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Price discussion and technical analysis, buying and selling considerations for all Alt-coins (including Bitcoin and Ethereum).

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  2. TRX

    is that a rhetorical question? You tell me if it's FUD or not, if it indeed is, sorry for spreading it. if it ain't, becareful with your money.
  3. TRX

    ^^^^^ Isn’t that FUD? Or is it only FUD when it applies to XRP?
  4. Anyone heard of it? https://futourist.io/ It's from my home country Slovenia (just like Bitstamp, Viberate, Iconomi, DTR, Quantstamp...) There is quite a buzz around it on local media.... Ther are collecting only about 5,5mio €, which is quite low and could potentionaly be a good return... even if short term...
  5. TRX

    THIS Has Justin even gave a good explanation regarding the white paper plagiarism fiasco besides saying it was a translating error from Chinese to English? Becareful with Tron guys. take whatever you were going to throw at TRX and pick up a some more zerps.
  6. TRX

    I think Justin sun doesn't know what he is doing, social media coin then trying to partner with some space company, then Ali baba rumors. Then the white paper fiasco. He makes announcement for announcements over twitter, he desperately needs a PR person and shut up, his twitter is worse than trumps Centralized coin owned largely by him, I don't see any future
  7. Hey Guys just wondering if somebody has LSK in his/her Portofolio? What are your expectations for the next coming weeks and 2018? What do you think about LSK in general? I feel that we probably see a similar bullrun of LSK like ETH in 2017.
  8. Dragonchain (DRGN)

    I looked at Dragonchains website and don’t really understand the clear market they targeting. Also I don’t see the “clear use” for their service, kinda seems like another smart contact coin and that’s about. I would like to understand their project in clearer detail, anyone care to share their thoughts on what Dragonchain is doing differently them the rest and why they are different ?
  9. Dragonchain (DRGN)

    Very, very strong project in my eyes. XRP by far my biggest stack, but DRGN is my second. I can see this easily being 100 dollar plus coin. And imagine the increase when it hits the big exchanges!
  10. Any thoughts on ETH prices this year? I think we will see a test and break of the ratio ATH, and so quite likely we might see the Flippening. If we do then the media will go crazy and Ethereum will be the new buzzword. Holding ETH seems to be one of the best hedges against possible XRP disappointment, and one of the strongest contenders in the market by general consensus (even BTC maximalists grudgingly admit that ETH is not pure trash).
  11. Has anybody ever heard about Coinvest? Sounds like it could be a pretty neat exchange. They have crowdsale this Friday. I've been curious about putting a small amount into them but I never hear about them...
  12. I've entered a small position on NEO during the recent dip. Was looking for an infrastructure play with a working product that wasn't ETH and NEO seems to fit this. dBFT/ 10,000 TPS and a slew of NEP-5 tokens in the pipeline, what's there not to love about this project ? I'm cautiously optimistic for NEO so I'll be happy at 2x for NEO in 2018 from the current prices. ONT (Ontology) airdrop was a sweet bonus to this play I gotta say.
  13. im hodling xrp for a good few yrs to come. and have started buying some csc.its interesting that they are using the ripple blockchain technology. https://casinocoin.org/ has anyone else bought csc.
  14. Look at the price chart. Study where it was in May 2017 and how it performed during the summer. Then look at how it performed during the last run up we had recently. If it reached about 6 cents a few months ago during last year's run-up and if it never recovered past it this time around, even after the crash, then I would stay away. I've studied this one and siacoin. They've disappointed and the price action hasn't been good. Had you invested during the summer at 6 cents, around June 9th, you would still be bag holding (if you didn't sell when if briefly touched about 11 cents before falling in price again). Even after its new ATH, it never maintained that original run-up in price. If you go that far back to the summer of 2017, and still can't beat your previous ATH, I would stay away. It's not keeping up with a strong overall uptrend. Then again, I've only invested in XRP and Ethereum at the moment, but I am constantly looking for the next XRP.
  15. Digibyte claims to be one of the fastest cryptocurrency and much better than bitcoin. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is a high risk - high reward investment or yet another scam coin which will disappear in due time.
  16. Tether Spike?

    When moon?
  17. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tether/
  18. Fairx is coming soon. That should be a big deal for them.
  19. TRX

    I'm tempted to jump into this one.
  20. TRX

    I am interested - it's the only social media token I will buy, largely because team behind it. The vision is clear though the tech is not yet. The whitepaper issue was overblown, I think - hurried and translated. In the end, I think the market it addresses is heavily dependent upon connections and entrepreneurial drive (first to market). If it becomes the digital asset for Chinese media alone, it will be worth a significant amount. In the short term, the coinburn will help, as will the new wallet. It has a high volume, so I don't foresee huge heights. Besides, at 3-4 cents, you double at 8!
  21. I currently have most of my investment in XRP I also have FUN and I have been researching Dragonchain and it fits my criteria for investing, was curious if anyone here also holds Dragonchain or your general thoughts on the project and potential to moon.
  22. TRX

    I am in the same position. I might get out though if I have some profit at some point (now at a loss). Perhaps the coin burn at the end Q1 will put me in that position.
  23. I picked up a bunch more this week at $111.50. If it goes below $100 I am in again big.
  24. Interesting listen. Some initial impressions. I like his belief in a decentralized incentive system. He sounds very much like an idealist who likes crypto's disruptive features. I like that they created a separate foundation to manage Kin within the ecosystem - that separation is good. It is still unclear to me the utility of Kin, if any, outside of Kik. This to me is my primary concern, as the use-case of Kin depends entirely upon Kik adoption and growth. I know it is big, but it's not Facebook big, nor does it have the same kind of large scale adoption in my mind. Kik is still primarily an app for teenagers, and the use of Kin depends on their ability to monetize well. There is a funny moment when he explains the large number of coins as necessary because a teen hosting a chat does not hold a chat worth dollars, so a few kin is enough. I think this inadvertently makes the point about the concern over the number - there really needs to be a phenomenal number of transactions using Kin for their to be real value. He mentions the transactions of the current Kik points so perhaps this is not unreasonable, but I am still skeptical. Still concerned, as far as a coin goes, about how to cash out ultimately, so that you're not stuck spending it on Kin. One interesting issue they didn't address - just how anonymous is Kik? If Kin is anonymous, though centralized, the ability to trade a crypto anonymously not on an exchange, but within an anonymous service could potentially be very appealing. Overall, I'm still not convinced of the Kin value long term. It certainly will grow in the near future, but again, social media coins scare me in general so I'm a little chicken. If it makes it to a convenient exchange I might buy.
  25. Let me know what you think! Interested to hear other opinions besides my own haha