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  2. Common sense and critical thinking is always referred to as FUD in XRP Chat. I am glad that there are a few reasonable investors in here. It helps to have some voices of reason in a mostly delusional cult otherwise sometimes I am left to wonder if I am the one who is insane?
  3. Can you teach me how to do that? I've ALWAYS wanted to......(just kidding, I'm too old to learn, but it sounds like fun.) I hope you make their sh!t blow up.
  4. Presentation : https://casinocoin.org/doc/CasinoCoin_Presentation_en.pdf
  5. https://todaysgazette.com/indian-digital-asset-exchange-includes-xrp-bypassing-rbi-restrictions/
  6. I did and they are very responsive. I would also advise you to report a theft to the police.
  7. Thanks for understanding. I do find as I wade back in that I have a lot of catching up to do again. Both on the actual news and the community's perceptions of the actual news. Of course on top of that there are huge amounts of rumors, speculation and riddles. I'm absolutely sure I don't have enough time to catch up on those.
  8. I am full time battling it out with power point.
  9. I've intentionally let people hack into my old spare computer thinking they were scamming me so that I could destroy their computer. I know how to set things straight when I need to. It's like picking a fight with a "random guy" on the street who turns out to be a professional fighter.
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  11. They should use their powers for good not evil😄
  12. @AlejoMoreno The hashrate runs and protects the network. It indicates investment in bitcoin. The whole crypto space is growing and big things are happening. I know these violent price sings are heartbreaking but hey if you sell now I'll probably be on the other side of that trade. As a general rule I've found it's better to buy on red days and sell on green days and not the other way around. I can't guarantee XRP will go up but I'm betting with my own money that it will and I don't plan on selling until $10.
  13. My nephew is a game coder that received his degree / certification from Full Sail in Orlando.... Maybe @Rippleshould target market toward the new game coders/developers.
  14. Yes, I know. I never mentioned investing based off what you said. I always enjoy reading your stuff and its appreciated. All I said was that if XRP were to (for whatever reason) not go as high as we all expect (or fail), it will be interesting to re-read yours and others posts which (at the time) highlighted XRP's potential.
  15. Is the hash rate really significant or is that just trying to find similarities to December 2017 at all costs in hopes that December 2017 will repeat itself in some fashion?
  16. Wow Bitcoin bringing the pain with another 7%+ drop and XRP is down at around .26. I'm not worried. We are on Day 1 of my missed prediction. I doubt we drop much farther. IMO we are not going to $6k, we are not going to $7k or $8k I doubt we fall out of the $9k's. Again bitcoin does not move like a stock but like I said before we would have to break through a bunch of support to get to $6k. On a positive note the hashrate is hitting an ATH. https://toshitimes.com/bitcoin-hash-rate-reaches-new-all-time-high-will-price-follow-hashrate/
  17. I don't mind explaining. I set it that low because, as a general view, I figured $0.28-0.29 or so would be the bottom. I figured if it gets to far below $0.29 then, as you said, it might drop into oblivion (back to early 2017 price levels). Dropping much lower than it is now, means the market has absolutely no regard for XRP utility and/or the market is just too heavily manipulated to react logically to anything right now. Given all of the development in the XRP ecosystem since early 2017 its disappointing that the price may be heading back to exactly how it was in 2017. In my view if it continues dropping, I might as well pull out and wait until the market responds to utility even if it results in a higher DCA. Or, just buy back in if it continues to drop and I feel like another bottom has been reached to mitigate risk. (Everyone has been calling bottoms since it got to $0.50 from ATH for the first time so I'm sure you can see that logic.) I'm not selling the whole stack, just part of it for now. It's just risk control. The price being at this level just sets off alarms that don't make any sense to me. Overall, this is just disappointing but looking at it logically I can't say I'm surprised.
  18. utoken also support trust lines, you can hold assets issued on the XRP ledger.
  19. old, no progress after 6 months.
  20. Thanks for sharing that link, @strikerjax! It's great to hear about Forte's progress and work plan. (however the article is from March)
  21. Has anyone contacted Hayes Connor? What did the conversation consist of? I believe Gatehub and Hayes Connor are in the same country which is a plus according to my attorney.
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