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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/y1Cblgdw-Ripple-98-loss-in-2-years/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=hootsuite&utm_campaign=xrp
  3. Maybe when you're being metaphorical you should say so. Maybe when I'm trying to resort to a little humor I should say so. No insult intended. Steady income is great, paycheck or not. But in my business, not all weeks are the same, but the paychecks I write to my employees are the same. The income from my work is better than most, and I do work for it, and I get paid. But I take all the risks, and I get the greater rewards when business is good, and the employees get the same paycheck whether it's a good week or not..There is a trade-off people make. To me, that represents a very fundamental difference between running a business, any business, and working for a wage. That's the main point I was going for. There's more to it than that, of course. Much more. I have three businesses now, and I do just fine. Any advice I give comes from the heart, and it's well -intended. Feel free to ignore it if you don't need it. The guy who started this thread seemed like he might be able to benefit from a little advice. Cheers.
  4. Your TA looks reassuring. I can't do technical analysis; I just look at all the expertise, creativity and activity in the expanding XRP ecosystem, then I look at the flat lining price, then look at other crypto without equivalent assets rising and think this is nuts! The market is obviously not seeing what I am seeing and are not investing in the future, so I ignore the pessimism and go on buying XRP at these apparently low prices.
  5. Final shakedown, leg down...you can call whatever you want. The Market never gives a ****. The Market is the only true thing, and nobody really knows. Honestly, and i think i'm not the only one, it's pretty frustrating, and scary to see the price around this support. And sad. We should talk about resistances, not this!
  6. Many are happy it's going down, happy to buy more! Many missed their buy-ins at 10cents.
  7. Excellent consistency. XRP has fallen behind. How do you think about this? (I am not that worried because I like what is investing in what I can see happening in the XRP ecosystem).
  8. That is funny **** man! Best post I have seen on this board:)
  9. You can also make a hell of a lot more working for someone than working for yourself (or your 'customers'.....if you have any)
  10. A Paycheck was metaphorical for income. If you run a business and you sign other people's check, and you have nothing left, then you have no income for that month. you worked for free. You should not give advice to others about having a J-O-B. I started out working for someone, learned a lot, and moved on when I had enough experience to maintain my own business. Having a job that pays steady is far better than having "independence" and not getting paid.
  11. Oh man this is getting exciting! Thanks for the consistency!
  12. Nice how the 50 Day EMA on bitcoin held, it's always nerve wracking when support is tested but we held up (for now anyway) . Also the 50 Day EMA on Litecoin is going to Cross the 200 Day EMA tomorrow. Things aren't looking that bad.
  13. This helps to understand where ripple price at in the overall structure! We have finally come to the lower channel line...now is the time!
  14. Not looking very good for the moment. Likely a big pull down imminent.
  15. Somewhere out there someone provided some TA graphs that said the the price may go up or down. Infallibly, they were correct that the price didn't stay completely still for the rest of time, which resulted in the price moving in a direction. Don't worry, these are just the pieces of a bigger picture when you zoom out (or in) and try to sketch the next vaguely familiar pattern onto where we are. *cue comments about what part of psychological market cycle we're in*
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