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Price discussion and technical analysis, buying and selling considerations for all Alt-coins (including Bitcoin and Ethereum).

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  2. Hey @T800. It doesn't half feel like you are schilling CSC a lot here. . . . .. for which I would like to say a huge Thanks!!! Trebled my investment in a month, which has eased the pain of waiting for XRP somewhat! And it still feels like very early doors on CSC :-) Will buy you a drink one day ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Unless we retrace on BTC, I'd expect a good bounce here, similar to what we just saw on XRP. VeChain is also painting a very similar chart.
  4. This is Disney's coin. Obviously I am not an investment advisor, but go to https://dragonchain.com/ and decide for yourself
  5. Not sure if this has been reported here already. If it has, I'll take this down.Let me know. I've been expecting some politicians to come down on the side of Roubini and Stiglitz and the Warren Buffett/Charlie Munger mafia. I view this as possibly serious. Hopefully it won't get traction. Some powerful people are scared witless of cryptos, and the truth is that they should be...because it threatens their monopoly.
  6. Sry. Disagree. The question is what if you invest today? Ripple/XRP is more mature (partners, network, presence, size) so that imho makes it a less risky investment. On the other hand the upside potential of CSC is huge. Don't choose. HODL both
  7. XRP. Because the only sensible way to calculate this is from the very first price, not todays price.
  8. @mariusthegreat That was in response to the allegations that Ontology and Neo are scams. Yeah their prices are down, but no more than XRP. Is XRP as scam? So yeah it aged very well. Tether a scam?? We'll see. I need more proof than allegations by the NYAG who is doing this purely for political reasons and has no business attempting to regulate this space. In the next bull run Ontology and NEO will be running along with bitcoin. Let's remember these posts cause when the next bull run happens I'll post a pic of my lambo with the licence plate "NEO-ONT"
  9. Completely agree, garbage! Supply chain rubbish; I recently asked on a forum and to them on twitter โ€œwhat is the point of the coinโ€ not one cohesive answer. 100% Scam!
  10. Do you think pricing re-evaluations across the board https://cointelegraph.com/news/coinmarketcap-to-remove-exchanges-from-calculations-if-they-dont-provide-mandatory-data creates a crash catalyst as well like we saw with Korean exchanges January 2018?
  11. I tend to think it is mostly priced in. People know Tether is unbacked, and they don't seem to really care. The fact that we haven't seen a run on it already, I feel, is evidence that people find the need for its utility great enough to bear the risk of being the last ones standing when the music stops.
  12. Or then this might happen to potentially kick the can down the road? https://www.coindesk.com/bitfinex-is-planning-to-issue-an-exchange-token-shareholder-says Also perplexed why Nasdaq's XRPLX includes it given the uncertainty at this time?
  13. I think it could be beneficial as well. Though I think a drop is more probable than not probable basis this potential scenario of it being completely taken out of the market having never happened before so we don't have an historical price and more importantly real volume-effect measurable. The market perception of this topic is fragile. The question I have is if a liquidity channel, a multi billion liquidity channel is potentially closed, what channel or channels stand to benefit and what is the lead time of the exodus?
  14. Tether fiasco is a healthy thing for crypto market and its good it has began. I think it's interconnected with regulation and institutional engagement. I'm not sure its been priced-in by crypto market, but i don't expect significant drop in prices if it hasn't yet.
  15. I'm curious of more-informed opinions as well first. This article is about potentially another hash war, which as another dynamic in this market, would be awful and be salt in our wounds? https://hacked.com/satoshi-nakamoto-is-mining-cryptocurrency-again-bitcoin-cash-attack-imminent/
  16. Everyone said XRP would never hit $1 as it had too many coins.
  17. I think one reason we're seeing so much strength in exchange coins has to do with valuations. As the institutions buy into cryptos, these coins can be valued using revenue (something along the lines of discounted cash flow). In the same way that part of XRP's price being stuck has to do with difficulty in valuation, the phenomenon of exchange coins taking off is the flip side. jmho. BNB is looking pricey, but I'd sure buy it on a broad market retrace. Some of the other exchange coins look better right now. Full disclosure, I am not currently holding any exchange coins.....just considering them as another way of hedging XRP and not losing out on the gains that are sure to accrue to some others in the early moves up off the bottom.
  18. Long story short... Parked next to a lamborghini aventador on a retail park near me today. Saw the registration plate and wondered if the owner was a crypto millionaire. Googled the registration plate and pretty sure he is minted through crypto trading, his social media mentions that dragon chain is something to invest in (as well as many others including xrp). I'm not too well versed on eth tokens as I'm currently 100% xrp (as well as the ALV airdrop). What do I need to be considering if investing in anything like this? Feel free to tell me its a scam or absolute *****, I don't mind.
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