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Price discussion and technical analysis, buying and selling considerations for all Alt-coins (including Bitcoin and Ethereum).

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  2. I really can't go through each and every one of them but VeChain is a really good example of a well thought out way to scam you of money Failed Blockchain company in 2015. No revenue, no clients no partnerships. 2017 they're still not making money. End of 2017 they do ICO which allows them to fund themselves with easy crypto bubble money VeChain uses ICO to fund a private company which they say is a non-profit organization which they say DNV GL bought an equity in ?!! Massive shilling campaign that they are the world's first enterprise blockchain that will be delivering trillions of transactions when mainnet launches Called out for fake partnership with Oxford. BMW itself on twitter calls out that they have no partnership with VeChain but VeChain is just participating their startup garage program VeChain price is buoyed and supported by a massive fake wash trade volume at scam exchange LBank - about a month ago it was $100M volume in that exchange VeChain claims they are building a blockchain from scratch. Turns out with a 100 team of developers working from 2015, they just forked Ethereum changing the consensus. They start off ICO as a pure supply chain doing verification of wine and luxury goods but see opportunity as their token value increases. Now they are a smart contract platform, an ICO platform, an IOT platform, they do secret contracts.. They supposedly deliver all these technical feats but have a copy paste blockchain and they don't have anyone technical on their team who can present the technical merits of their blockchain or their technology. See more opportunity to make money and randomly announce a token split x 100 when on mainnet thinking cheap tokens will increase appeal Lots of references where CEO Sunny Lu is tweeting and talking about price and VeChain rankings on CMC or tweeting about coming announcements that will "blow your mind." The whole VeChain Thor, plastic hammer, lightening, etc should be a sign of company looking to derive value from hype over substance
  3. Good time to do it now? I'm thinking yes. Thoughts?
  4. How is NEO a scam...? Surely Ethereum is too then... but only scams a fraction of the amount of people per second...
  5. I'm not really convinced Tron is a scam, and while I'm not super familiar with the ONT project, the coin itself is holding up during this bear market (relatively speaking). Justin Sun is ex-Ripple, Tron has some seeming strong Ripple and alibaba connections, I believe. Sun also recently bought BitTorent and I speculate we may see some TRX integration there eventually. Tron's list of Dapps aren't super impressive, it reminds me of new website creation in the mid 1990s, but I'm not convinced they're a scam yet. That said, I do agree that plenty of scams exist in this field.
  6. Likewise. I'm a follower of VEN and HPB on the basis of the partnerships and development they're doing. Would be interested to know why they've been included as scams.
  7. Tron is deff a scam I said this since Day 1, Justin Sun is laughing at everyone right now
  8. I'm not knocking OP's opinion. But I do want more proof of this. Especially Tron, Neo, Qtum, and BNB. These are big claims, and they need to be substantiated. Definitely curious about this logic.
  9. Any evidence to prove your list of coins are scams?
  10. In under a year, the Chinese realized you had a gullible market of moonboys and the crypto market suddenly got flooded with about 150 Chinese scam coins. Scammy claims of real world adoption doing trillions of transactions, running China's smart economy and doing AI computing with absolute vaporware. Meanwhile they got the important cryptos that determine market sentiment in return, cashed out and the market keeps bleeding. And before you call me racist for calling out these 150 Chinese scam coins that popped up out of nowhere in under a year, remember Chinese here in the US don't even invest in their own equity markets because they think it is littered with scams. Some of these China Hustle cryptos are obvious scams like Tron, etc. Others are even more dangerous because you have people who consider themselves savvy investors who buy into it. I am talking about VeChain, NEO, Ontlogy and all the garbage that has popped out of nowhere claiming they to be supply chain and new economy that will run the world.
  11. Found this thread and decided to buy some CSC just for fun. Didn't follow DYOR.
  12. Ok thanks for the reply mate Logged out and back in and they were there
  13. I did send mine to the wallet. If I remember correctly it was actually pretty quick. If you're getting confirmations, I wouldn't worry that it's taking longer.
  14. @BiffTannen Did you transfer to the casino wallet? Did a test transfer about 2hours ago and have 29 confirmations, but still not showing in the wallet - just wondering how long it takes?
  15. @PlanK Not Nlexch but if you want, here is a walkthrough for bitflip
  16. Okay wow did I misunderstand FUN. Thank you!
  17. I put some XRP into NLexch but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to buy any CSC. Their FAQ tells me nothing. Anyone got any pointers?
  18. FUN is creating games and a platform so anyone can have there own online casino. CSC is not creating games or a platform, they are a payment solution that can integrate in to existing online Casinos.
  19. @DjemDiamond Alright...so I did my homework and then I bought some. I look at it as my shot in the dark cause it’s so early. Great idea, and if they execute could be serving a real purpose for online gambling. I actually like the concept more than FUN. Thanks for sharing this.
  20. Wallets: https://casinocoin.org/downloads/
  21. @DjemDiamond I am looking back in the alt coin section tonight and see you have posted a bit about CSC. I have a question for you, if you don't mind giving your opinion....CSC vs. FunFair? I held FUN at one time and dumped for a small profit. I did end up buying CSC. Just curious on your thoughts.
  22. Ouch! Thanks for the information!
  23. Yes, the market is trying to shake off the hangover from the big run up.