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Price discussion and technical analysis, buying and selling considerations for all Alt-coins (including Bitcoin and Ethereum).

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    Where did you buy it, Leo?
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    It’s on fire! Nobody riding this wave??
  5. The video explains it nicely. Platform goes live on october 30, betaversion already live to trial. Looks good, nice (small) positive community on Reddit. Up 50% in a month, 15% today. Relative small number of coins. Check it out, I bought 3 days ago.
  6. https://blockpublisher.com/gamble-your-heart-away-with-the-casinocoin/ CSC Trading & Price Speculation : https://www.cscchat.com/forum/12-topics/
  7. How’s it going Deez? You back in yet or still on the sidelines?
  8. trading is gambling, market is unpredicable, my choose is to buy xrp until the price is no longer a bargain, but no gambling , no trading , stress is too high for me, I do not like the trading feeling. I want to think all the time the great performances of xrp in the near future, and is full of stuff about this, and nothing else Not a joke this wht I want really to do.
  9. I am doing not much, just got some buy orders filled. But I am not too happy with it. Personally I am fed up with this bear market. I am definitely in the red... as I have been purchasing on daily/weekly base the last 10 months. Yesterday I was also rather convinced the price would drop. Because BTC and various ALTS were increasing, but XRP lacked behind for a few days in a row... didnt really give me a good feeling. Should have sold, but then again.. I am not certain enough and definitely very impatient/stressed when market starts to move only a little in another directions then I hope for. Just HODL is all I do... and hoping for some change on short term, because the sentiment shifts a bit. Which worries me to be honest.
  10. It's called trading. @Deeznutz may be right, I personally wouldn't sell right now because I feel (too) insecure about what markets are going to be doing.
  11. Hey!! Anyone here remember the thread when that guy sold on 8th Dec?? And few days later.. you know what happened. Someone post it?
  12. Time for the next leg down - there is no collapse insurance here. Watch out below....
  13. probably the fear of (1) the Big "New" Whale moving funds into an exchange (not he himself causing it, but panicing others) and (2) inside info of more ETF bad news coming
  14. Calm down. I was half joking. I've done the same thing you're trying to do in the past and it wasn't for me. Too much stress. The first time i increased my stack a little bit but the second time i got greedy and impatient and i ended up losing a number of zerps (fortunately not much). I'm not trying to tell you what to do but keep in mind that is very stressful and you have to be patient in order to succeed in this kind of game.
  15. I'm not sure why BTC wouldn't get shorted down to $2500, which is where it was before Tether started effectively printing money. I'm also not sure what use case it's currently doing a good job of fulfilling. I fully expect it to bleed out, and drag down XRP with it. That won't matter in 2-3 years time though when the XRP Ledger is at the centre of an institutional-grade remittance ecosystem.
  16. Not really bothered myself. I set my purchase limit at £1/xrp. Anything less than that is a bargain.
  17. Young man? You know how old I am? Look, I'm interested in hearing what, if anything, you guys choose to do. Don't need the amateur investing advice, which is what you're indirectly doing. I am fully aware of the risks and this choice fits what I'm comfortable with. HODL no matter what may be not always the right choice. Notice how after January we never heard from some forum members again?
  18. As soon as the ~15,000 BTC got moved the other day the USD/BTC short contracts on bittrex jumped almost 50% higher in a single day. I think we are headed to the teens. Plus I'm not sure what actually drove the rally to $7400...to me that looked like a complete bull trap. No news. No volume.
  19. That's a dangerous game you're playing there, young man.
  20. To wait for it to drop more and buy back in. That's what I believe will happen. If I'm wrong, well, that's on me. Every time it drops, I've hodled- losing more and more. This time we'll see what happens.
  21. remember that 110 000btc wallet raised from the dead after 4 yrs a few days ago? chunking it out to wallets/exchanges could be him doing us a favour get em while they're cheap it may be a humptydumpty ride till hes done doing whatever the bleep he doing
  22. @Deeznutz whats your logic for selling? did you actually need the money for something?
  23. XRP would need to drop below 25 cent for me to be in the red but even then it would be a signal for me to buy more. I mean who wouldn't want 4 for 1 zerps. So I am hoping it dips that low again before the rise. I will still buy but not as much if it were to dip at or below .25
  24. I'm happy, because this morning purchased more xrp than expected 😂