have any sort of strategy with regards to promoting this story? would be cool to have a link to a really basic landing page showing the certificate or mission objective or something like that, that would be easy to share on social media.. or maybe @hodor can do a write up on it (if you havent already!) so we can share a link to his blog - that way people can access all the other awesome information that is on there at the same time! any thoughts?
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    This shows a lot about the community. It's very exciting. If anyone else heads up another xrp, promo, awareness project, count me in as a sponsor.
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    Yes! There is tracking too! https://www.astrobotic.com/moon-box
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    This is exciting! 🌚🌜
  20. Project Overview

    Looking forward to sending some of my XRP to the moon once the wallet details have been worked out.
  21. Just received the MoonBox in the mail (see the Project Overview thread for more details), again, a big thank you for all you contributed! This thread will now be locked, stay tuned for the next stages!
  22. Project Overview

    Sept. 13 Update The MoonBox has landed! A very nice and shiny box with embossed gold logo and type. Included in the parcel was a shimmery certificate (seen below). For those that can't make it out it says: This certificate officially recognizes XRP CHAT Space Pioneer For a moon capsule reservation on Astrobotic's Lunar Lander. Fine print: Moon Capsule shall be placed on the moon in perpetuity. More paperwork! Besides a introductory letter there was a list of things not allowed to be included (the Luners have strict gun control laws apparently). Finally there was a small map of the landing spot and a reminder to test out the size of the item to be sent.
  23. Project Overview

    Sep 8 Update Just received notice that DHL has picked up the MoonBox for delivery. Expected delivery is Sept. 11.
  24. Project Overview

    Boom! Ordered and expected arrival date is in 5-8 weeks