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  2. There was a poll on Twitter recently(Best source for people in the ‘know’), BTC up or down 20%? - 20,000 people - 50/50 split. I think it possible that this coming halvening may repeat the same effect, maybe to a lesser degree, but I don’t see a fourth, not unless there is a change that stops mining pools gravitating towards cheap electricity and becoming centralised. Eric does have a point though, BTC is a good hedge against the USD. Regarding the downside, I’m not sure. XRP usually falls further than BTC, but how far will BTC go up or down? What will the price need to be for mining to cover costs? Will Miguel fire up his programmatic sales again? This market is bloody crazy. I should really stop with opinions because I really haven’t got a clue!
  3. Yes you may be right. But I do believe that those schemes are more plentiful when we are in a strong bull market, like the period before 2000, before 2008 or before 2020. You will also find that gambling does not increase during recessions. Casinos are hit hard, especially now, but they were as well in the previous recessions.
  4. As against that... the places in the world that have desperate people are fertile ground for get rich schemes. One scenario, (not the best one where utility increases and price follows,) is that crypto as a whole gains a resurgence when people start getting desperate for a get rich quick option in difficult times. So I don’t think it’s all that unlikely. Maybe not the most likely scenario but also not an unlikely one.
  5. Maybe, but it could also be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If enough people in crypto accept that the halvening should bump prices, then they will buy accordingly. And if bitcoin moves, XRP moves along, given that most liquidity in crypto markets moves through bitcoin. But that wont happen IMO. I don't have to pull up data to convince anyone here that the world economy is getting ****** with these lockdowns. Everyone is getting out of risky assets and crypto is one of the most risky assets. But of course there is always a small chance that crypto goes crazy because it is crazy, though it seems unlikely that people will FOMO into crypto when they lose their jobs, lose income and have to deal with considerable uncertainty.
  6. I see your counter argument. XRP has done nothing but drawdown, lower, over and over again. I can’t say with a straight face that I think it would go up; especially at an event that has nothing to do with XRP.
  7. Using your theory, wouldn't XRP then increase instead of decrease as it always does?
  8. What is interesting is this new one that seems to be tested: KWW to THB : all in one transaction :
  9. @Flintstone @Benchmark I don't see why anyone thinks this halving tradition is going to play out. Hasn't everyone ever seen how almost every time everyone just "KNOWS" something is going to happen in this market, it never happens? I think there will be a drawdown after the halving date. Bitcoin will likely stay relatively okay but XRP, will drawdown exponentially more than Bitcoin, like it always does.
  10. I think in recent publications BIS have been flagging Ripple/XRP as a creditable solution to the the digitalision of money and liquidity crisis. I don't think they are anti XRP, but I am sure they are looking at a wide range of possibilities for the future of international banking
  11. Day 20 of the Apocalypse Under 39 days till the halving. If Bitcoin can break above the $7,300 price level it can break out of the downtrend that is basically attributable to the corona virus shut down in the U.S. If that happens it will put the price above the 50 Day EMA currently at $7,255 which will also be positive for price action. Virus cases are ramping up in the US. New York could peak within 7 days. Hopefully once infections start to taper off and people can see the light at the end of the tunnel prices will return to their previous levels. Hashrate seems to have stabilized above 100 PH/s
  12. @Eric123 I’d try to not take everyone’s sensitivity too serious. They are the ones who consistently end up on the wrong side of history. Even the heads of Islam have called for control over Europe via outbreeding them. It cracks me up every time people stand up for a religion that banned Onward in their country because of homosexual references but bash countries that actually have constitutions to protect speech they deem vile hate speech. For reals, keep sharing your thoughts on the geopolitical landscape please. Some of us appreciate them
  13. @Plikk @nakedzzrp did my rant against central banks upset you. You can pretend that demographic, economic and political realities do not exist. And you can either cheer or boo world developments but that doesn't change a thing. There are populations that are growing in size, wealth and influence and there are populations that are shrinking, in size, wealth and influence. The West - (Europe in particular) is shrinking and Asia/Africa are increasing. In my opinion Bitcoin will be part of the system that is growing and Central banks and (BIS) are going to be part of the system that are shrinking. The US Dollar domination of the world economy and Western Central Bank Domination is coming to a close as Countries want to transact without relying on the U.S. Dollar and being subject to US control https://fee.org/articles/swift-and-the-weaponization-of-the-us-dollar/ https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/31/de-dollarization-russia-china-eu-are-motivated-to-shift-from-using-usd.html Bitcoin can obviously be used by these countries to transact outside of the traditional financial system. I mentioned the growth of Islam in Europe which is a reality and this is positive for Bitcoin. As you may not know Muslims have specific financial rules that are not addressed by traditional western banking, but for which Bitcoin can be used. https://cointelegraph.com/news/is-bitcoin-halal-how-cryptocurrency-conforms-with-islam-and-sharia Nothing I wrote could remotely be taken as Pro-Trump, Pro-America, and certainly not Pro-Western. Hopium?? Whatever I do keep my politics out of it - All you really need to know is I'm Pro-bitcoin. Feel free to stop following this thread . @Benchmark I don't think so.
  14. Pointing out that America uses money transfers to impose sanctions on the rest of the world is pro-Trump? If you say so, but I don't think Trump is pro Bitcoin. I thought he was referring more to the lowering relavance of Europe and their central bank.
  15. Let's also not forget that the bitcoin network is secured by Chinese miners. And like every economic activity in China, it exists 100% at the mercy of the leadership. The future of bitcoin is dire, even with the very vocal support of zealous early adopters. Crypto as a whole will suffer, XRP of course too, but Proof of Work is as good as dead.
  16. The trump cultist has been outed and people rely on these people for their daily hopium tsk tsk
  17. I’d suggest to keep politics and religion out of this thread. I am sorry but to me you have just lost a ton of credibility bringing up some weird religious political viewpoints about Europe that hold little to no merit whatsoever.
  18. Would you expect the Bank of International Settlements to Endorse a Distributed Ledger that they have no control over? The BIS is the Central Bank of Central Banks, if you are getting your info on Bitcoin from Central Banks and expecting something other than negativity you will be disappointed. Why would the BIS advocate for the use of Ripple or XRP - they would just create their own block chain and their own token. Reading a paper about Bitcoin written by an International Bank located in Switzerland is guaranteed to be negative. However the BIS is becoming more irrelevant by the day and the rest of the world would not buy into a US and European controlled block chain as it is no more than a way to impose sanctions on the rest of the world and shut off their ability to transact. Europe as a whole is a nursing home masquerading as a continent. Long before the block reward drops to zero the individual countries of Europe will have ceased to exist, having been broken up into individual Muslim caliphates. I would give 2 to 1 odds that Bitcoin survives longer than Europe and the BIS.
  19. That article was about the shortfalls of POW, XRP uses a consensus protocol: https://xrpl.org/intro-to-consensus.html
  20. It is even worse than that. People keep saying the market is all speculation, in fact it is driven by sentiment. Often very childish sentiment. This is why I don't worry and the troll don't get to me. Digital money is coming, nothing will stop it. The market will mature, nothing will stop it. XRP/Ripple have such a strong foothold in ODL, they will not be dislodged. Volatility in an immature and sentimental market has no relevance to my investment decisions.
  21. https://www.bis.org/publ/work765.pdf After reading that I came to the same conclusion.
  22. Nope. I think the halvening 'tradition' will be broken in a negative way.
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