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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. Well yeah I want them to succeed. Just a little hesitant to think that with the amount I have and will keep buying that I could be a millionaire within 10 years. I'm not the type of person that wants to live a flashy lifestyle. I am going to school for a finance degree to be a financial advisor. I guess if I am already nearly a millionaire by the time I graduate, I can just be very selective of clients. Most people I know around my age don't even have any retirement accounts at all. Millennials I mean specifically.
  3. So a 30x gain? That sounds familiar right? Look at multiple different cryptos and they have beat those gains by miles, and these are cryptos WITHOUT A USE CASE. XRP is a real use, real world, digital asset that is being utilized by names around the globe. BAKKT is coming, NASDAQ next year, partners upon partners a week, DC talking about XRP, SBI VC fully functioning 1st quarter, MercuryFX, Caullix, codius, Coil....and countess other partners, names, projects. I use to have the same mindset when I was younger, good things never happen to me. But you have to put yourself out there. Invest what you can kiss goodbye on something you believe in (I'm guessing we're on the same page there or you wouldn't be here), and let the chips fall where they may. Big or bust. If this ship goes down (highly improbable in my opinion), I'm out a few grand that doesnt hurt me in the long run. BUT. If this ship opens its sails...boy oh boy. Financial freedom like you've only dreamed about? Set milestones for yourself, cash out points, or whatever your cup of tea, and abide by them. Have a game plan, and dont get caught up in the moment if it happens.
  4. XRP is a sure thing, in the realm of crypto XRP will turn money into gold. While others are sleeping it off, XRP investors are enjoying hefty profits. We are up 100% from a few weeks ago. I’ll buy that for a dollar.
  5. It just seems like hitting a price that high is too good to be true. If you were buying around 100 xrp a week, then every group of it around the average price where it's at now roughly .50 a coin. At $20 a coin, each of those say, $50 groups would be worth around $1500+.
  6. So, it's one of those - 'it can't happen to me things?'
  7. LOL - get back in your clowncar and get out of this thread!
  8. AllinXRP

    Xrp about to break .50

    No, you trade different types of corn. Can be very handy.
  9. invest2lose

    Xrp about to break .50

    Whats cobinhood? Copycat of robinhood?
  10. Please explain your point. Explain it like I am a 5 year old. If you can't do so, then you clearly don't understand it. I will repeat, do so with the understanding that we are adults here and take responsibility for our own actions.
  11. Exactly, I would be happy with it doing good in like 5 years through legitimate steady growth.
  12. No, people just need to construct new timelines and start thinking years.
  13. I don't see it reaching above $1-5, I will not be a millionaire that easily which would happen if it ever hits $20+
  14. DividendGamer

    XRP Mention In LinkedIn Feed

    Eww why would someone spend that much on budlight? This guy's a joke. All about the whiskey and wine.
  15. ripple37

    Xrp about to break .50

    they have only 5M in daily volume. I doubt anything will change
  16. pumpndump

    Xrp about to break .50

    Nope and even if so who cares unless you are a daytrader.
  17. Xrp about to break the .50 due to cobinhood tomorrow? Free transactions too..
  18. I'm sorry to go off on you, but that is just stupid. We are all adults here, well most of us are. We can make decisions with our money for ourselves. We all know this is a risky investment. Buying large quantities of it is a personal decision for anyone involved. Who are you to decide that someone needs to see 'yuge' usage to make such an investment? With risky investments the idea is to buy low so that you don't risk too much money. And with low price the possibility of large quantities for the 'little guy' becomes possible. If it pays off, great. If it doesn't, then fine we haven't risked all that much to begin with, so where is the issue? Sorry, did you have any point?
  19. Yayyy it was coinbase, then sbi, swell, xrapid, now it's sibos!! Sibos will mewwwnnn xrp, all the institutions will fomo in, xrp 100 bucks a piece You're warren buffets twin brother
  20. On a 3-day average we are still going up. If we are still down on saturday than I will concede. Not before that.
  21. Most people I know have heard of it the question is why own it? It isnt a share of Ripple , so why why buy this XRP? Until usage is "yuge" and XRP is truly proving the money transfer behemoth we all want it to be I'm not sure you see people buy large quantities of it. Waiting for this xRapid to do something volume is meh!