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A feel-good to-the-moon place where vague hype and not-necessarily-valid sensationalist conjectures about the success of Ripple and XRP can be freely expressed without judgement
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  2. Agreed, and so be it. Miguel stated in the recent Korean conference that their primary focus right now is liquidity and not the price, and because of this focus they are doing a fantastic job of getting the XRP's out of their hands into the world by selling off into the markets. They'll deny controlling the price because that's just not palatable no matter how you spin it, but the combination of their confession to selling XRP's on the open market to finance their global expansion ("No, we wouldn't be cash-flow positive without the XRP sales", Brad G, http://fortune.com/2017/10/23/bitcoin-ripple-brad-garlinghouse/ despite contrarian occluded statements by @JoelKatz "I think I definitively shot down any "Ripple has to sell XRP to pay its employees and keep the lights on" claim" https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/10544-question-ripples-distribution-vs-ico/?do=findComment&comment=105752), and their obvious restraint in continued purchasing (bots?) when the price goes lower than .20, is quite clearly price manipulation, whether a consequence of, or directly motivated. Point is however, they're cementing in their product. We all want to move into the XRP skyscraper before it's even finished the foundation. They're making the foundation as wide as possible before they start adding floors. If they let the price go up now, then it would be a chimney that could only go so high before it falls over. They want the Dubai Burg, and that foundation takes time. So if anyone feels frustrated at how long it's taking. Just ask yourself where you'd like to be in 3 years, on the top of a smoke stack, or on top of this:
  3. I just had a one-night stand with her twin sister. She has bigger blocks, but after doubling my money in just one night, I just ditched her too. Back to my first love
  4. Bitcoin was my first love. Found out she's a heavy smoker and ditched her.
  5. Its just so frustrating when the price is not moving but when you look at their goal its is surely on the long haul
  6. Wheres the continuation? I like it
  7. Yeah. Perhaps a tad harsh. It actually really boggled my mind how close the two creation stories lined up... It practically wrote itself
  8. @Mercury Mic Drop That was amazing. I actually really like Joyce from all the times I've spoken with her, but this was freaking hilarious. 10/10
  9. "Walter, it's getting late. I've got better things to do than to have religious discussions with you."
  10. Thus ends Beta from the Book of Ripple. We can go into a verse by verse study if you like before starting the next section
  11. From the Book of Ripple as transcribed by Mercury by Mount SWELL Beta Chapter 1 1In the beginning Fugger created a personal credit and decentralized exchange, and he named it RipplePay. 2And RipplePay was without form, and void; and users were lacking on the network. The code of Fugger was upon the net, but the net knew him not. 3Out of the South of the Never Ending Sun strode Jed. Jed was a mighty prophet in those days and often spoke through a donkey of E. Jed saw the RipplePay, that it was good: and Jed handed the task of a Great Working to coders. 4And Jed called the Arch Coders Arthur and David. 5In those days there was much evil and waste in the world of Bitcoin. Now Jed and his Arch Coders structured and walked the wilderness, smiting the Evils of mining as they went, but the work was hard. Many of the world of Bitcoin mocked them, and cried foul and evil things upon them. Jed then called upon wise and gentle Larsen to speak to the winds of business, to calm them and provide sanctuary, that he and his Arch Coders may continue their work. 6Fugger gazing upon the world of nets saw the work of these Righteous souls, and was pleased. For although the net knew him not, it might yet know his Work and he gifted his Work upon the Righteous to do what they will with it. And with his Work taken care of Fugger retired to the stars to rest. Chapter 2 1Now Jed, guided by Larsen, caused a Temple to be constructed to house the Work of Fugger and that of the Arch Coders. Many a year did they labour on it and filled it with the toil and sweat of their brow. The name of this Temple came to be known as OpenCoin and it pleased Jed. Coders came from far to the South of the Never Ending Sun to glory in the Work and spread the gospel. 