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All things related between Canada and Ripple.
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  2. If you do, please contact me, I have been operating Ripple Gateways since 2014 and would be more than happy to assist you & your team to get your Ripple Gateway off the ground in Canada. Please note that I do charge for consultation services past a certain point of "promotional consultation" which is completely free-of-charge.
  3. Is there anyone affected directly or not, by the quadrigacx scandal?
  4. Looking at why Canadians would want to buy and use XRP as a currency in Canada. If we could use XRP here in Canada what would we want to use it for at the consumer level outside of Crypto Trading? Are there any specific features or functionalities that would be ideal inside a Canadian Localized XRP wallet? What are the major pain points of interacting with XRP in Canada? Anyone other Canadians want to discuss?
  5. Mostly due to fees and deposit limits. The amount either has to be accumulated over time using several direct deposit (ie. interac online) with each adding a cost. There are several bespoke wealth management for high value accounts, but unless you dealing in the hundreds of thousands these options tend to be unworkable for most.
  6. Hey, I'm a fellow canadian and would love to understand. Why is it so hard to buy that amount of BTC in Canada?
  7. All, Depositing into Kraken just got easier ! FINALLY ! " Wire Transfer Deposit • Credit Union Atlantic (Wire) Deposit to your account using the information below. You'll need to contact your bank for specific instructions. Be sure to include the "Reference" code given below - this code identifies the deposit with your account. Don't exceed your daily or monthly funding limits. If you exceed the limits, your account will be frozen until you get verified for higher limits, or until the funds are returned to you. Fees listed are what our bank charge us. Other banks used during the transfer may charge additional fees and are out of our control. Multiple deposits of the same amounts within a few days of each other may be delayed. If you must make multiple deposits, consider sending different amounts. Important: The name on the bank account you are depositing from must match the name entered for verification on the Kraken account you are depositing into. Account name Payward Canada, Inc. Address P.O. Box 2380, Halifax, NS B3J 3E5 Bank name Credit Union Atlantic .................................. "
  8. Coinsquare has high fees and some hoops to go through BUT they do have a high wealth management services and account managers that should help
  9. Thanks. Kraken sent me the EXACT same email when I asked them Any issues with Coinsquare? How has the BTC pricing been ? They offered to waive the holding time for me on a large deposit, so that will help.
  10. I’m using coinsquare for now....there are limits on the first 3 transfers and they withhold deposits. So I don’t think it is as fast....if you’re now signing up.
  11. @Mercury posted on kraken cad deposits. If you can wait...it’s supposed to be coming back online...unsure as to timeline though. It’s not allowing me to quote the post...so I’m copying and pasting it here. It’s from June 27th, Topic: kraken to allow Canadian domestic deposits Hi Mercury, While Canada residents can withdraw CAD from their accounts by convenient domestic transfers, deposits have been made by international wire to our partner bank in Japan. We are pleased to announce that we will soon launch a much better domestic option for depositing CAD! The transition to the new domestic deposit option will start on June 25 - clients should not send CAD deposits to Japan after 5 pm PST on Monday June 25 since they must arrive in Japan no later than June 29 (they will be returned if they arrive after this date). # Possible interruption in deposit service Our Japan bank partner will no longer accept CAD wires after June 29 (but will continue to process other types of payments for us). The new bank integration for domestic CAD deposits is still being finalized and this process may not be completed by June 29. Canada residents should be aware of a possible interruption in deposit service after June 29. Instructions for the new deposit option will be available in your Kraken account as soon as the service is ready. # Will withdrawals be affected? No - Withdrawals are processed through a different payment provider and will not be affected. Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital assets exchange  The Kraken Team
  12. If a fellow wanted to purchase 20k-50k of BTC, and was starting out with CAD .... whats the best approach? QuadrigaCX price is HIGH, Coinsquare? Coinbase has 1k limit. Kraken doesn't except CAD at the moment (and CAD prices are best there) Suggestions ??? Whats the fastest, and cheapest way to pull this off?
  13. Agreed. Depositing via Japan defeated the whole point having a trade in our currency. Never mind explaining the wire instructions to a bank. I am curious who the local provider gateway is though. The list of those willing to work with cryptocurrencies is small... very small
  14. I like kraken but Deposits from here are a pain. This is good news. ?
  15. you try Coinfield? it's expensive (fees upon fees) but they list XRP...I was able to buy within 2 hours of having joined and sent info/pic's
  16. I have given up on these guys. XRP has not yet been listed and they do not respond to requests for updates
  17. Talked to COINSQUARE to finish setting up the account for transfer and asked about the delay for xrp being added. My account dude(leaving his name out) stated they are adding a crypto asset every month and not sure when xrp will be added, but ripple will be available next week. I then explained they are the same thing, and asked how long he has been doing this.A veteran of a couple months. Take it for what it is worth, but seems another site seems to be waiting for some occurrence to take place before adding. As for COINFIELD, I am a lucky winner of one of the spots to be pre-registered and now placed on hold while they set up the exchange.
  18. As an update, I just received the following response from Gatehub customer support specifically about withdrawing to a Canadian bank account: "In regards to your second question: You can initiate an international wire transfer from Gatehub to any bank account held in your name provided the bank account in question can receive international transfers. We kindly suggest you check with your bank if there are any restrictions on your bank account in regards to wire transfers denominated in USD." Sounds pretty straight forward
  19. Quebec, Greater Montreal area. It started with my brother and I but this summer my dad, step father and mom joined and bought some XRP.
  20. I have opened a USD account with one of the big 5 and have made withdrawals from Kraken in USD with no issues. Recently, a colleague of mine did the same thing and was denied by kraken's intermediary (SMBC NY) Not sure if policy has changed but be wary if you are going to do the same thing.
  21. Has anyone else looked into this COINFIELD exchange opening in canada on the 15th of FEB?
  22. Ill be opening a USD Bank account and withdrawing from bitstamp or Quadriga...I'm pretty sure since Quadriga is adding XRP you'll be able to withdraw and they also have USD and CAD.
  23. It's great news except that you cant deposit anything in anyway, I check everyday to try and deposit....Once XRP is on the exchange I can only imagine it getting worse.
  24. This is awesome news! Thanks for sharing ?

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