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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. Does anyone here know how gateways work ? I see that FlashFX, via their wallet rU9wmmETrgD36tP29V68WKnyWnku8F6bRH sends USD (bitstamp) to this wallet: rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B but that ends up as an order on Bitstamp, see below: How is this even possible ?
  3. Hi @mouradski Rewrote this post, was a mess. Turns out Flash FX has a shitload of wallets. This one is used on a daily basis: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rKXMpSMHuu36eEpGoJcdeBmwfkoy9pewAJ amounts look very much like ODL This wallet is used for Flash-fx (ODL?) transactions to BitSTamp: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rU9wmmETrgD36tP29V68WKnyWnku8F6bRH But this is also the wallet that engages with BTC-markets
  4. I bought some this morning to use as a median of exchange - one of the many utility uses of xrp.
  5. Silence is golden I also still hold. As a company Ripple is doing really good things, also for XRP. They are 500+ employees, they are the real thing. I do not care much about the price short term, the tech and the business that is being built is much more interesting to talk about. Of course XRP is an investment risk, but that's the educated risk/gamble that you take. What else to say then DYOR. Be a winner, not a whiner ;-)
  6. I think the people selling are more vocal. Not much use in trying to convince them (to do what? They're out) by telling you're still holding. And: people selling may want to vent a bit / find some support.
  7. I bought more yesterday lots of people are buying lots of people are selling Do your own research and make your own decisions.
  8. Everyone sold, no one holds XRP anymore. :-) Kidding of course, someone must hold the XRP, so the better question is, who holds the XRP?
  9. Are people still holding XRP or is everyone sell now? All I see everywhere is people are selling XRP for other coins now. my understanding is that XRP will not rise in price for many years now due to Ripple changing everything around.
  10. Can't it be both? As MGI has clients sending money from A to B, that requires also an up ramp (for A) and an off ramp (for B). So on the one hand you have clients that are connected, but on the other hand on a more technical part, the rails (up - and off ramp) are also there to be used. The idea in the end is that ILP is used in the proces, so you can make a chain of payments and exchanges. It could be that FlashFX makes use of the rails and technically only provides the up ramp AUD->USD. The receiving-client could be MXN, so USD->MXN is the next part of the chain. That part is technically provided by MGI. The issue that's left to be solved is how can the sending client (A) from FlashFX be known and connected with the receiving client (B) from MGI. That might be solved by an overall sort of phone book where RippleNet-enabled clients are listed and possible routings can be determined. As usual, of course guessing(tm) edit: actually I think the rails are not provided by FlashFx and MGI, but are provided by the exchanges (BTC_Markets, Bitstamp and Bitso), market makers and the Ripplenet software, and both FlashFX and MGI are sort of the end-users of the rails
  11. come on man, been trillion times i've heard "will test the bottom again before moon", it's very similar to the "wait 5 years but after years passed it is still 5 years instead of 3 or 2 years left" kinda thing. you couldve said the test the bottom for 4 times already by looking at your first pic,
  12. Hey friend, i saw your mention (sorry i'm way behind on discussions heh) The main block impeding my "scanning" efforts might have just been improved. At last, IG has contacted me to assist in beta testing their APIs for US imprisoned devs like myself So hopefully soon I have more research to report here. BTW - IMHO - The massive drop in ODL is most likely due to shifting to a new phase of deployment. Think about this, if you were an FI, and were about to commit your company to make a radical change and disruption to operations, you would want PROOF a new system will handle both spikes and sustained loads. IMHO Ripple proved it with the various ways we saw them gaming their process patterns. These dudes quite possibly know WTF they are doing, and are keeping the details internal "need-to-know" basis, why help potential competition eh ? Cheers m8