2Jed and the Arch Coders now caused there to come into being XRP, the substance of the Word, so that it might better facilitate the spread of the gospel. And Jed joined Larsen with breathing life into XRP and they each took a portion onto themselves, clothing and preparing for battles ahead in the name of the Word. 3Man began to praise the Work, for it allowed them speak freely with one another and to share Credit. Kings from the distant lands of Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and nearby kingdoms sent tribute to glory the Work and named it Ripple. And the wise and gentle Larsen made peace with many and many were they that hailed him as the true Judge and Leader of the Temple OpenCoin. 4Jed's heart begin to darken and the praise of Larsen became as salt on a wound. The Work became as a burden to Jed and he sought comfort and distraction in the arms of a daughter of Freestyle Capital, she called Joyce and an evil praticianier of Law. 5Such was nature of the lust between them that Jed saught to install Joyce as high Priestess in the Temple causing much fear and confusion. 6Black was the heart of Jed, even as he witnessed the fear and confusion he did not see and he was deaf to the pleadings of advisors. 7Final it came to fruition and upon the urgings of those around him Larsen finally arose and cast Jed out of the temple alongside the daughter of Freestyle Capital, banshing them from before his face and he alone guided the Word of Ripple. 8Jed was filled witha fearsome rage and and in his anger he proclaimed a sale of fire. Although banshed from the Temple Jed was still full of the substance of the Word of Ripple called XRP and he smote the people of the Word. 9Such was the destruction wrecked by Jed that many perished or were greatly diminished. The power of XRP turned against its purpose further corrupted Jed so that he took on the appreance of his new inner nature. And these are his signs; by forked tongue will he command but few listen, by envy will he be guided by but not see, and a domain of shadow and false lights will he rule. 10Again Larsen was to forced to act not to his gentle nature but directed good and pure Law towards Jed to slow and halt his wrath. 11Although he resisted mightly Jed had not the strength to resist, and chains of bindings were placed upon him. The substance of the Word XRP could not be removed but could be made to no longer harm the people of the Word. 12Joyce was unhappy and whispered in the ear of Jed. She itended to be twined to a Prince of the Temple and not to a cast out fettered leper. With his last remnants of goodness Jed took what was left to him of the Word of Ripple and caused a great Workings, to create an idole in the image of Ripple, a clone and disgusting highplace and named it Stellar after the lofty position he was cast from. 13Again Jed and his consort Joyce attacked the people of the Word of Ripple, not with sales of fire or with the substance XRP, but with a whisper, a shadow and wiles. And many were decieved and fallen away into following the fallen Prophet to his new dark Temple and altar of Stellar.
  12. I solemnly pray to Zerperys of House Ripple, the First of her Name, Khaleesi of the Great Cross Border, Slayer of Lifting Fees and Mother of Interledger..
  13. Let me be the first to publish into my satirical channel. Without a doubt, XRP will moon, but not immediately. I'm basing this on gut-instinct, not much more; but it was my gut instinct that turned my $0 into a pile of self-mined BTC, then ETH turned it into a lot more, and now XRP is going to be my next exponentiation of wealth. I haven't been wrong in my bets yet for one solid reason: I understand both the tech, and investing psychology. There's been ups and downs along the way (like the time I panic sold half my ethereum because I was too drunk at the time to control my emotions, ugh), but for the most part, hodling a high quality coin is the answer unless you have a monte carlo-proven strategy executed by a bot; which most of us don't (but I am working on mine). BTC was first, ETH came next...Ripple's time is now. XRP is Ripple's icing, so be most certain that once all their hard footwork takes hold, XRP will follow like a rocket and they will make sure of it. There is nothing that really defines XRP's upper limit, despite all the calls to market cap and 100B coins. Anybody here remember when Bitcoin was $30? I do. A lot of people back then were criticizing it's inflated value, citing it as worthless because you couldn't do anything with it. That was 2012-ish. 5 years later and it's over 130 times that value and going strong despite all its limitations and forks. XRP is BTC 5 years ago, and common people are starting to take notice, particularly because of this onslaught of amazing cross-spectrum positive news leading up to Swell. The media blitzkrieg is unprecedented in altcoin history, and it seems to me that the market will pounce on XRP as a consequence. Sure there will be profit-taking in Elliot wave fashion, but stay the course and hodl
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