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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. May I do an announcement of the announcement in pure Justin Sun style!?
  3. I don't know sometimes people like @Graine make that announcement and it speaks.
  4. Exactly!!! It's just more for show and response if you ask me. It's almost like he/she wants us to convince them otherwise and give them a pep talk to reconsider their decision. Like I've said b4 it's your money. You are allowed to do with it as you please. No need to announce your decisions to the world, just sell and be done.
  5. How could we guess that somewhat accurately? Maybe by looking at what looks like a similar bounce in Dec 2018. See that similar pattern? No guarantees, but we are on the 3rd green bar on the AO, and I would guess we have a week to get as high as we get on this wave, before it turns back down. I have more certainty that the wave will let about a week than I do that we reach .41 this time.That's a best case. I think that's the way to understand it......the waves will very likely be similar in length time-wise. The top we make is less certain. Update. I have decided to buy a little XRP today. But it's because I want to buy some other alts but can't......because I don't have moveable funds today . So I will buy XRP here while it appears to be bouncing and hopefully be able to get some upside while I wait for my other funds to clear.
  6. What has that done? I didn't realize banks started using it
  7. Got a time-frame for the wave? .41c would be very welcome!
  8. Fledgling at interpreting TA but I have been paying more attention to it then I used to, mainly as a means to pick better entry and (hopefully at some point) exit points. Anyway, I am seeing the same thing on the 4H and daily, so here's to hoping we're both right!
  9. Never understood the point of these threads.
  10. I know I said the XRP chart doesn't tell us much...but today it does look like it got oversold and that a bounce is in progress. I don't look for this wave to reach much past .41....but that's 25% above where we are now, so it's significant.....and if we could get back there and hold above it, I'd have to call that bullish. These days I'm having to restructure some of my on-ramps and off-ramps because both Coinbase and Celsius are putting delays on withdrawals. Not a big deal for hodling, but a pain in the *ss for trading, or even making portfolio adjustments.
  11. Can’t blame you. At the end of the day, this is an investment. I feel that so many people here are emotional and forget that money is money. If you purchased 50k in xrp, that’s $15,000. To most, that’s big money. Some folks could have 20,000 in at .32 cents and ride all the way down to .05 cents and still be happy. Good for them. I personally cashed out my initial investment a long time ago (in the $1.50 range), and decided to just leave the rest in. Point is, you did the right thing. And the guy that bought 50k xrp the same day as you and won’t even think of selling did the right thing. At the end of the day it’s about returns. Not about showing your loyalty to a company. Investment 101. good luck in your future investments.
  12. at least you didn't lose anything , but time
  13. I bought my 50K XRP in May 2017 at $0.322 After waiting for more than two years I sold at the same price today. This XRP is going nowhere as long as no banks are going to use it, Ripple and Jed keep dumping and no other real usecases exists. Traded for BTC today.
  14. Let's look at my LINK trade. It's disappointing me. We are up, but the short term trend reversal I was hoping might lead to a breakout, is trying to fizzle. I am somewhat hesitant to stay with this, because we know there is a lot of insider selling. On the AO momentum is above zero, but it's stalling out. Plus the cloud is showing we have a thick layer of resistance just above where we are now, based on the 4 hr chart. This is NOT a broken trade now. But the chart makes it looks like it might turn into one. Right now I am still green. I might close it out pre-emptively. Update. I have exited this trade with a slight gain....only 5%, but it wasn't playing out. LINK is still a decent hodl in my view....but a trade is a trade.
  15. I said Neo was giving an AO buy signal...and that might be true soon, but it's only making the first peak. It MAY be forming a buy signal, but we need to wait for the second peak. If it is, we''ll see it play out over a few more days. It IS bullish, so far, but I had a brain fart. Sorry.
  16. Correction. I just made a mistake on the NEO posting, so I'm going to revise it.
  17. It really does suck. Even more for those of us who want to buy undervalued alts. Some are completely inaccessible now. Already. And if you can buy them, you wonder if you can even sell them when you want to.
  18. It's a downer that US people can't trade on bitfinex now, soon binance to follow, with bitrue really limited on BTC out. Need a solution.
  19. So...here's the daily on BTC. It looks fine to me. Still somewhat in recovery mode. Here's something to note...for you non- believers. Look at the AO. There was a bearish twin peaks before the worst part of the correction last week.....and it gave a sell signal on 7-11-2019 when the first red bar showed up on the 2nd (lower) peak. This is why I insist that although charts are a picture of the past, they can still give us some info about the future. It's like this....Charts trend up or down.....but they don't go straight up or straight down. Charts move in waves. Waves speed up and slow down. Waves don't just stop on a dime and change direction The AO shows the kind of momentum changes that happen just before a significant move...in this case, a brutal correction. It didn't predict the ENTIRE correction, but it gave a true signal before most of the carnage happened. Zooming in to the 1 hr chart, you can see that what is getting tested now.....or is about to be...is the downside support right around 10K. We have to test support before we test the upside again. But as you can see from the AO, the ripples in the pond are getting smaller now, smoothing out. We might not even get all the way down to 10K. No momentum to take us there. o
  20. Not adept at TA. Bitcoin looks to be about to test 11k, I assume that'll be a tide that raises all ships.
  21. Looking very good on the weekly and daily, a bit overbought on the hourly. Maybe pull back to 33ish before the next leg up?
  22. Thanks for the tip, I bought a little speculative amount of VET. It's mesmerizing watching the VTHO tick up
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