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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. My biggest question is what will take to make the price move, given that its a known fact there are multiple 61+ banks already using the Ripplnet and PoC's been done etc. It's almost like its being held back and reigned in by someone or something. Also compared to the other coins out there it actually has proven real world usage and application, but with a weirdly low price. I get the high volume of coins argument but as we know 60Bill are being locked up by EOY, so maybe the lock up and a few more announcements might eventually break XRP away from the BTC stranglehold. be interesting to hear other peoples views on what/where you think might be a trigger point.
  3. So lets play a hypothetical game. (need something to do while we wait for XRP to rise) If XRP hits .50c, are you selling all yours? $1.00? $2.00? $5.00 ? $20.00 ? I know everyone "says" they will hodl for a long time ... but realistically do you think you will hodl out for $100 or more ? It may take years ... I know for me, I have a plan @ $2.00 to sell a small amount ... then the rest can collect dust for a long time. I'm mentally prepared to go the long haul. You ? Really? Do you have what it takes to really stick around for 2,3,4 5+ years and not be tempted to dump and move on? How many millionaires will there be amongst us in 5 years ? I think this was likely the big mistake when Bitcoin went through the roof. The average Jill/Joe already sold and looking back are kicking their own a$$e$ Thoughts ?
  4. Yes, I totally agree they are low considering the potential, but 1$ would mean about 180 times increase for me. For another whose entry price, let's say, 0,2 that would mean 36$. For sure I will not totally cash out if the price hits 1$. I will hold about 30-40% of my zerps for a long long time for my children
  5. Crypto Drop

    Everyone is hyping OMG alot, do you believe in their team/vision?
  6. Hi all, Can anyone explain why the market is currently dropping...big five currently: BTC - 7.09% ETH -7.70% BCH -11.59% XRP - 4.76% LTC -10.24% As always all thoughts and comments are welcome. Thanks
  7. Crypto Drop

    On the plus side, hopefully it will be a good opportunity to re-enter positions in other cryptos / tokens that are currently way over valued. Personally I have exited most of my positions apart from XRP and two recent ICO's that I don't think have enough exposure to be impacted by the upcoming dramas (minimal trading options, low holdings ect). In addition to funds (small) I have contributed because the projects hold significant value to me (not price speculation). Hopefully I can get back into BTC, ETH, OMG and a few others at a decent price over the next few months if the price drops another 30% - 50%. The market needs a major correction, looking at the coins in the top 20 - 50 you have market caps 100mil + without viable products and the products that are live should not hold this much value (When comparing to the marketcap of publicly trading companies that offer the same product).
  8. Crypto Drop

    Absolutely what I've was thinking. This could be amazing.
  9. Congrats on the amazing buy dude! I do feel like your exit points are way to low. If XRP goes live, and that if is getting smaller every month, the first pump will hit those numbers in a matter of weeks.
  10. Crypto Drop

    Honestly I think the last month has been just the beginning, this downward trend will hold into October and early November whilst the next round of Bitcoin fork issues take centre stage. This in conjunction with the China issues and increased world wide regulatory pressure is not a great combination. I really hope Ripple can take advantage of the upcoming volatility and attempt to decoup the price correlation / dependence on Bitcoin price movements. It is a great opportunity for them to market that the majority of issues in the btc space are not applicable to XRP.
  11. I am not sure if this one has been posted before - it is about a month old. https://www.hedge-crypto.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Hedge-tip-of-the-week-v2-.pdf
  12. I am not sure if this one has been posted before - it is about a month old. https://www.hedge-crypto.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Hedge-tip-of-the-week-v2-.pdf
  13. $10-20 is my dream... hopefully before 2025 Won't complain with $2-5, but wouldn't cash out just yet in the next few years if so haha @ $100, if that happens I promise I'll give everyone in this thread 5 XRP
  14. Crypto Drop

    Rumors of a China ban on mining and looking to crack down on folks going to other markets. Correction from the temporary pump for China investors to sell off before exchange closure. Then you throw in the typical downturn to the weekend. I'm hoping it keeps going down. I almost bought at 35 LTC and 200 ETH, but I really thought it would keep falling into that weekend (which it never did). I missed out.
  15. Crypto Drop

    Its mostly fomo as those who dont fully understand the market think China is the end all be all for cryptocurrency. Hard truth is in a few months we'll laugh at this as the reverse fomo effect will kick in once everyone is done buying up coin on the cheap
  16. Have been in crypto for a couple of months now and realise the problem of this entire market being full of FUD and speculation rather than prices affected by lawsuit, utility, scalability etc. When will all these change? Not just xrp, but all coins. Next, the market has already been present for a few years now and ITS STILL getting a huge correlation with bitcoin's movements?! With the global involvement in digital assets and blockchain we are in fact gradually turning into a "mature" market - more adoption and use case. So again, when will people realise bitcoin is not the king? Okay, most coins are traded with btc but NOT ALL. Come on, it's time to wake up. (Just my thoughts, seriously)
  17. It's bound to "mature" as you say. Anyone who can't see that crypto and blockchain technology, etc, aren't the future is a fool. Even despite nearly 10 years since the inception of btc we are still what you would consider early adopters. I've often wondered how long it took currencies to gain value and widespread use in the pre electricity era's. In a way this is no different.
  18. Crypto Drop

    I think its just a casual down trend based on the news with china and rumours that china was also going to ban mining of bitcoin. Just a general downtrend, lads. Nothing more.
  19. Crypto Drop

    My own title would be: this week big rebate on Crypto! Hurry up it won't last long! Up to 43% rebate so far (from the 24 hour price)!
  20. Crypto Drop

    The one news I saw today that could maybe have a certain weight on this drop is a news that reminds us of how totalitarian and dictatorial China is: A big Wall Street Journal title: Have Bitcoin Can't travel Crackdown: https://www.wsj.com/articles/have-bitcoin-cant-travel-crackdown-grounds-china-cryptocurrency-executives-1505976459
  21. So we all know the reason behind this crypto revolution is the hopes/fears of the USD crashing eventually(or just wanting to make a quick buck). In the event this does happen, will xrp no longer be a resource? Or will other countries with stronger economies carry it through? Just seems like the US is the biggest in international trade, or am I wrong? (Sorry if this has been discussed previously, my search never seems to work)
  22. You didn't learn from 2008. It's all too big to fail. The USD isn't going anywhere, neither is oil/gas anytime soon.
  23. Free registration - really interesting slides and info. https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/15381/262389?utm_campaign=knowledge-feed&utm_source=brighttalk-portal&utm_medium=web EDIT: Sorry - just now saw it was already posted in press just before me.
  24. Crypto Drop

    https://www.coindesk.com/chinas-central-bank-opens-new-digital-currency-research-institute/ I did see this though which I thought was interesting.