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Speculation about trading and price of XRP. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. oh man... Knowing Ripple since 2017, invested a bit since end of 2017, year passing by, suddenly it's 2019 and running a validator. as an ex-btc enthousiast I must say... validating almost 100.000 transactions in 4 days feels good. and it has costs me less then 5 USD for it. Decentralized, fair, clean, fastest DA. It still blows my mind. Do the right thing
  3. A live stream to the world .
  4. My initial 100% cash out price in January 2018 was $10-12. As things went awry, I had figured I'd sell around 10% at $5 last summer. I've spent 2 years adding to my stack now, and learning about what is going on in crypto, Ripple, and XRP. (as well as fintech, in general). What I am seeing, I believe, is the same thing that happened to traditional media. I think current fintech is on pace to absolutely destroy banks in the way that blogs, websites, and modern online media killed newspapers. I think Robinhoods, squares, binances, Upholds etc could kill the banks and exchanges the way Amazon.com has killed retail brick and mortar. So currently I have no sells planned under $48.
  5. Belgium. That would not be smart here. It would be better to leave your mortgage on your home, and pay cash for another house that you would put in rent. But even then it would be better to still get a loan for that house in order to benefit from tax reduction.
  6. ObeyTheWafflehouse

    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    So I know we are all anxious to when we are going to break out of the bear market. I wanted to provide a signal to be looking towards that can indicate whether we are in a bull market or bear market. One of the most influential components to crypto markets is trading volume. However, I do not want to directly measure the trade volume, but rather indirectly based on price fluctuations. An indicator that can help us is called a volume weighted moving average. "The VWMA emphasizes volume by weighing prices based on the amount of trading activity in a given period of time. Prices with heavy trading activity get more weight than prices with light trading activity." I perceive this as being more accurate than a SMA or EMA. With that being said, I took a look at key pivot points in the BTC market since 2013. What I found was rather interesting. Based on the 200 period VWMA versus price action, we can see a consistency on a support or resistance (indicated by the arrows). 2019 vs 2015, right now we are seeing a pull back of ~85-87%. For the bulls, we need this support to hold and the price action does need to catch up to the 200 period VWMA, AND use it as a support rather than a resistance. If 2019 plays out like 2015, we could be seeing a lot of consolidation for 3-4 months.
  7. You know for someone who detests bg123 and mocks all his followers. You sure spend way more time and energy in this thread then his actual believers. Hope you did not take his riddles to heart and that caused you financial loss hence why you seem very bitter about the bear. If that is the case then it is just sad bro.
  8. Where do you live? I think if XRP reaches to $50 it would be possible to transfer it to the bank and pay off your mortgage instead of cashing it out.
  9. Replace respectable with “back to a community not viewed as a joke”, and that’s more accurate of what I meant to say.
  10. I think SamIAm is that dude with the sunglasses. He is telling someone that's passing by about the insider he knows at Ripple. CKJ is that old man next to the lady who thinks what kind of clickbait topic he should pick for this painting.
  11. I read this a lot. In my country, your mortgage is deductible. So if you pay your house in cash, you pay more taxes.
  12. *Not shown in the image is SamIAm and CKJ with their head up his ass.
  13. I'll sell enough to pay off my mortgage.
  14. Wasn't your initial sell price like $5?
  15. swift_post

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Anyone this dumb will already have sent all their money to an african prince.
  16. I discovered BG123's identity. Turns out its an elephant pretending to be a bear. In the picture below he is making a new riddle live and his followers are trying to crack it.
  17. @Eric123 Love your TA, keep up the great work. I personally believe TA is a great way to gain insight into and explain marketbehaviour in retrospect, where looking back repeating patterns can be identified. As for the predective capabilities of TA for crypto -especially over the course of multiple years - I'm a bit more skeptical. I'll be closely monitoring my mom indicator in the future. If my mom starts asking about crypto again I'll know that we're close to topping out. I'm positive great trades can be made by assuming market behaviour given certain conditions (EMA crossovers, RSI turning up, MACD in bullish territory) and riding those waves as a day trader. However when looking at a bigger timeframe and what I think will likely spur parabolic growth for the coming year(s), I'm looking at regulations coming into play and institutional on-ramps + custody going live. Either way, I can still very much enjoy the thinking you put out in your charts and will be following closely nonetheless!
  18. @Ravell Moved the trendline back on the 2013 run and fall back. Lines up pretty well with the weekly 50 EMA and the 100 EMA Topped out Dec 2013 14 months later Broke Trend Feb 2015 moved sideways till September 2015 then started moving up. Very similar Topped out Dec 2017 14 months later Broke Trend Feb 2019 Following the same time line we wouldn't start moving up till September 2019 reach old high January 2021 and we wold top out December 2021. I don't think that it is going to play out that way because there seems to be too much movement in the industry at the moment, however if that's how it plays out we are in for a wait. The story is the same though we move sideways/up from here. Looking at the Daily Chart for the 2013 run and fall - After breaking the trend in February 15 the daily 50 EMA didn't break the 100 EMA until June 15 then it fell below in Aug 15 then it broke up again on Oct 15 and didn't fall again until this bear market. So watching when we cross over 50 EMA/100 EMA may be the most telling in terms of timing. If it plays out identically, we are in for a wait.
  19. $100 seems hard to imagine until one realizes that price action is always exponential and never linear. The reason for this resides in the fact that trading is based on percentages rather than fixed price offsets. For example, a tight stop of 2c at 30c would have to be set to 20c at $3, $2 at $30, $20 at $300 and so on. A good way to frame $100 is thus to think of it as a number of price doubles given the current starting point. I'd venture a guess that most here have zero doubt that xrp will be worth at least $1.20 at some point in the near future. To get to that price, xrp would have to double in price twice. The exact same price action starting at $1.20 would get us to $4.80; repeated again gives us $19.20; again $76.80; again $307.20. If $2.40 is your number (also easy to imagine), then next stops in the equal effort sequence would be $19.2 and $153.6. $100 may be far, but it's not quite as far as it may seem on the surface.
  20. Yes, but will you do it on national TV?
  21. @Ravell You are not missing anything my friend. I mixed up the G'D' LInes!!!!!! Farqqqq!!! I see what I did on the Daily the 50 EMA is below the 100 EMA and moving up - on the weekly it's reversed when I switched from Daily to weekly I took it for granted that the lines would be juxtaposed similarly. Sir I am the one that stands corrected. Thanks But hey still looking good on the daily EMA crossovers setting up and the MACD on weekly is still good.
  22. Not to rain on the parade as I'm hoping for a big green candle as much as the next one, but looking at the EMA's in the posted charts the 50EMA (light blue) is already above the 100EMA (darker blue) and is looking to cross below. MACD however shows a bullish cross-over in the making. Or am I missing something here? Glad to be corrected
  23. @Ripple-Stiltskin I love the odds of that story, it reminds me of my friend who was afraid of flying, I said "what are you so scared about" , well a bomb on the plane was his reply , i said "well thats easy just increase the odds" , huh he said , "well the chance of a bomb on the plane is very very remote one in a million I said , so if you took a bomb on the plane what are the chances of two bombs being on the plane " he didn't find that funny . As for selling out , i was late to the game , my dca is .55 ish , I'm still buying and will stop at $1 , I'll evaluate at $1 my dca and sell some at a price to cover initial investment. A mad bull run could throw all plan's out the window then wine , woman and song , well maybe just humming I can't sing.