  13. thanks, crypto wouldn't be the same if I couldn't read/write english LOL This was a quote from MGI Q1 earnings call. I have understood it to mean: USD, EUR, MXN, PHP and AUD https://www.fool.com/earnings/call-transcripts/2020/05/01/moneygram-international-inc-mgi-q1-2020-earnings-c.aspx That does leave us with the conundrum what's in the AUD-USD transactions. Is it MGI, or is it FlashFX ? I have This is one of the strangest things he said: what could this mean for their outgoing transactions ? Any idea ? Could it be that they have their own wallet, that's different from that of BTC markets ? @mouradski any idea? mine is not very much more sofisticated I'll tell you, I just have a lot of time on my hands and this is all fascinating, since it will eventually lead to my investment getting worth more I hope. That might also be a lot sooner than ppl think. 2 reasons: 1. reported volumes are about 10x the actual volumes. Try comparing Cryptocompare (+ their top tier) to cmc and others. Cryptocompare's volumes are also more in tune with https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets Not to mention the piece from last year where they found that 95% of reported volumes are fake 2. if you take a more conservative approach to those volumes and multiply ODL volume by 4, the picture drastically changes and IMO Moneygram's ODL volume alone will be higher than the entire actual global volume Why do I multiply ODL volume by 4 ? Simple: eg an MGI transaction USD-MXN leads to: MGI buying XRP on Bitstamp AND Market Maker buying XRP on Bitstamp to replenish his stash of XRP. In Mexico, on Bitso, the same thing happens, but the other way around. Another 2 XRP transactions. = 4 XRP transactions from 1 ODL transaction. So, I think things move at least twice as fast than others might think
  14. My hat is off to anyone with multiple languages. I can barely speak one. Ah. I have been thinking that is all FlashFx. You are probably much more on top of the details than I am. Have you seen the thread with Nicolas from FlashFx? Another reason I thought it was not Moneygram is that so far as I recall, they have said that they are only using it in the one corridor. Perhaps I was wrong about that. My ‘research’ is not much more than occasionally noticing Twitter posts, reading on here, and looking at the real time ODL site and the BTCMarkets chart. So I defer to anyone with more understanding and detail than me. Thanks for sharing your research and thoughts on here.
  15. Two likely scenarios jump out at me purely from a technical standpoint. Option 1) BTC is in a trend channel, consolidating the big move up to 14k, and looking for a break out. It would be very likely to test the bottom again and then, upon rebound, and would complete a perfect inverse head and shoulders giving the momentum to finally break through resistance at the neckline around $10500. I think we should be prepared for this and look to buy the dip if it holds the line. A weekly candle closing below the 200 week moving average would be quite bearish. Option 2) BTC is trending in a much narrower channel since the COVID dump and is currently working on finishing off the handle of a cup pattern and will use this breakout to take out 10500 and above. Time frames all arbitrary, just illustrating some possible flight paths.
  16. Forgot to mention Hashrate is 131 Exahashes. Highest since the halving and Second highest ever.
  17. watch closely it's slooowlllyyy drifting to the downside
  18. Ok point taken. But my first sentence did say that I think XRP will come good, so in that context, my second isn’t absurd. Indeed to underline my belief that it will come good, I will average down in order to scoop more profit. Words that are famously last 😯 Good luck all.
  19. That’s good and I’m not recommending you don’t do what you planned. My point is that any future purchase of an investment must be made based solely on the predicted return on THAT purchase, not because it brings down the cost basis of past investments.
  20. nah, my english might sometimes be a bit off, np, we'll find middle ground We know MGI does 4 big corridors according to their own communications: we have seen what we think are their transactions: USD-MXN $7,500 destination tag: 25370527 USD-PHP $1,200 destination tag: 255406 EUR-USD $6,300 destination tag unknown and unneccessary, since the XRP does not have to exit the wallet (XRP/EUR and XRP/USD both listed on Bitstamp) and AUD-USD $2,200 destination tag: 58871619 Imo these are from MGI, given the height of the amounts in the past, they were: $40k, $12.5k, $33k and 22k respectively These payments always start at the exact same time, monday 7am my time and end together as well on saturday 7am my time They all have a scheduole of about 1 transaction per 8 minutes That's why I think there is a good chance these are all from the same client, since there is no reason to stop during the weekends, like other clients show that just keep sending during the weekend, albeit at low volumes These 4 are the ones that went down in volume, while all other streams did not seem to be affected at all as far as I have seen Like the one sending those $20k streams USD-MXN (destination tag 47175592) eg. They just went on sending those streams, as well as some smaller, maybe real time payments I simply don't know if their payments show up anywhere. Maybe they teamed up with MGI to share costs ? I really don't have a clue agreed
  21. I was in this forum two years ago with a different account Now i remember why i left
  22. Bitcoin's price is marching along. Nothing really new to report here.
  23. No idea what you mean. But I have done my calculations and that’s good enough for me.
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