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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. When BTC takes off again, come back to talk about TA
  3. If I was a whale manipulator I would say this is getting to be a prime time to light the switch. Within the next month or two. This could be the start of a decent run that continues to go until the BTC halving. This would re-ignite a lot of public interest.
  4. So, turns out that was a pennant, huh? Anyone who says TA doesn't work for XRP is deluded. Anyway, this is very good news. Could break as high as $0.35 with this next move. Anything above $0.32 will be very bullish as this represented a long term resistance line.
  5. This current move lower by XRP has be a Bear Trap and XRP is moving up higher - There's a triple bottom and a Double bottom confirming extreme Bullishness and a strong desire to move upwards https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/l3bn8cPT-XRP-This-has-to-be-Bear-Trap-and-XRP-is-going-up/
  6. Mixed messages on the other metrics.. RSI is oversold on most time frames but MACD is showing bearish patterns on all but the longer term (day and week) trends. I agree with @dr_ed: something is about to happen. I think it'll be a dump and then bounce (dump n' pump?). Could be a big pump from here. It'll probably be a big swing either way. If we dump, I think it important that we hold $0.26.
  7. The pennant/triangle looks to terminate tonight around 11 pm EST. Usually they break a few hours before the apex. Perhaps a post-dinner time crash/moon?
  8. The stochastics you've put up certainly look good for a swing back up...to me anyway. My view is that we are waiting for something...not sure what, but I expect we'll know it when it arrives.....hopefully not much longer.
  9. Alternative scenario: it's a big pennant and we could break to the upside. I favor this pattern to be bearish, but as @MQB says, I need to call up and down so I can be right either way Either way, the long term scenario stays the same, I expect for us to ultimately climb upward from here, irrespective of what happens in the near term.
  10. Descending triangle about to break down. This will probably get us back down to $0.28 or below to test and then I hope and expect for a quick bounce back.
  11. "XRP is following this chart like a fly stuck to fly paper ?" ....Interesting .... this new information requires time to process..
  12. I thought the rule was you don't have to admit you're wrong so long as someone else is more wrong.
  13. He's just in it for the anonymous conflicts on the interwebz It makes his special place tingle which accounts for around 90% of his brainactivity at that very moment.
  14. Can I just say that Flies don't stick to Sh*t. Sh*t sticks to blankets, flies stick to fly paper.
  15. But on topic, did you find any sources that confirm this? Or did you just take a random quote in a youtube video blindly for granted? The point of investing is doing research, otherwise my advise to you is not to invest. This is not investment advice by the way
  16. There is a difference between short term and longer term trends. I have been very clear that I think XRP is pulling out of its downtrend and I expect it to rise going forward. That does not mean that it will shoot straight up without ever going down. I think you might be referencing my posts where I say that I expect it to retest $0.28 before going higher. I believe that still. You seem not to care for TA or really for XRP for that matter... why do you frequent TA threads on an XRP forum??
  17. Here you say xrp is gonna up..in the other thread you said it's gonna go down! TA is so easy!
  18. Already OOL this morning but thanks so much for posting.
  19. Those shenanigans with the price of bitcoin (and the alts) early Thursday morning aside, nothing has changed. We keep inching toward the blast off point. I would guess it will coincide with BAKKT futures trading on Monday Sept 23 (which is also the first day of Fall or the autumnal equinox for you guys using astrology to time your trades). But in any event it shouldn't last longer than Oct 4. We're gonna have to put some big price gains in to make make the ATH by November 29, and I think we will. @FarangKiNok XRP price has never made slow creeps up. The movement up is usually fast and dramatic, I expect the same this time. When XRP does move I would expect the move to $1 to take less than a week. I bought some more XRP at .26 before the move to .30 so I'm basically done with my buys, Though I think XRP is a good buy here. Just strapped in and ready for take off.
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