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  2. Website: https://www.cardanohub.org CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cardano/ Status: Released Asset/IOU: No Buffett rules 1-One that we can understand or Is this crypto cryptic or explainable to the avg Joe? What is it: Cardano is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed 2-With favorable long-term prospects or Just a pumped well orchestrated scheme? As they say on their we
  3. For all the new members, please start by giving your opinion (voting) to all the polls located their token topics. Together we are smarter
  4. NOTE. I'll had some more asap. So many new ones that I think are worth mentioning.
  5. I believe small caps co. will suffer the most since crypto attracts the same kind of speculators. In fact, small caps should capitalize on ICOs or buzz words like "blockchain" now to be noticed. We've seen already many big co. having a good boost on their stocks price just by announcing they were doing "something" related to blockchain.
  6. Hey there everyone! I wanted to start a thread that approached the topic of traditional securities within the context of the coming digital asset revolution. I'm wondering if anyone here sees traditionally funded and capitalized publicly traded companies seeing huge booms due to the technological precipice we find ourselves on. I'm talking AI companies, currently established leaders, small cap companies nobody has ever heard of? Feel free to throw some ideas out! This should be considered a thread to test ideas and tap into the collective wisdom of the community to further our
  7. I'm encouraged by the remarks in the latest Q3 report: Emphasis added where I got the most excited
  8. Changed my vote again...what a cold shower...can't win them all I think this is going sideways for a bit until big pressure push it over 0.30...but like any crypto...unexpected great news would change all that.
  9. Changed my vote..now Bullish, Bullish, Bullish...I never saw so many green lights flashing on all indicators...maybe last time was with Apple stocks early days... Todays news and pretty much everything since the 3.2.1 comm fiasco has been text book perfect...the last bank they signed is a pretty big statement...and I could go one but you all know what's going on...so...any day now
  10. Changed my vote...bull, bull, bear...BTC might not be the main chain...crash would be brutal.
  11. Will have to be holding bitcoin on October 25th if you want BTG, mid november for B2X, but my question is what will be the main chain? BTC or B2X, since most everyone is signaling for B2X where does that leave BTC?
  12. Something like buy the days before...sell asap after the fork...repeat!
  13. Even though the ICO is not as successful as they'd like, the game will be created. "We’re ecstatic to announce that we have officially raised more than $1.4 million USD. This means that we’ve been able to attract significant interest and funds, allowing us to make Hash Rush into a reality! " https://medium.com/@Hash_Rush/hash-rush-has-raised-over-1-4-million-usd-b1439f8ab3c4
  14. What's it going to be bitcoin? BTC, BCH, B2X, bitcoin gold??? How are you going to play this one??
  15. I missed the HDG tokens... Oh well, looking pretty bullish on this one though...
  16. GateHub is always a little higher...but like you say, not big gap now.
  17. I was really expecting a larger difference between Gatehub pairs and Bitstamps after the hacking news broke, but it actually seems tighter lately. Interesting
  18. Website: https://funfair.io/ CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/funfair Status: Released Asset/IOU: Ethereum Buffett rules 1-One that we can understand or Is this crypto cryptic or explainable to the avg Joe? It's a "decentralised gaming platform powered by Ethereum smart contract" But what I like most about this one is "Using decentralised, open-source technology and Ethereum smart contracts, we can eliminate any doubts about game fairness" 2-With favorable long-term prospects or Just a pumped well orchestrated scheme? Gaming has been around forever
  19. New website and Token holder account...anyone tried it? www.rialto.ai
  20. I really liked this one but it's stalled at 6% of what they want...even though it's only been a couple days, I wonder if this project is going to lift off. What do you think? https://www.hashrush.com/ico/
  21. I've added some news members today...took some times but I follow those we don't know before letting them in, so, welcome guys.
  22. https://www.hashrush.com/ico/ https://medium.com/@Hash_Rush/the-hash-rush-ico-launches-today-and-how-to-participate-44c1ee055685
  23. Am I reading this right? ...in one day?
  24. I'll past. Even though it's interesting to see they run on Oracle...and they know how to write a good case/whitepaper, I don't see the "new" stuff in here...probably because my knowledge of computer science is limited
  25. Someone posted a topic on this...I took the time to answer so I will share it here...you'll probably have a lot to add to this I'll go down the top 10 with most volume...exclude KRW cause it's just almost impossible to open an account there if you're not Korean. This is not a perfect take on them...feel free to comment/add anything you think I missed/misread. Poloniex Pros: great volume, nice swings, good selection beside XRP, not asking too many questions for basic account Cons: trades only BTC and USDT pairs, slow transfer, poor withdrawal choices, very little trading too

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