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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. POWRs market cap is like $280m XRP is over $9bil. I don't think power has an effect on xrp.
  3. Yes my transaction cost was like .0002 or something miniscule like that I think people who say "Ripple/XRP is only for banks" should try and send it a few times and then send BTC a couple times. See what you think. What is stopping retailers accepting XRP payment if they accept BTC?
  4. i moved A LOT of xrp from an exchange to cold storage, didn't even cost 1 xrp...
  5. Tesla has nothing to do with Power Ledger, and the battery building is a coincidence.
  6. GMO listing on 29th

    Seems to be all over Twitter from the usual Japanese reputable sources for Ripple so should be correct.
  7. GMO listing on 29th

    Thanks!! That has to be Z.com, japanese Exchange started somewhere in May this year.
  8. Anybody got confirmation of this?
  9. A new exchange is good for XRP liquidity but! A new exchange means the market makers (Huobi pro) get a lot of XRP at good price to make the market. If the price sky rockets the first hour its good opportunity for them to sell high and later buy back low. Plus I dont think that they will allow $0.3 xrp in Huobi pro while in Bitstamp there is no such huge demand to follow up this rise. I think that they need to offer a similar (Not exact) price tag with tightest spread in all exchanges. However, XRP ecosystem is growing and paving the way for XRP goal as bridge currency.
  10. Sure, I will. But I'd like to know if you have anything more sound to base this 'call' on than just this. Otherwise, it's too hypothetical for me.
  11. When the news hits, and it will...please promise you will come back and give me credit for calling it before the news broke.
  12. We’re hearing recent progress from China. If only one of the conglomerates could join the ripple network and gain traction from Chinese investors, that would definitely make the price surge
  13. 100 billion....never reach a 1 $
  14. What is happening to Ripple? lol

    Take into account that western and Europe already knows the asian behaviour and influence in the crypto market so IMO we are the ones that are selling XRP for fear of this asian market not them.
  15. Man, Ripple trading really has absolutely no logic.
  16. With Tesla potentially teaming up with Power Ledger or even buying them out, can we attribute some of the sell off to investors looking for profits in other crytpos? I'd like to hear some feedback. I think that it's more than a coincidence that Tesla is building the world's largest battery in Australia (Power Ledger's home). Check out this article: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3314203-tesla-tests-worlds-biggest-battery
  17. So just dont read stuff like that, or you will commit a fault sooner or later
  18. Unlike the rest of you, I am in for the long term, so I do not really care about the day to day price fluctuations
  19. geeesh, it's dinner time for them, let 'em eat...
  20. geeesh, it's dinner time for them, let 'em eat...
  21. Not very impressed by the chinese huobi pro performace):)
  22. What do make than all financial institutions will not used xrp only the tech from ripple. We know that ripple+xrp is cheaper than for banks. But they want take only tech ripple. That is the point. My thought
  23. Why invest in XRP you ask? Because it's cheap with future potential which means you can turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money, which is the whole point of investing in anything, to profit/benefit. Anyone who tells you a story of its because they have an emotional attachment to cross boarder payments is lying.
  24. this week there has been a salvo of news and that usually takes a few to five days to sink into genpop... i think this weekend, if blockstream & jihan have a breather, xrp is going to be busy for new bulls & hodls...