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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. Wow you put a lot of thought into that paragraph and we’re still wrong lol. It was a recent thread. Daytraders/TA “analysts” have always been proven to be out performed by buy and hold strategies. Just trying to help you dudes. Have fun with your lines.
  3. Everyone's bored.. They've all had a good 10 page nag about Tiffany so now there moved over to give the TA thread a bash 8) We need a 3cent pump so we can mooooon and mmmoooaare and fomo. Then a nice 3 cent dump so we can dooom and gloom. That'd keep everyone occupied for six days, specially the TA mob 8)... Short of that there's heaps of other things to do like reworking the agony of exit points, selling the furniture for more funds, or heck, jus' go and get drunk on some cheap wine or something. There's also that thing called "life" to enjoy 8) ...
  4. Lemme get this straight - you guys decided to specifically go to XRP Trading and Price Speculation club, find a popular topic about a TA pattern (pennant) on BTC chart, and then post in that very thread that you think TA is BS? Well, hell - you might as well have gone to a BBQ steakhouse and tried to educate everyone there about merits of being a vegetarian. Thank you for your opinion, but I think that you might be in the wrong place. Salad bar is across the street and it is called the General forum.
  5. XRP will hit $0.32 USD again soon....... Seems like a stable coin. The news alone should have been a driving force but I don't know......
  6. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Right now it looks to me like LTC might possibly break out.. I like to watch breakouts the way some people like to watch football games. It'll be fun to see if it happens. Useless? Less important to a hodlr like me than it is to a trader, for sure, but far from useless.
  7. So, what's your point here? a) TA is useless in crypto and/or b) credentials don't matter or both?
  8. There's been numerous people with far better credentials and trading experience these last three years spouting out figures and TA's. Most of them have been wrong.
  9. Seeing as ripple has the biggest bag of zerps pretty sure they''re inclined to push it a lot higher than 2$. And also you think people saying 589$ are talking bollocks out of their ass, i also think youre talking bollocks out of your ass because you dont know either. For all you know it could shoot up like a Tesla rocket way past 589$, this isnt a stock its a finite limited asset that could transform the way we move value around the world in seconds.
  10. Extrapolating from the 2015/2016 trend, which lead to end 2017 bull run, tend to agree with you: Two years not enough. What we actually don't know is how big and how would behave a utility induced demand within next two years... Golden cross!?
  11. $220 is possible but not for another 2 years.
  12. We certainly COULD, but I'm not sure we're even headed down. The last couple of days the charts have been pretty much in uncertain territory, just going sideways without much volume most of the time. Shaky ground.
  13. Friday afternoon low volume melt-ups on LTC and BTC are making me nervous in the service. If we get some volume from somewhere we could start another good run...but it looks bearish to me.
  14. LOL hey brother im right there with you, had to liquidate to buy a car but have been buying every 2 weeks for about 3 months now got a nice little bag. Im not diversified though 100% XRP.
  15. Dollar cost averaging is also proven to be inferior to inheriting vast sums of money from a dead relative. But SAYING that I dollar cost average makes me feel better about not HAVING a lump sum. And buying sub-penny alt coins makes me feel like I'm investing a big lump sum every week or two.
  16. Dollar cost averaging has been proven to under perform someone throwing a lump sum in. however i buy some every two weeks when i get paid so i am still even though i know that.
  17. Start to feel myself a kid with my 55. Who said crypto is for millenials!?
  18. Not a day trader either...too lazy to chart too actually! Just like to read the different TA about medium long term trends and then form my personal opinion.
  19. Just kidding. I'm only 63, and I'm still a bad*ss. But thank you for your kindness to us Old People. We're heavily discriminated against.
  20. Then I hope you will live to see amazing returns on your investment.
  21. Good for your "elderly" friend.... Sixty-one......I've got ties older than that.
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