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This club will be used as a repository for all SWELL news, coverage and comments during the SWELL event
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  2. I dont believe it. Personally im of the mindset that if you have an opinion it needs to be backed up. OP said a bunch of stuff with no direct references.
  3. I'm late to the party, but last night I turned the comments off to see what it would look like.
  4. You/we are NOT the target market... so I’m betting they are doing their job
  5. True. Sadly enough. But if it’s true and there was partnering FOMO then that was one of the only little gems for me as an outsider from Swell. Marketing and PR department have to do serious evaluation and draw conclusions.
  6. and that wasn't actually said during the conference #mega#fail
  7. After reading all the FUD I’ve come to the conclusion that the ONLY thing that matters about SWELL is that the invited participants will take a positive message about Ripple back to their organisations. I also believe that in the early days (before the altcoin rises of earlier this year) it was great that those linked to the company bothered to engage the speculator community here, but today that community is far less concerned with a long term vision and more interested in quick gains (which aren’t necessarily good for the long term) so the type of engagement has changed and the Ripple employees should probably not bother. If you are interested in a long term investment that will see many more ups and downs then XRP is probably as good a hold if not better than any. If you want quick gains then you might find yourself chasing pumps, but should probably stick to other coins and not bother actually coming here. No one is forcing anyone to invest in XRP. Simple solution if you are unhappy is cut your losses or bank your gains and go!
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  9. I like Joel Katz saying there was FOMO in partnering Ripple.
  10. https://swell.ripple.com/wp-content/themes/swell/img/party/baml.png https://swell.ripple.com/wp-content/themes/swell/img/party/mufg@2x.png https://swell.ripple.com/wp-content/themes/swell/img/party/rbc@2x.png https://swell.ripple.com/wp-content/themes/swell/img/party/sat@2x.png https://swell.ripple.com/wp-content/themes/swell/img/party/sc@2x.png https://swell.ripple.com/wp-content/themes/swell/img/party/wp@2x.png
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  12. You got it And this is confirmed. I was on the zerppub discord when it happened. JK is pretty active there.
  13. Great find! As a web developer I need to remind myself to view sourcecode more often. I don't want to be overly optimistic about this find, as this is what often happens when designs get mocked up and sent for approval. It may be a miss communication between design and web, as designs take liberties that need to be pulled back once in production. But there might be a small chance that the developers know more then we do, and simply commented out the code to be used for later.
  14. Interested in hearing opinions on the best things heard or happening at Swell so far. I didn't get to listen in much on Day 2. On Day 1, I loved the last panel (The Real Deal With Digital Assets) and listening to Ripple SVP, Patrick Griffin, lead the dialogue - guy is no doubt very smart and entertaining to listen to. The best part from that session IMO was his suggestion that the price of XRP must be orders of magnitude higher. What's been your favorite nugget?
  15. Hi guys, not sure if this was already mentioned anywhere, but I just found this commented out in the source code on https://swell.ripple.com/agenda/ (after the Steve Miller Band): The logos are: - Bank of America / Merryl Lynch, MUFG, RBC, Santander, Standar Chartered, Westpac. Would this fall under the big announcement, or is this something we already know? Most of these partners are known, but maybe this could be some announcement of things going live? (fingers crossed)
  16. Pardon my ignorance what is FOMO? Fear of missing out?
  17. Well last day to hope for a chewed bone like the hungry dogs we are.
  18. Guys, let's imagine you invite some people that you would like to make business with to a three days party. i guess you would spread the good news at the very beginning or even very shortly before because it would put you in a much better position to negotiate on the time remaining. The good news y'all are still waiting for was the Gates-news. sorry to say, but there will be no good news today. keep hodl on. too late to sell.
  19. I didn't say it would raise the price of XRP, rather, it's the exact opposite -- the news is expected to be underwhelming and disappoint those that have high expectations. So if anything, prices will probably fall on its announcement (or post-event). Time to brace for it.
  20. This. Can't understand everyone bashing when we are only 2 days in to a 3 day conference. I'll hold my opinion until it's all over.
  21. The fact is that you guys haven't allowed the full time to elapse yet.... wait until the horse race is over before you start divvying up wins and losses.

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