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An area to assist those who are performing, looking to learn or want to discuss the Technical Analysis (TA) side of XRP.
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  2. Hey TA Gurus, i have a pretty stupid question. I use a brutal simple MA10 and MA20 ( offset -2) indicator. Does the angle of these 2 lines represent the strengh of the coming upwards/downwards movement? Thank you in advance! For better explanation i have enclosed two examples.
  3. @JaseEffect https://www.youtube.com/user/Trading212/videos
  4. The Data Dash stuff is good... it's kind of how I dipped my feet. I would also recommend what @RiverSong has suggested and look at the top traders on Trading View for their views and expertise. I usually try do my own analysis and see if it matches up with what others are saying on there.
  5. @JaseEffect , a great (but a bit old video) on the candlestick patterns.
  6. I've been following this person for a few months: https://www.tradingview.com/u/MarcPMarkets/ He doesn't cover XRP, but he often provides a lot of insight into why he draws support and resistance lines where he does. I'll sometimes make predictions in the context of ETH and see how it lines up with his projected zones. The experience came in handy during the last XRP correction. There's also a lot of "philosophical guidance", if you will, to help keep perspective in both bear and bull markets.
  7. Just looking to take a few self-paced TA instructions. Anyone have or know where one can find such things?

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