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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. I'm deadly serious about my chart. My chart is as valid as any other chart in the 188 pages in this thread.
  3. I gotta admit. I got a good laugh out of that. I hope it doesn’t come true, but at first I thought that was a serious TA someone put thought into. At this point, we can all get pissed at each other, but the reality is, xrp has been all over the board and declining slowly. Even tho you’re being incendiary to get a rise, this TA could come true, to everyone’s shagrin that is looking for it to go up. Two years ago, we would all laugh saying there’s no way this could happen. But reality is, it has happened. Continuous decline despite bank relationship, awesome news, MG announcement and all the like. No matter how much the users in this group agree, disagree, block, fight - xrp will do what it does. And at this point, it’s not doing much.
  4. After mulling over what tenitoshi said plus all the other input, and studying the data, I've got a new idea... I'm thinking there IS a way we can see visually display what is constraining MGI from ramping up the volume of this corridor... Here is my thinking: Let's say we look at the "Depth of Market" (DOM) of the two exchanges - specifically their respective trades for ODL - we could derive a measure of the two exchanges' accommodative conditions - that is, how much volume can be traded with zero to low slippage. These limits should align up somewhat closely with what trades we actually see happening. I'm going to work on a new chart now that might now that I hope will show this dynamic in real time, plus I have an idea on how to calculate and display this capacity historically. More to come Ref: https://www.multicharts.com/trading-software/index.php/Depth_of_market_(DOM)
  5. I expected to go lower before it goes up, have to clean out the weak hands
  6. No, it does have a great deal to do with the market. The market is a sea of red. To say that XRP price is not appreciating because utility is lacking.......ignores the fact that coin prices make huge movements all the time, and almost none of those movements are related to any real utility....at all. This is a TA thread. Post a chart or go somewhere else. I'm tired of your lame troll bullsh!t.
  7. I like this guy take on XRP, he is saying $28 XRP next year, although I believe he maybe a year early. I was looking at the cycle and don't see any major moves till mid 2021. I'm hoping he is right and I'm wrong.
  8. Which would be the 300 plus banks and FI's that have signed up ?
  9. Hi @googie I too have been curious about this also, and where does the re-balancing MXN come from, I posted a topic on that question, there are some helpful responses (see below). You can view the raw trade volume numbers, and the hourly trades aligned with the prices at the time here: https://wp.www-net.com/xrp2mxn-demo-test-page-01/ Also hmatejx has published some interesting charts on the XRP movements across exchanges, but I don't think he's yet traced down the top list of destinations of transfers FROM Bitso - that would be worth checking out, I'll have to ask HMX.
  10. It's nothing to do with the market. It's all to do with the lack of demand for XRP and it's use case for cross border payments at this point in time.
  11. While I’m sure that you are correct... I’m technically really really disappointed in this pathetic market.
  12. Is it kinda like "bringing balance to the force" for star wars buffs ?
  13. Nah that’s where the unique nature of DIgital Assets (and XRP in particular) comes into play. Anytime someone has XRP it can be instantly teleported anywhere in the world at near zero cost. So it’s not piling up in Mexico. It could be anywhere instantly. It’s more complicated than I’m making it sound because of tax and potential foreign payments law, but really in a fully functioning ODL environment the ‘rebalancing’ can be a complicated multi-part transaction flow that might involve several currencies. One pool of potential fiat providers to ODL is the in-country SME’s that need to pay for foreign supplies... by purchasing XRP and running their FX treasury as a XRP pool they can do the other half of the ODL trade into the third party country they need the foreign supply from. Think about a Mexican auto manufacturer. From Wikipedia re Mexican auto industry: Say they need to pay for a shipment of gearboxes from Poland. If they are buying XRP at Bitso then their treasury can pay for the boxes with that XRP in Poland. This matured ecosystem doesn’t exist yet, but one can see the pieces being put in place methodically and relentlessly. Until that is done Ripple will support the market with their war chest incentivising any currently unprofitable transaction paths.
  14. Obviously, it hasn't been a good few weeks since SWELL. We are still within the descending broadening wedge, which IS a bullish pattern. The final bull trend line is shown here in blue. I think we will see action when the wedge runs into this line. If we break this line, I literally give up lol. Until then, we are technically still in a rising trend.
  15. Falling wedge is still in play. This is a big pattern developing over a long term, so it should result in a rather large momentum shift. Statistically, the most likely move is up from here. It is set to terminate in about 7-10 days, so we shouldn't have to wait much longer for clarity.
  16. I would describe bitcoin as follows - for the last 24 days we are in a short term down trend, inside a bigger monthly down trend, inside a yearly uptrend, inside a decade long raging bull market. I am looking for another entry point, held off yesterday in case we did break $8k which didn't happen. Might pick up more anywhere below $8.1 but might not get the chance as this market might turn upwards. Obviously this is always the concern - buy now and risk the chance of it going lower or wait and miss an opportunity if the price goes up. Decisions, Decisions.
  17. I'm pretty much depending on BTC here. It's extremely oversold in my view, and due for a breakout. Since every alt I own is teetering on the brink of a technical cliff these days.....a nice BTC run up into year end is exactly what I need to save my @ss.
  18. This morning the very short term XRP/USD looks like we keep edging up. Longer term it looks to me like we stay rangebound. So.....were stuck in this range between .245 on the low side and .295 or so on the upside. A move above .295 would qualify as a breakout at this point in my book. Ugly charts almost everywhere I look this morning. Of the alt coins I follow, only XTZ looks slightly bullish. VET, XRP. BAT all look sucky to me.
  19. Look at the bright side.. As long as it keeps moving whether up, down or sideways, there's still life in it .. so it's not dead yet
  20. Transactions through the roof today (daily volume was about 1,000,000 3 hours ago), including some large transfers. Genuine question - how is this corridor being "balanced"? There's a lot of USD volume going from Bitstamp to MXN at Bitso, so you would assume that Bitso now has a huge pot of XRP sitting on their books. Why is the corresponding corridor (MXN-USD) volume so low? Or is this where market makers step in? https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  21. At this point $0.12 is a lot more likely than $0.32. I'd be more surprised if it gets to $0.32 than if it goes to $0.12 Doesn't seem to do anything but bleed, bleed, and bleed.
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