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Price discussion and technical analysis, buying and selling considerations for all Alt-coins (including Bitcoin and Ethereum).

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  2. Power Ledger

    How many coins have you tried to pump on XRPCHAT jajaja
  3. Power Ledger

    Subtle way of trying to pump POWR. Very subtle indeed.
  4. Power Ledger

    I'm paying 24cents a kilowatt, powercoin is 80 cents a kilowatt, is that how it works? In Australia anything that touch's the cost of power has lead to increased prices. "Increased Competition" really reads "Increased Expense".
  5. Power Ledger

    I really do not get the Message here . . .
  6. This is a great time to buy POWR on the dip. Check out this article put out in the past 24 hours. https://www.google.com/amp/s/hacked.com/power-ledger-powr-future-cheap-electricity/amp/
  7. I am an XRP Hodler but have seen Dash increase dramatically in value the past few days. My platform does not even offer it but still, my curiosity peaked. Any news on Dash or is it simply speculation?

    Up 30% since this Post and still rising. They will have release of product to testnet and new website till end 2017, think it will go up to $2 in december
  9. Coin base is too busy jumping in piles of cash from people who google "how to buy bitcoin" and click the first link
  10. I got some problems with bittrex too namely they owe me about 100 Neo Gas, but that aside they were able to get bcc and bcg out while Coinbase still can't figure it out. What the hell is coinbase doing????
  11. "cause Bittrex appears to have access to that Magic Bitcoin Money called Tether. Tether's specialty use case is that of holding 100's of millions of USD to ranson. I figure tha's why it is called Tether...yeeeee... ahh yes, a facetious reply dripping with sarcasm and fud, just what i need for me arvo' coffee.
  12. How come Bittrex can distribute bitcoin gold and bitcoin cash and Coinbase can't do either. What is wrong with that g'damn exchange. Anyone else want to kick coinbase in the balls????
  13. Here is the thing about that though. In the bullion market the Futures Market sets the price. BTC futures are going to be cash settlement only and they are going to get their price by aggregating the exchanges. So anything that happens on the Futures market won't touch the exchanges. They won't be able to short BTC like they can gold because they can't get their hands on the BTC. The only way to actually drive down the price would be to sell actual bitcoins.
  14. I feel XRP s the safest investment option in the crypto sectors. Lets see how the upcoming weeks are going to be for ripple.. I hope Ripple Labs announces a good news every week untill New Year.. New partnerships and end with escrow news for this year... I was reading one of the old article in MIT tech review about XRP in 2014, I could see that Ripple has switched with their game plan and vision till today.. With rapid traction with banks, I think XRP will be the King of Crypto market... https://cointelegraph.com/news/roger-ver-declares-bitcoin-cash-to-be-true-bitcoin-market-forces-bring-more-attention
  15. Just been sitting around thinking and would like to gauge other peoples opinions on the biggest gainers for next 3 months each person takes 3 picks with a quick reason why they think so can post a price you think it will get to if you wish as well can include any coin besides xrp. My picks would have to be 1: KMD by far my top pick. a underrated coin with security and privacy that out does all the major privacy coins leading in atomic swaps and own network about to deploy the first decentralised ico could see massive growth. 2: WTC just has a really solid use case and could see adoption for it being picked up very quickly by many large businesses. 3: SIA sia for me is a hard one i really think the potential is there to go massive at any time and i think cloud storage is a massive growth area but they need to get some deals done soon or could be a dud so while i think gains could be huge it could also just collapse. what do people think
  16. Well if they list it on BitStamp... which they own... things could go big.
  17. This whole crypto space is getting sketchier and sketchier. Not to say one way or another about their credibility.. But I think I'm just hold my coins in hardware wallet and watch things unfold.
  18. DTR tokens

    email from Gatehub, their all friends and partners
  19. What do you guys think of DTR tokens ICO? Www.tokens.net Founders are almost the same as Bitstamps (Merlak, etc)
  20. here's another interesting pastebin post posted a couple of days ago Summary of events, Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: https://pastebin.com/iH8K7gMv i suppose bitcoin gold is to be held-off too, possibly making a double bonus in January. Net effect for me so far is confusion and i'm also thinking like a two-year old that the extra money going to btc/bch/btg should have been going to xrp
  21. Coinbase is holding off BCH distribution until January....they have effectively trapped the BCH their eligible BTC holders are entitled to until then....makes me think its part of a bigger plan. Technically, here are some current background articles explaining the hashing power and difficulty ratio that is in play at the moment; http://www.trustnodes.com/2017/11/13/bitcoin-nodes-rise-new-high-bitcoin-cash-prepares-upgrade http://www.trustnodes.com/2017/11/13/bitcoin-cash-successfully-hardforks Can be viewed here; https://www.coinwarz.com/cryptocurrency/?sort=hashrate&dir=desc
  22. What do you guys think? Pump and dump? Or a true flippening? Coinbase doesn't even support BCH yet. I feel like this is just more crypto drama and that btc will break $8k by new years maybe. Doesn't anyone know anything technologically, economically, or politically that could truly support the idea of a permanent flip from btc to bch? I'm hodl'ing my btc for now. But I still have most of my eggs in xrp regardless.
  23. The bitcoin cash people are really the guys that we don't in the crypto community, 2 weeks ago the market cap was 198 billion and today it's still roughly the same number, that means that the bitcoin cash pump is mainly driven by bots and a lot of surfers that are not afraid from sharks the problem is that they are surfing on sharks and there is no escape The falling is going to be hard and rude
  24. Following what's happening right now with BCH...i'm was wondering myself, there was clearly 2x coins than actual money behind it, so how is that possible that the price didn't split by 2x ?
  25. So everyone was getting excited that Bitcoin and hopefully XRP would be listed on the CME. I've always said that this is a bad idea because if you think price manipulation is bad now, just wait until Wall Street get's their hands on it. Everything on the CME gets manipulated easily because all Wall St. has to do is dump a ton of paper BTC and XRP to drive the price down. They have no skin in the game, but they can still manipulate the price..... They have been doing this to gold and silver for years... http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-10/someone-just-puked-over-4-billion-notional-gold-futures
  26. Just found this Coin: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/shift/ What do you think? looks like very good potential. Website is not up to date, but team is active For me this is a 10x - 50x candidate for 2018