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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. stop reading into this at face value.
  3. yes I think they try to establish a gap between ripple and xrp for the security issue.
  4. If XRP fails, Ripple fails. xCurrent is not enough to ensure the survival or Ripple. Competitors will create something similar to xRapid and then xCurrent will be dead in the water. For Ripple to survive in the future, XRP must be a success.
  5. And they have no problem waiting it out. No matter how long it takes..
  6. You do realize that it is possible that some people here bought before ATH...? And that if they hodled since mid 2017 they would have made 10x in their investment... I get so tired of everyone that thinks that “I’ve waited two months now, where’s the moon?!” Come me back when you’ve hodled for a year and let me know how your investment is doing. And if you’re not willing to hodl for AT LEAST 5 year, I don’t know what to tell you.. go buy a lottery ticket instead. We don’t know what the market will do tomorrow, next week, month or even during the year. But we know it will go up a lot over the next decade!
  7. This! They are not Charlie Lee.
  8. What @Excerpts said. The messaging is clear. They are trying to define boundaries between Ripple and XRP for the whole security "Is it? Isn't it?" issue. Remember, they hold the largest stack and have a clear incentive to see the price appreciate.
  9. MungerMore

    My move: 80% XRP to ERC-20

    I do not have insider infos. I just connect the dots. CNBC announcement on 23 may --> paradex closed --> paradex re-open with 8 REC-20s --> GDAX and coinbase run parallel to June 29th --> pre-announce to avoid insider trading --> next week we moon. Buddy.
  10. What news specifically says Coinbase is adding 8 ERC20 tokens by Jun 29? There is so much speculation on these threads, twitter, reddit etc and yes Coinbase is adding support for ERC20 tokens etc etc. While I don't doubt that they will ultimately add them, Has CB said this is going to happen and they are adding 8 on Jun 29?
  11. MungerMore

    My move: 80% XRP to ERC-20

    After reading all the news, This is not a speculation. It's going happen. I bet announcement is coming next week.
  12. You have a source for this? I haven't seen anything about that.
  13. MungerMore

    My move: 80% XRP to ERC-20

    Coinbase Pro list 8 ERC-20 tokens.
  14. What coinbase announcement in the future?
  15. 2ndtimearound

    An injection of positivity

    It's one of those rare times when I agree with opposing views. 1) I understand that we have 100% control over the things we can control (yes, a tautology, but I like to speak plainly) 2) We have no control over the things we cannot control Investing is one of those moments when the Serenity Prayer is not required. It's easy to know what we can control and what we can't. We already have the wisdom to recognise the two categories, but I'll explain it anyway:- On 1), we have full control over our investments in terms of what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy, when to sell, how much to sell. Your profit margin or loss is essentially controlled by you in that regard. I never bought into Bitconnect. Some people lost $30K+ on Bitconnect. Heck, some people made a ton of money with Bitconnect. Different choices. If someone is fearful and they realise a loss thinking they're preventing a bigger loss, and the price rebounds, that's their fault. If someone FOMOs and they essentially "buy high" (if comparing a year either side of their buy), their fault. If they buy low, sell high and made a big profit, you can say they controlled the things they could control well, and the things they couldn't control went in their favour (where I agree with you).
  16. Of course he has a large stash of XRP relative to most. But I do think that this is somewhat scripted as they are trying to keep the discussion of Ripple and XRP separate.
  17. "I don't have big XRP holdings, I guess its important to me. If the company is successful I will do alright." - Cory Hence if the company is successful his small bag will do alright. His focus is, as others in Ripple have been, is to make Ripple successful. A byproduct of Ripple being successful , (xRapid, Codius, ILP, etc) will make XRP successful. Context.....
  18. I haven’t seen it but I’m sure that you have the wrong impression. Ripple execs regularly say that the price is a distraction from their real work of creating the internet of value. But there are sometimes glimpses into the real situation... and I believe that as a group, and certainly in many individual cases, they are acutely aware of price and want it much higher. Miguel most of all but it applies to them all I think. Do not naively assume that everything said must be taken at purely face value There is often an agenda and right now Ripple are particularly aware of various image issues. Also be assured that even if they never glance at price, they are busily doing the very things that will mean it’s eventual increase.
  19. Cory pretty much said that he doesn't care at all about XRP. He only cares about the company ripple. I thought fair enough but then he does forget that XRP holders are investors that help to push the price up.
  20. MungerMore

    My move: 80% XRP to ERC-20

    Around June 29, coinbase announcement.
  21. Absolutely. Investors are always looking for new asset classes. Crypto is still very rough around the edges - no regulation means institutions have to sit on the sidelines. We can see the institutional infrastructure being setup before our very eyes. Crypto has many use cases - the ability to cut out intermediaries, the ability to show provenance of tangible items, to transmit value....this tech will save companies billions - it will be a part of our lives in the coming years. People's negativity now is 100% because of the bear market. Buy in a bear market, sell in a bull run - or hold very long term. Crypto is not a fad - XRP alone can free up trillions of dollars. Right now, all we have to do is be patient. Nothing more than that.
  22. Hmmm. Not sure I agree. Earlier euphoria might be higher but not sure pleasure is. I’m solidly over 50 and although I’ve never had much money, I’m pretty sure I will still be able to enjoy the heck out of it if it ever comes..
  23. No ones really knows. The estimates I have seen were from 10 to 50 dollars of market cap equals 1 dollar of actual fiat
  24. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    Often, there's an almost perfect negative correlation between the amount of experience an investor has and the amount of fear they experience while investing.