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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. For me personally, over 100k + is a decent stack. I don't believe xrp will ever hit some of the stupid numbers being predicted. It would be intersting to correlate peoples stacks alongside their price expectations. The people thinking xrp will hit 3 or 4 figures are mainly ones that have very small stacks. Thats just my view, and means nothing in the scheme of things.
  3. What do you consider to be a not-so-small stack then? Over 25k?
  4. Well, customers don’t go to smaller banks in general ( see my other posts in this thread) > speaking out of experience here, they go for the whole banking package and a trusted name. Talking about the Netherlands here, could be another story in other parts of the world. Highest chance for XRP lies in Asia for different reasons, preferably going live in a consortium of banks ( SBI!)
  5. Smaller local banks will use it first. Customers will go to smaller banks of the transaction fee is way less. Big banks will hop on eventually.
  6. Yes, top 1%. I started accumulating a long time ago. My stack is still easily in the green.
  7. IF..... being the key word here. As it stands, it is a small stack. Leave it on the exchange and dont worry about it. If it does moon you will easily be able to afford a Nano S.
  8. Well, it's not a small stack anymore if xrp goes to the moon. At one point 1000 bitcoin was considered a small stack.
  9. lolol, well someone has a hefty amount of xrp!
  10. Fear to lose control, fear of not complying to regulations, fear of losing high sums of money if it turns out to be a failure ( and other first mover risks), fear to give competition an insight if they publicly announce that they actually have jumped in, ecosystem isn’t evolved enough at this point, technical difficulties to be solved ( privacy of clients, managementinfo, integration with the existing IT architecture) and so on and so on. It took a long time before the whole world accepted VHS as a standard.
  11. Without offending, for such a small stack just keep it on the exchange.
  12. $50 = multimillionaire. 😉
  13. I doubt there’s anything concrete from UNFCCC. I would bring into field that you always have to keep political aspects in mind if you’re in an international environment. There is always an objective view and a political view. The objective view is surely against PoW. I think most people would agree here. But in the political view, we need to keep in mind others interests. I can’t imagine that china would accept a curb/ban of PoW. From the political standpoint it just wouldn’t make sense to give up possible massive influence in a worldwide used currency Bitcoin just for “a greener planet” (cynical I know). Edit: I could imagine the shown meeting is more about migrating currently existing carbon markets into a blockchain system. That would make carbon markets much more easier and transparent than today.
  14. Yea. Why arent they jumping on it? They gonna save billions.
  15. What is the benefit of using the Nano Wallet over Toast Wallet? Considering you have to pay $$ for the former and not the latter.
  16. I feel like the worst thing that could happen is if Bitcoin crashes and the rest of the crypto market collapses as well. Someone should ask Brad what his plan is in-case this happens at the next AMA.
  17. If it gets to 50 dollars then practically every member of this forum will be a millionaire.
  18. No need to predict. Ask unbearable guy and his riddler cohorts. They will give you the exact number and on the exact date. Lol
  19. I think that it is possible..but in a couple of years
  20. One bank anouncement. 0.78$ eoy max
  21. I was a little early, turns out we should be getting the final text about the ‘rule book’ for enacting the Paris 2015 agreement today or tomorrow. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/science-environment-46554254
  22. "But Banks that were using Ripple tech then switch from Ripple and use build their own blockchain infrastructure for cross border payments" What???if it was so easy they would do it already and not waiting for xrp to crash.It's simply not possible. your post is one of the most horrific i have ever read.But luckily based on complete BS😂😂
  23. If you can sign transactions offline with a paper wallet then the only benefits of a ledger nano s is not needing to have the secret key 'on hand' and not having to set up a virus-free offline computer for signing transactions. Given the price of these devices, that's a hard sell. It takes like 10 minutes to set up a virtual box running linux or whatever and those images would be virus free and easily used offline while still logged into the windows host computer.
  24. SonoranRipple

    EOY 2019 XRP predictions

    We can only hope, I don't need to get rich but it sure would be nice to keep every penny that I earn by wiping out all of my debts.
  25. Youriqis20pointslow

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    I thought this was interesting as well. Maybe Luigi DMed samiam with some proof? And then one of his answers made people think he (Luigi) was the ripple Riddler.
  26. So, now that 2018 is almost at an end and I doubt we will even hit 50 cents by then. What do you all think for 2019? There's exciting events abound for 2019. I'm thinking $15 myself.