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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc
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  2. Thanks for the kind words. Many people, including the excellent Bob Loukas, think we are in for another 4 year cycle, with the big run happening this upcoming year, in 2021. Others think that the cycles are lengthening and we are looking more like 2023. I rather favor the former and so I think the next year will be very exciting. I would not rule out a 6 figure BTC price. I think the pullback may not go much lower than 12k, definitely should stay above 11k. And it may not happen at all, we may just consolidate by time rather than price. Either way, it won't just be straight up to mo
  3. The most here do because they all don't have a choice than wait until they get at least back what they invested.
  4. Thank you for all you and @Eric123 do for the community! I’ve been monitoring this chat for years and recently created account to spread thanks. My gut tells me it is coming. In your opinion, what will be the length of this bull run? also, the pullback and consolidation...think it will be somewhere around 13k or a little lower?
  5. The 10 day MA is the blue line. Based on this slope, probably will run into it on Tuesday or Wednesday? Could also dip down to meet it anytime today or tomorrow. No guarantees, of course, but that seems to be the way it plays out during bull market impulsive moves. Would also caution that this likely rip up to 14k+ is going to be quickly followed by a pullback and consolidation as we form the daily cycle low. That should happen sometime in early to mid November. If you are looking for an entry to BTC, that might be the time to grab it. I truly believe that we are just entering what w
  6. Was buys today, but Bitcoin just closed Higher than any daily close since January 13, 2018
  7. Very interesting explanation - Thank You! I think there are extra factors, such as a general negativity that has set in around the DA following the astound 33,000% gains in one year. I bought some Tezos in July and they have performed worse than XRP. My feeling is that XRP is gradually working its way up from worst performer position. I also believe that prices are pretty fictional anyway, and trying to read technological success and market penetration from relative price fluctuations is a mugs game. If I were a gambling man I would buy BTC and ETH, because huge sums are co
  8. If someone would have told me in 2017 that BTC would be $13,000 in October 2020, I would have bet everything I had that XRP would be atleast $1.80 right now. XRP has always underperformed the rest of the digital asset market. But when XRP does move upward, it doesn't just catch up to the rest of the market's gains, it blows passed them. XRP has always seemed to have selling pressure which has kept the price more steady than most other digital assets. There has always been a steady flow of sellers that have deep pockets of XRP. This being companies, foundations or charities etc. whi
  9. I think the market has spoken for the time being on XRP. I would have thought that XRP would be solidly above 50 cents by now but it’s clear that the market does not agree it’s worth that.
  10. BTC forming a beautiful bull flag continuation and I expect that it will pop again once the 10 day average catches up. May dip a little but I don't think this run is anywhere near over with.
  11. A lot of weakness in XRP relative to other majors but I do expect a bit of a pop when it breaches the $0.26 level based on the chart. Unfortunately, XRP gives no signal right now that it is worth investing in compared to BTC, ETH or even LINK.
  12. Would be good to see your research on that statement... edit: Sorry, that was an unkind remark, I retract my comment.
  13. I originally invested equal amounts in both ETH and XRP at the same time. My ETH investment is now worth about 15 times my XRP investment. I'm still holding out hope that XRP could one day skyrocket. But I'm becoming more and more pessimistic as time goes on. Now we're seeing Garlinghouse talking about moving the company to another country. It's never a good sign when CEOs start blaming (scapegoating) external factors like regulation for their own shortcomings.
  14. And btc is now 400% up, so what's keeping xrp from going up 400% then? Hell, i already would be glad when it would go up 150%, because then i'll pack my stack and swap it for btc, because btc did rock and roll very well since the ath, while xrp acted like a half dead fly on sticky paper. It's still there and still alive but it doesn't move and it's dying a slow death.
  15. Righ now Bitcoin is hanging around in the $12,900 range, we got another green day yesterday and not much pull back from Wednesday's intraday high of $13,200. Yesterday Bitcoin (closed) at $12,983, higher than the highest close in 2019 which was $12,920 on June 26, 2019. Yesterday's close was the highest close since January 15, 2018 which was $13,607. Now the price needs to break 2019's intraday high of $13,880 which occurred on June 26, 2019. Looking good.
  16. XRP was higher when BTC was at 3k than it is now with BTC at 13k.
  17. Yeah but xrp was also low too at that time, and no one could predict that btc would see 10-13k again.
  18. thats a huge green candle. Since 2017 I can only see one or two larger. It is the sort of green candle we had during the the build up to 2017.
  19. Looking for entry points when it comes to ETH...is establishing support at $420+ important? also, XRP the next level is somewhere around .35 - .40?
  20. Thanks guys for this long running and most useful thread. Where are the main resistance points for BTC now do we think? My feeling is that there is one in the thirteens somewhere and then after that it’s much higher. If it hits and doesnt go through then it will possibly jiggle and try again I think. The other possibility (of a hit and collapse) is not as likely in this more positive sentiment time I think.
  21. To be honest with you, I think that (at least until XRP becomes the world currency ) knowing the XRP volume is not even half as useful as knowing the Dollar value of the movements. Sad but true I think.
  22. Reminds me again of the squealing from 2017. No guarantee it will play out the same but maybe you should have moved money to BTC @ $3.5K......now that’s the move😢
  23. You betcha, friend Frans ! When the hourly pattern somewhat stabilizes, I'll post an update on that too. I really need to motivate and enhance my volume chart to juxtapose the value's volume as well - they are two distinct metrics, and monitoring both would be more comprehensive... It's just really hard to break away from my current project and dive back into that older mess I code I wrote last year :-/
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